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11 - Leave My House

Claire's POV;

After a long, tiresome day, I finally do myself a favour and go home. Even with the knowledge of my husband's mistress being at my house, I still can't help but go back there.

Segun and I have faced a lot together. This will definitely not be our breaking point.

Tired is an understatement and disrespect is just a mere word that doesn't seem strong enough to explain what I feel inside.

I never expected what happened in my store today. Never thought 'Lolipop' would stoop extremely low as to-

Wait? Did Segun send her to my store?

My brows knit in a frown. He wouldn't dare. But if I find out that he has a hand in it, I swear I'm going to kill him! I don't deserve such disrespect from a mistress!

I make it to my room after a while. The house is quiet and I'm not surprised. Lollipop's presence has put everyone behind closed doors and the tension in this house is sickening.

I wonder if Daniel is back from work and if Sophia had eaten anything. I want to call her over but I don't have enough energy for her at the moment.

I sigh and plump down on my bed- _mine and Segun's bed_ -the one where we sleep like brothers because I'm sure he sees me as a family member. That's why I've gotten no action for the past years now.

"What are you doing?" I inquire when I notice Sophia standing at the door and looking around. Almost like she's spying.

A wide smile breaks out on her face but that doesn't stop my suspicion.

"Good evening, Mummy." she hurries over to me and sit. "You should have just said that gently..."she trails off. Maybe remembering that I'm a Nigerian woman and won't hesitate to pick a fight with that word.

"How did your day go?" she asks.

My shoulders slump. "Evening. Uhm... since you're here-" her groan threatens to damage my eardrum but I ignore it and continue.

"Just go into the kitchen, help me take the egusi soup out of the freezer. Put it in the microwave to make it easier for you and tell your brother to prepare semo." I manage to talk lengthy, avoiding her question.

The smile she walked in with has dropped and her face has taken one of regret.

"You want me to raise my voice, abi?"

"But mum?" her eyes find mine and now they're filled with worry. "What's wrong with you?" she asked, trying to touch my face.

I flinch, throwing her hand away.

"Go and do what I told you. It's like you want to eat me for dinner." I left the room in annoyance. Suddenly highly irritated for every thing; living and non-living things.

If I eventually find out that Segun had a hand in that stupid girl coming to my shop-everybody will suffer for it.

That's the sad thing about getting me upset. Everyone will pay the price and we all know that a mad mum equals a crazy home.

Relief washes over me when I find Daniel already making the semo.

"Ah! Omo mi! Thank you."

He smiles and immediately freeze "Why is your face like that?" he asks, licking the back of the spoon he used to stir the semo.

"Go and wash that spoon immediately." I scowl. "Only God knows where that tongue has been."

Daniel laughs and quickly moves to the sink. "You haven't answered me-"

"Forget about my face, go and meet your stubborn sister, tell her to set the table. You both should stop asking me questions."

"Okay commander!" He says in a firm voice and dashes out of the kitchen.

I move around the kitchen taking out pots and turning on the gas.

"Bringing an idiot to my house. So if I don't come back home that's how my children will starve. Useless goat. All she knows how to do is steal another woman's husband and fuck him." I mumble to myself. Hissing a number of times as annoyance grows in me like a tumor.

"Just wait first, let me bring it up and don't say anything. Segun, you will know me." I continue with my threats and I make dinner with nothing but hate and annoyance in my good heart.

The table is set when I come out of the kitchen and I quietly place the food and set a plate for everyone. Including the guest.

Soon, everyone is at the table; lollipop being the last to sit. Of course, she's beside Segun who looks...different. Not in the best of moods.

I sha don't care. I turn back to my food and we eat in deafening silence.

From the corner of my eye, I can see him licking his hand. Idiot!

If at least he wants to bring a mistress to my house, let it be one that can compete with me in the kitchen.

Silence continues and I've had just about enough. I need answers.

I reach for the glass of water and take a long drink. When I clear my throat, it seems like everyone has been waiting for me to speak because I immediately have their undivided attention.

All but Segun's.

"I was wondering-"

"Oh ok, go on." Lollipop interrupts. Leaning forward with interest in her eyes.

I hold her gaze, glowering and a stupid smirk curves at one end of her mouth.

"Segun, let me ask you-"

"Daddy, can I tell you something instead of bugging you with questions?" Lollipop interrupts. Her voice is quite low and seductive.

I ball my hand into fists as Segun gives his attention to the little brat.

Daniel and Sophia jaws are practically touching the floor as they stare at lollipop in shock. Obviously about the 'Daddy' word.

He likes it when I call him Daddy. He once said it only sounds sexy from my lips.

"So I went to a store today-" lollipop begins when she gets Segun's go ahead look. "And the owner treated me with such...ugh! Disrespect. I was humiliated. I felt so ashamed."

"Why? Did you walk in there calling every man you saw 'Daddy'?" Sophia asks. She holds my gaze before turning back to lollipop.

Such smart children. They know.

Lollipop pouts. "No! And watch how you talk to me. I demand respect-"

"Says a mistress." Sophia fires back.

I should stop her but...I really enjoy this water. It tastes like sweets.

"Sophia." Segun says with warning in his tone.

"Well she's not wrong." Daniel announces. " Respect is not given. It's earned and you lost a right to earn yours when you walked into this house with my father-"

"Daniel-" Segun says.

"Oh for goodness sake, Segun!" I cry out. "Let the boy speak. They are not children anymore. They see what's happening and want to talk on it."

"So this is your doing!" He accuses with malice in his voice directed at me.

"Wasn't it your doing too when you sent that tramp into my store to humiliate me Infront of everyone?" I ask as I lean forward, my voice slowly on the way to the top.

"Ehn, Segun?" I push. His brows knit but I'm not buying it. "So don't talk to me about respect when I'm not being given one in my own house-"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Segun inquires. "Diane, did you go to my wife's store?" he asks sounding a bit furious if not more.

My wife. So he still acknowledges me as one. I glance away, quick enough to see the surprised look on Sophia's face.

"Erm-" Lollipop starts to say.

"I asked you a question!" Now he's sounding mad.

"Yes, I did...errmmm-" lollipop stammers.

"Stop stuttering and talk!"

"Segun, it's not like that-"

"Don't you ever call my name! Keep it out of your damn mouth!" he yells. Rising from his seat with anger radiating all around him.

"What did I tell you? What did I tell you while coming here? First, this shouldn't have happened. It's my decision and I tell you what you're suppose to know and act on. I never told you to go to my wife's place of work to disgrace yourself and cause trouble. What did you do to her? I shouldn't be asking, I know she must have dealt with you."

I lower my head...and smile.

"You can leave my house now, it's just after 6." Segun continues and oh the joy in my heart at those magical words.

Silence follows and I lift my chin to hold Lollipop's gaze. She's glaring at me with tears in her eyes and some running down her cheeks.

Drama queen.

The look in her eyes screams 'we shall see' but I doubt it. In the end, she's just a scared little girl in a big world she clearly does not understand.

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