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6 - Familiarity

I finally give in to my hunger and walk into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, I smile when I see apples. I take two and shut the fridge gently. I whirl around-

"Jesus!" I gasp and let out a harsh breath as I glare at 'lollipop'.

Her eyes widen and her lips curl into a smile. "What evil were you doing?" she says and I literally hear the words roll of her tongue seductively.

"Nothing I'm not allowed to do in my house." I sneer and move to take a plate and a knife.

"You mean, in your father's house." she scoffs.

I stop and turn to her. This is my chance to look my fill.

Daniel was right. She's…slim and, indeed she's hot. Her slimness is on a whole other level. She's wearing a leather bum shot and a pink crop top.

Her boobs are worthy to be called boobs and it does look like a burden on her chest—if you ask me. But she's slim and her skin is glowing. She's fair-more like white.

I'm tempted to ask her a lot of questions but I hold my tongue. I'm not that desperate.

I think?

"You're staring." she says with a pointed face. "And I don't do girls." she rolls her eyes.

"Not even rich ones?" I arc a brow and I don't miss when her lips twitch. Yeah, I thought as much.

Bloody side chicks will do anything for money.

"Why are you here?" I ask.

She folds her arms and her lips turn down in a slight frown. "I'm hungry."

"Why are you in my house? Don't you have a life outside?"I shrug

"Don't you dare talk to me like that!" she snaps, pointing at me.


She seems take aback by my question. "Because I'm older than you and you should respect older people."

"Since you're younger than my father shouldn't you respect your youngness and stop sleeping with an old man?"

She gapes and after a moment of silence with intense stare, she shrugs. "I've heard worse."

"Took you long to admit that-"

"Look," she cuts me short in my sentence. "Sonia or-"


"Yeah, whatever!" she rolls her eyes. "I didn't come here for trouble. I love your dad. I love his dick. I love his money and I'm not leaving any time soon. Deal with it."

Sick honesty. That doesn't stop me from scowling. "Disgusting."

"What? The 'D' word? I caught you blushing when David said dick."

"It's Daniel. Jesus! Stop talking."

"Oh you innocent small child." she tease and laughs. "How old are you again, honey?"

I frown. "Old enough to not be called 'honey' by my father's mistress."

"Well you certainly don't look like it." she states the obvious.

I spread my arms. "Welcome to my world. Would you like a tour?"

She place a hand over her mouth and laugh-obviously showing off her manicured nails.

"Well it's not bad. I mean look at me. I'm slim yet I managed to get your dad from your fat mom."

My face falls at that I grab a knife, hit it hard on the counter making her jump in fright before pointing it at her.

"I dare you to say it again!"

"I-I…it was a joke" her lips tremble.

"Repeat it! I say repeat it!" I yell!

My mum rushes into the kitchen with her chest rising and falling with rapid breaths. When her eyes lands on me, she asks "What are you doing here?" She looks down at the knife and gasps before tracing it to-"And with this whore?"

Lollipop finds a way to smile at her. She's still shaking though. "You should teach your daughter how to get fat like you."

My mum is confuse and here I stood looking like a fool. This idiot wants to put me into trouble. I drop the knife back into the board, fuming with anger.

"Tiwa, what is she talking about? And why were you holding a knife?"

"Jesus mom! Believing the words of a whore" I raise my hand in surrender and walk out of the kitchen.

I got to the door of my room before I realized that I left my apple in the kitchen.

"Fuck!" I only hope those two are gone by now because I am so not in the mood to see either of them.

''Well, he was with me-"

"Oh please!" I hear my mom cut her short when I go close to the kitchen. "This is too early for such rubbish. You can't come into my house and walk into all the rooms, especially my kitchen. The guest room is by the left. If the room isn't clean enough for you, some cleaning agents are in the toilet. Still not clean? Take your luggage out of my house. I'm being quiet because of segun oo. Don't test me."

I hear the impatience and irritation in her voice and I believe her words.

"Well when you were having your little fun in Vancouver with-"

I hear a loud sound and someone screams. When I rush in, I see my mom holding the back of Lollipop's neck with one hand. She push her down to the floor and lollipop bends as she fights against the hand.

"Ehn! What did you say? Idiot!" My mom drags her by her neck into the living room, I give way and watch as she throws lollipop on the floor.

I can't help but pity her now. She's a pretty small lady and my mom is, not small at all.


I turn sharply at my mom's tone. "Yes mom."

"Oya, go upstairs. Now!"

She surely don't have to tell me twice. I run up the stairs with Lollipop's words in my mind.

_"Well when you were having your little fun in Vancouver with-"_

Vancouver was where my dad had met my mom. That was also the place we had moved too in Canada.

What happened in Vancouver?

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