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4 - Slim and Hot

"So dad is cheating on mum." I finally have the balls to admit this to myself and my brother.

After we both stormed out on a screaming lady, we had gone up to our respective rooms and after a while, he comes from nowhere and jumps on my bed beside where I sat reading—more like pretending to read because my thoughts can't stop playing my father's words.

"She's my woman." He had said. His woman. Then mom is what?

"Yes. But that's not the only point to make out, little sister." Daniel said. His tone thought-filled.

I turn my attention to him with a slight knit in my brows and he holds my clueless gaze.

"Did you see her?" he asks with disbelief. I know who he's referring to but I don't know what he's talking about. "She's hot!"

"No. You did not just say that. You did not just call dad's… mistress 'hot'!" I sneer.

"What? No be lie nah" he says. "For reals did you see her? She's so slim and hot."

I furrow my brows at that. "Slim? She's not slim."

"Are you blind? Well I guess you were too into the moment to pay attention to lollipop." He sneakers after saying the 'l' word and burst out laughing. I follow suit.

"She say na 'lollipop'" Daniel says in between laughs and I place my hand over my mouth to try to get a grip on myself even as my eyes water.

"Just stop abeg. It's not funny." I say with a wide smile.

"Yeah,I see you not laughing." He rolls his eyes. After a while, "lollipop" he says the word again as if testing it and shivers in disgust.

"That's it, leave my room." I stand and he rushes to the door. I crunch in laughter and he does the same. "I swear, you're so dirty. You had to tell her that she doesn't have a- I can't even say it."

"Omo! Nothing wey I no go see for this Lagos." he says wiping tears with the back of his hand. Despite having lived in Canada for a very long time, our pidgin English is still topnotch.

Finally able to get a grip on myself, I ask "How do you think mummy is taking this?"

"Like every other married woman who has a mistress in their house should." he states! "But you know your mother nah, the woman operates on a whole other level. Even after pouring a hot cup of tea on lollipops boobs, she looked so innocent."

"Like! Tell me about it. And Jesus! What's your deal with- dude! Were you ogling dad's mistress?" I ask in disbelief as I cross my arms.

"Are you blind?"

"No really. Because you keep going on and on about her hotness and her boobs and how she's so slim-"

"Because she is and I think you get the point." his face softens and my brows raise in surprise before they furrow in a frown.

"And what does that mean?" I know what that means but please don't say it. Please Daniel, don't say it-

"You know," he begins, "If you continue like this, you won't achieve a lot of things." the finality in his voice all but scares me.

"You don't know that and I refuse to have this…conversation with you." I dismiss him with a wave of my hand.

But the 's' in our surname stands for 'stubborn' so it's no surprise, he doesn't budge.

"Suit yourself. Just so you know, you won't be a disc jockey with that attitude and low self esteem. Everyday is not lockdown and zoom app won't help you."

"Oh body counselor. I didn't ask for a session!" I snap and whirl to face him. Bloodshot in my eyes.

He sighs "Tiwa-"

"It was fun having you here. But you've overstayed your welcome. Please use the door." I turn, giving him my back.

When I hear the door close, I release the breath I didn't even notice I was holding and my shoulders tremble.

But was 'lollipop' slim? I had been too worked up over the obvious fact that dad brought another woman home to actually notice the woman.

Even if she was slim, what do men really want?

My mom is not fat, she's chubby. I got my chocolate skin from her and missed out on the curves. She has a fine hour glass shape, a big round ass with beautiful big boobs. So why would dad cheat on her with a slim girl who has been cursed to carry big boobs that doesn't fit her stature?

Ahn ahn! Omo! This life truly no balance oo.

Quickly, I open the door and step out of my room.

Maybe I can go take a quick peek at lollipop and know for myself.

"Make sure you tell Daniel to get the guest room ready."

My feet comes to a stop when I hear my dad's voice. I'm standing outside my parents room. I move back a bit, press my body against the wall and lean towards the closed door from the side.

"Your guest actually!" mom says with firm in her voice.

Silence comes next and my heart beats hard against my chest for fear of being caught. My palms are already sweaty and beads of sweat gathers on my forehead.

"Are you jealous?" dad asks and I can hear the stupid smile in his voice.

_Did he…no! Did dad do all these just to get a reaction from mom? He's indirectly using the lady downstairs._

"Ahn ahn! What sort of stupid question is that? Ehn, segun?" my mom fires! "You didn't even attend your daughters graduation only for you to bring a whore to our home the next day. nkankan ni o ṣe pẹlu rẹ?" _Is something wrong with you?_

"What sort of a man are you? You brought a whore into our home, calling her lollipop. Segun!" My mom said in a chiding tone.

"I never knew you could be this jealous." is the only thing my dad has to say after my mom's outburst.

Gosh! I want to smack his head so hard right now!

"Please, I want her out of my house, this morning. Segun! Don't test me! Don't test me oo!Nitori ti mo ba bẹrẹ pẹlu rẹ, ile yii kii yoo ni wa ninu" _Because if I start with you, this house will not contain us._

"You can go back to Canada if you want because Lollipop is not leaving this house. You can take the children with you."

"Segun, you must be out of your mind! Have you forgotten, Daniel works in Lagos?'

"And Tiwa? She got a scholarship to study in Canada, right?"

" The same Tiwa you refused to attend her graduation." my mom accuse and rejection stabs at my heart.

"I was busy. I will apologize to her. Just make sure Lollipop is comfortable."

That's all he has to say? And this 'lollipop' is still his concern and…I think I've heard enough.

I push myself away from the wall and walk sluggishly to my room with my thoughts all over hell's half acre.

I hear the door open but I don't stop, I finally reach my room. Placing my hand on the knob, I look to my side and hide my father's gaze.

He just stands there staring at me with an expression I can't quite understand. Or maybe I'm just too sad to process it.

He opens his mouth but I push my door open, walk in and slam it close.

He literally has nothing to say to me. We have nothing to talk about. It has always been that way and it's best if we keep it that way.

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