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3 - Guest

"Does that mean pop smoke won't release another album?" I ask myself with a scowl.


I'm not happy at all. Really, why do the legends have to die quick?

Well, his old album's on repeat.

It's morning and I kinda just got out of bed but I'm always quick to shower. Daniel and I are waiting in our rooms for breakfast to be ready.

Mom, somehow—which rarely ever happens— overslept. But it's fine. Everyone gets worn out once in a while.

Now I'm just going to pretend that I don't know that she stayed up all night probably crying and thinking about father.

I narrow my eyes and notice that the window blinds are still down. Rising from my bed with a sigh, I head to the window with the intention of raising the blinds.

The revving of a car close by has my brows knitting. It sounds like the car is in my compound and when I lift the curtain, my jaw drops.

I see my runaway father's two months old Range Rover coming to a stop. I gulp as I watch the car with bulging eyes.

The door opens and he steps out. I'm staring down at a shiny fair head. He was dressed in black shorts and a button up shirt. Very simple. That's how he likes it.

He hurries over to the other side of the car and one of my brows arc in curiosity, only for me to see a young lady coming out of my dad's car.

I can't and refuse to believe what I'm seeing as my jaw practically drops and my eyes threaten to go down there to understand better.

He leans forward and gives her a kiss and the lady rests her hand on his waist.

Still staring, I reach for my phone and I'm able to get myself to look away for a bit. I tap on WhatsApp and send Daniel a text. Locking my screen, I look back at the two and this time, my dad is holding a luggage.

I have a feeling it's hers and…Jesus! I check my phone and when I see no reply from Daniel, i wear my flip flops and hurry down the stairs.

I freeze when I reach as I stare at the back of my mom who opened the door and is also quiet.

The air is awkward and I only hope it's not what I think.

"Won't you let me into my own house?" my dad asks with a small raise of his voice. He arcs a brow and the top corner of his upper lips rise in disgust.

But mom just stands there with no words and no movement.

"Come in" my dad says to the lady, helping her lift her luggage.

He pats my mum on her shoulder. The lady smiles at my mum and walk past.

"What's going on here?" Daniel bumps into the kitchen, with his phone in his hand. His eyes wonders between me, my parents and the…guest who still had on shades.

"Em…" mom says and looks about. "Help Sophia set the table. Breakfast is ready." she manages to talk and I wonder what she's thinking.

Daniel obeys still with confusion sitting on his face. He slips his phone into his back pocket, to collect the plate of fried eggs.

I don't know how but now we are sitting at the table—with the guest, eating in silence. The lady is beside my father even with her shades on.

Mad oo.

The silence is sickening and I can't take it anymore.

"Are you somewhat related to my dad?" I turn my head to her direction. "Because I've never seen you before."

"Will you shut up and just eat your food?" my mother says with a bit of fire in her tone.

I can tell she's hanging on a thread. But why can't she just cut it? Let's get this over and done with.

My eyes are still trained at the lady and she smiles. "No, not at all. Related?" she giggles.

A rather sweet sound that only bugs my ears.

"Then what?" I push.

"Tiwa." my mom warns. She only calls my native name when she means business but I want answers and I want em now.

I arc a brow at the lady and purse my lips. Darting between her and my father—who paid no mind to us.

"I'm his lollipop." the lady replies me and smiles at my father like a hungry thief.

My eyebrows shoot up in surprise as my jaw drops. Unable to process what the fuck is going on.

"Lollipop?" Daniel scoffs. "You should be the one calling him that. You don't have a di-"

My dad coughs loudly enough to censor Daniel's vulgar words and my cheeks heat.

One look at my mom and you can tell she's beyond disgusted! She drops her cutleries on the table and hides her hands under the table. Finally, she lifts her gaze the stranger and her eyes fall back on my father.

"Segun," she begins. Her tone quite low and calm.

I've come to notice that my mother is not the type to yell and shout. She's calm and collected in every situation and believes that this is the best way to solve anything.

"Who is this?" she asks.

"She's my woman." he replies almost immediately. His eyes still on the food as he stuffs his mouth.

Air leaves my lungs as I stare at both of them in awe.

My mother looks away at first before turning to the lady. She doesn't seem surprised or angry
"Did he tell you he has a family?"

The lady frowns at first before noding her head. "Of course. We tell eachother every-ah!"

The lady screams when my mother's hot tea lands on her. She push away from the table and tries to get the hot substance off her full chest while still screaming on high pitch. My dad goes to help her and I glance at my mom who's cool expression has not wavered.

Cold shivers runs down my spine as I watch her stare cluelessly like she didn't just burn someone's skin.

"Amarachi, have you gone mad?" My father hurls at my mom.

Gently, in a composed manner, she stands and makes her way up the stairs.

Daniel follows suit. I ignore the rumbling of my stomach and head up to my room. Leaving my dad with his 'lollipop'.

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