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10 - Surprise Visit

Amarachi's POV; Sophia's Mom.

With all the troubles going on at my house, it's only reasonable for me to get some work done. The more I sit at home and see the idiot of a husband i married, the more broken I become.

Ever since 'lollipop's' arrival, I haven't had a good night sleep. I look like a zombie hiding under layers upon layers of good make-up.

"Good morning ma." One of my girls-whom I can't remember her name at the moment-rushes to collect my handbag as I enter my store.

"Thank you." I look at her closely. Trying to remember her name. "Anita" It suddenly clicks.

"Yes ma." she replies with a smile as she leads me to my office.

"How has everything been going?"

"Very good. We might have to restock sooner than usual."

"Well that's good news indeed." I say without a hint of joy in my tone with my thoughts all over the place.

"What about the silk material for that singer?" I ask, trying to get back in the game.

"Yes, it was brought in too.' Anita puts her bag on the table.

"Okay, get to work then. Lunch is still 1pm, tell the others."

'Thank you ma." Anita closes the door behind her.

I let out a sigh as I plump down on my chair. Taking out a fashion sketch book, I get down to work. I bring out my laptop too, humming one of Davido's song and missing the lyrics.

My phone rings, interrupting my time of peace but when I see the caller's ID, I guess it's worth it.

"Doris!" I half yell, excited to hear from her.

"Babes" she yells into the phone.

"How are you?"

'I dey fine o. What's up with you na?"

I roll my eyes. "Nothing much. Comman keep me busy in my office. It's lonely here." I whine.

"You sure? I'm not so far from your office oo."

'Yes joor. I will order something for you, okay?"

"Correct girl."

I hang up, a silly grin still on my face. I call Anita and place my orders. After five minutes, my intercom rings.

Well that was fast.

"Madam, there's someone here to see you." she informs immediately the call connects.

"Okay, let her in." I say before hanging up again. Why does she even have to call me before letting Doris in? It's not like she hasn't seen her here before.

"knock knock!" An oddly familiar girly voice says and I freeze.

The door pushes open and in comes the devil Segun invited to my home.

"What the hell are you doing here!"

"Oh please," lollipop rolls her eyes. "Do you yell at your customers this way?" she scoffs. "I need a dress." she announce.

To think this man actually brought this thing In my life to disrespect me! I rise in the grace of anger, ready to bang her head on my desk!

"How did you get here?" I ask as I slowly make my way from behind my desk.

My phone rings and I answer immediately, since it's Doris. "Come now, come to my office, don't look at the dresses in hangers, just walk to my office." I hurriedly say before I completely lose my sanity.

Lollipop has already made herself comfortable in my office. She sat in front of my desk, with her pink birkin bag—that I'm sure Segun bought for her— on the table.

"Oh shit!' I try to control my breathing as I close my eyes but all I see is me reading lollipop bitch into two!

I hear the door open and I jerk my head in its direction. Doris rushes in.

"Babes, what's up?" she looks worried. "Good afternoon" she greets when she sees lollipop. Probably thinking she's a customer.

I raise my index finger. "Don't do that. Don't! My husband brought in this whore days ago into my home. Right in front of my children!" I accuse.

Doris frowns. "Ehn?"

"Yes. Segun has a mistress and she has the guts to come into my office."

"Wait? In summary, Segun is cheating on you with this cheap bitch." Doris laughs.

"I won't sit still while you insult me-" Lollipop rises to her feet.

" Come on, will you shut up!" Doris commands. "Are you mad?"

"You know what, Claire" Lollipop turns to me and I watch her I awe. She even has the guts to call my name. "There is absolutely nothing you can do about the situation. Segun clearly doesn't want you anymore. No be only you like better thing. You no allow am marry Ghana babe, E marry you. You still no wan get sense? Well, I'm here to give him peace."lollipop goes on and on.

I turn to Doris, " I will kill her." I say removing my wig.

"You won't do that. You will get infected besides,it's not worth going to jail for." Doris disagrees.

"Last night, we were just yunno, all over each other, running each other-"

I don't know how but all I know is that my cheek connects with her face in a resounding slap. This time, she staggers.

"Yes!" Doris cheers, gingering me. " She has no shame!"

Lollipop takes her birkin bag, still holding her cheeks, which is already red from the slap.
She storms out of the fashion store, shouting and cursing at my workers.

I sag to the floor in tears and Doris is there to console me.
"Segun can't do this to me. He definitely can't do this. He loves me so much to cheat on me-"

"People change my friend. Especially in a long marriage-" Doris pats my back as she sits on the floor beside me.

"Segun can't turn into a cheat. He can't!"

I've known him way too long. I know what he can and what he cannot do. He can't act without a reason.

That means, the events in Vancouver, has never been forgotten nor forgiven.

Not even once.

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