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Joji's a 17 year old girl who's been diagnosed with schizophrenia since she was 6. She wants to feel normal but her mom just sees her as a freak. Her only friend died at 10, and she truly feels alone. So the only possible solution for her to be happy is to runaway to Cancún Mexico. Her plans were supposed to go smoothly until she meets an aggressive, possessive Bipolar boy named Beau He becomes fascinated with her, and that's when all hell breaks loose.

Drama / Romance
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AND DON'T F*CKING EXPECT ME TO PICK YOU UP JOJI. My mom slammed the door in my face. I watched as she sped off and turned out on the road. I hate her so much I sighed. I was late for my first day of school. Of course I was, I was late for everything because my mom never wanted to take me.

I walked through the doors of the school and my heart immediately started pounding hard. "Hey don't be nervous you got this" I looked to my right to see my hallucination. A tall man in an all black suit. I smiled at him easy for you to say. I continued down this never ending hallway and finally reached the office.

Ah you must be Joji your the last new student to arrive the lady said. Yes ma'am sorry I'm late. "Don't be, I have your schedule for the semester." She handed me my schedule. I had Math, Science, Drama, and Therapy. Just great I said to myself. I started to walk off but she stopped me. Oh Wait ! "Don't forget to go by the nurses office every lunch period to get your pills." she said a loud.

Everyone in the waiting room looked at me and I instantly felt uncomfortable so I nodded and walked out the office looking at the ground. Math math math I hate f*cking math. "Well why don't you just skip then" shut up Lucious I don't want to hear you right now. "Ha well I can't just go away you of all people should know that Joji" he started to laugh creepily. I rolled my eyes.

Lucious was the man in the all black suit. He was my first ever hallucination. He was super tall scary looking and always pissing me off. I used to cry every time he came around and would ignore him but now I'm used to him so I let him be.

If you cause any problems today Lucious I'll bang my head against a wall I told him. "I dare you to" he grinned down at me. I ignored him and walked in to my math class. Well sh*t I said to myself. The whole class was staring at me. Welcome you must be Joji. I'm Mrs Martha your Pre Calculus teacher she smiled. Hi I said softly and turned to find a seat. There was one in the back left corner so I quickly sat down.

So today class you'll have a pre test so I can see what you've been learning she explained blah blah blah blah. "She's annoying I wish I could choke her out" Lucious said. Shut up I spat back. "Um Joji" Mrs Martha said. Omg I think she heard me. "Did you need something" she said. Oh no ma'am I smiled. Phew that was close. I started working on the pre test she gave us. 15 minutes in I looked up to see Lucious by Mrs Martha pretending to choke her. I raised from my seat quickly and stood there. Mrs Martha! I shouted.

She looked up from lesson she was reading with a concerned face. And half the class turned around. I- I'm done with my test I lied. Ok then come and turn it in then she said. I walked quickly and slammed it on the desk and whipped back around to my seat. "F*cking weirdo" I heard this blonde girl snicker to her friends. I ignored her. I'm used to all the comments people say about me mostly because I've heard them come from my mother so much.

Weirdo, freak, crazy, stupid, lowlife, Psycho I've heard them all.

The bell rung and I zoomed out. On my way to my science class I bumped into a lot of kids. "HEY watch it b*tch" a boy said Sorry I whispered. "Move out of my f*cking way" another girl said. Sorry I said.

I made it to my science class really early and sat there and waited for it to start. "Wow these kids are rude as hell. Couldn't be me" Lucious don't start I'm not in the mood. "Your never in the mood" I stared at him with an annoyed look and he just stared back with his cold grey eyes. "Hey get the f*ck outta my seat you stupid piece of sh*t."

Lucious broke his stare and I turned around to see a tall boy with pitch black hair and crazy purple looking eyes his hair was long and in a man bun and he had a big tattoo across his neck that said Euphoria. He wore a huge black T shirt with black ripped jeans and of course black shoes.

"Don't be shy rip his dick off" Lucious said. I couldn't help but laugh. I was about to get up but before I could he picked the desk up and I fell out. The f*ck is wrong with you I said. He laughed and his big dimples started to show as he sat down. I walked to find another seat across the room.

"Shouldn't of laughed at him a small voice said." I looked over to see a small danty girl who wore cute pink glasses that complimented her hazel eyes. She had long wavy brown hair. Whatever it's just a stupid seat I told her. What's with this school. She smiled welcome to Elmore high she said my names Cleo. Joji I replied. "Cool name" thanks I said.

Class started. And my teachers name was Mr Barns. Super weird and quirky. He could be a mad scientist though cause he loved explosions. Class ended and it was finally lunch. I went to grab my meds and went to go sit outside at the picnic tables.

"We could totally run out in those woods right now and live in the forest " a voice said. Hello Marshall I said. Marshall was another hallucination of mine. He wore an all white suit and was always happy. His happiness kept me sane. "Ello puddin so I've seen your days been pretty sh*t, but on the bright side butterfly's aren't extinct yet." I smiled at him. I guess your right.

"There's an awesome roof over there" Marshall pointed towards the gym building with a roof you could walk on. "Let's go check it out" I hopped up and started towards the building.
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