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7 - I do Whatever I Want

Daniel's POV:

After a long day at work-yeah, even photographers get tired of photographing- I walk into what used to be my home. With my dad messing up, I don't know what to call it anymore.

The house is quiet and there's no one in the living room. That's…odd. But it's as I expected.

Mom would keep to herself while Tiwa would have no problem locking herself in her room.

I walk into the kitchen and come out with a glass of orange juice. Taking my camera and laptop to the balcony, I start to finish the work of today.

The breeze is cool but whether I like it or not, I still have to shower tonight.

I feel eyes on me but I give it time. I inhale the sweet smell of flowers and when they continue to stare, I sigh.

"Diane." I say without even looking her way.

Her footsteps come closer and she sits in the chair across from me.

I still don't raise my head from my computer. This is too important.

"Oh my gosh! Should I start to feel special or…" she trails off. Her girly sultry voice putting my thoughts in shambles.

My hand freeze across the keyboard and I lift my chin to hold the gaze of my father's mistress.

She's so young. If I'm not mistaken, she should be in her early twenties or maybe even late but definitely nowhere close to thirty.

I want to ask myself what she's doing with a forty six year old man but yet again, humans are slaves to money so…

"Don't flatter yourself. I smell you before I see you." I say and I watch how her eyes flash with fear. She turns and lowers her head, smelling herself. "You smell nice. Of flowers and those girly things. I'm not used to that type of perfume in this house."

A smile splits her mouth and relief washes over her face. "Oh, why thank you, David."

I stare at her, waiting for her to correct herself but when she doesn't, "Okay" I turn back to my computer.

"How do you know my name? I'm sure I told everyone I'm 'lollipop'" she says.

"I overheard my dad calling you Diane. So it sticked."

"Retentive." she purrs. "Well I'm pretty retentive myself. I know you're a dirty good looking guy."

My lips in a straight line, I hold her gaze. She has a silly smile on her face. "Yunno, I don't remember telling you to sit."

She frowns "Why that's just rude! You're as rude as your mum." she informs as she pats her hair. Putting it in order.

I chuckle at her poor remark. "Rude? You don't know what that is because that's not what I am right now." Taking a good look at her, she's a really pretty girl who is messing around with an old man. "What exactly are you doing with my father?"

"Oh. Is someone getting jealous?" she says with a pout. "Well, don't worry. I'm sure you'd love to know that there's plenty of Lollipop to go around." she purrs with a wink as she jiggles her body causing her boobs to shake.

The action makes my lips twitch. I avert my eyes, looking at everywhere but her. There's nothing I hate more than unfaithful people.

"If you're with my father, shouldn't you have a little respect for yourself and stop trying to seduce his son?"

"And who says I respect myself?" she asks, surprising me with her words. "I do whatever I want as long as I enjoy it. You don't have to worry about a thing, honey."

I roll my eyes and suppress a groan.

"Oh and I came across your YouTube channel few hours ago. I think you-"

"So you're stalking me?"

"David, stop being hard to get-"

"Look at me, Miss!" I snap and she flinch. Her chest rising and falling as she takes in shaky breath. Looks like lollipop is an easy scare. "I am busy. Very busy. If you don't have anything important to tell me, like you disappearing from my father's house, then stay nine fucks away from me. You got that?"

I look her dead in the eyes. The dread in her black eyes almost makes me soften but I don't.

While I'll never raise my voice on a woman, this one right here is on the highest level of stupidity and it's pissing me the fuck off!

"Look at you," I say calmly. "You look like a scared little girl in a big fucked up world where she doesn't belong in. You crossed the line when you waltz into my parents home. Just leave."

She doesn't say anything but I can tell she's trying to calm herself down.

"Keep yourself away from me. You're not my type!" I bark and that only frightens her more. " I don't like ladies who go after married men! Bloody hell!" I curse as anger spread through me like a venom.

With that I pack my shit and go to my room.

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