City Of The Dying Sun

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The First in a Twisted Drama set in the beautiful city of yokohama japan. A TV reporter is beaten and kidnapped after he is caught filming a triad gang working within japan called the dying sun. A twisted drama of being hunted

Drama / Thriller
adam forster
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


written by
Adam Forster
Episode 1 :TARGETS

Eliot the reporter is locked in the back of the car, knocked unconscious outside the trunk you hear two triads talking
do you think the ghost man is dead ?

I hope so
what do we do with the footage ?
burn it along with the car
as the screen fades to black. with the sounds of matches being lit text appears on the screen - saying three days earlier , the flames roar and the camera jump cuts to a barbecue.- three days prior to the event
Eliot is flipping burgers on the grill as his wife raises a glass in his honour to the party guests.
(taps the side of her glass with a fork )
attention all , as you know my husband is going to japan tomorrow
to film some footage for the documentary the fight, intent on interest am so glad
he got the assignment and am sure you will all miss him as much as I will
so can I get a big cheer for our own Jackie Chan
Eliot turns away from the grill and corrects his wife
thank you dear but I don’t need all the praise
its a holiday with a few shots not a conflict
also the documentary is called the last fighter
anyways enough blabbering on the burgers are done
the phone rings next to the open back door as the smell of the barbecue is seeping into the house Eliot answers the phone
Hello who is this ?

Eliot sits in the kitchen looking outside at the party guests having fun with the phone pressed against his right ear and the
cooking tongs in his left hand
Mike (V.O.)strong cockney accent
hi Eliot this is mike from the network al be your
editor and translator on tomorrow’s trip you all packed

great to speak to you mike al just check five seconds

Eliot puts the cooking tongs down on the kitchen table and starts walking up the stairs to the bedroom on the phone you hear background noise as mike continues to talk
Mike (V.O)- others talking in the office
no just put the details on the desk , right like i was saying Eliot its going to be a small man crew . so you and I head out tomorrow at roughly twenty-past two and then the gaffer ,line producer , focus puller and the rest fly out on the Monday
it should give us time to set up the reservations at the hotel and pick shots we need . and then its back home on the 11th
Eliot stands in his bedroom looking through his suitcase
right I have my camera , passport clothes and documents of

Mike (V.O)
sounds good the cab should be at your house by half - nine so
al meet you at the gate with our equipment
look forward to working with you see you tomorrow

Mike ( V.O)
same here see you tomorrow Eliot
Eliot switches the phone off puts it back next to the backdoor and writes down the time for tomorrow before emerging back at the party .
Eliot’s wife sits in bedroom while Eliot is on the computer with his headsets in learning Japanese
LUCY (yawns)
shouldn’t you be getting to bed you have a cab to get in another
10 hours
Eliot removes one ear piece and answers his wife
I will , after I have learned some phrases in case
mike and I split up on this trip
Eliot turns back to the computer screen and continues the language tutorial
hello is konnichiwa say konnichiwa
ELIOT (struggling)
kon-nich-iwa ,konnichiwa
COMPUTER (computer speeds up)
good now repeat after me ohayo gozaimasu
konnichiwa da inf Eliot
watashi wa England Eigo wa dekimasu ka
Eliot stares at the computer bemused before quickly getting frustrated
Fuck it , mike can translate for us
Eliot being deeply annoyed slams the computers lid down and gets into bed
LUCY - half asleep-
so are you a polyglot yet (said sarcastically)
no! (said aggressively)
well I wont expect getting a real souvenir from japan , its going to be Germany all over again (sigh) oh well good night

well am not good with bloody languages good night
they both lie down in bed in silence for 2 minutes then Lucy talks again in a faint whisper

Eliot ?
yes Lucy
I love you
love you too , goodnight
as the camera shows Eliot close his eyes it fades to black
{CAMERA CUT} - meanwhile
MR Kuraidesu
boss of the dying sun pours out wine into two glasses as the limo drive to the location he
begins to speak .
MR Kuraidesu
Its funny I see power like a fine wine people love the smell ,the aspiration of taste but give a man a bottle and you don’t know what he will accomplish how do you see power Mr yoshida

Mr yoshida swirls the content of the liquid around the side of the glass spilling a little bit as the car turns right into a back alley , he takes a sip and then proceeds to answer Kuraidesu inquiry

Mr Yoshida
those who let the success go to their head will find themselves in a position much more worst off than when they started their escapade , I hope that answers your question

Mr Kuraidesu finds the tone in which yoshida speak to be very disrespectful and grows
ever more inpatient as the journey continues Mr yoshida spreads his arms out and lounges back on the dark leather upholstery with a smirk on his face.

Mr Kuraidesu

I brought you on this trip to stop the feud between our families and to strike a deal of ownership of our properties so lets begin

Mr yoshida picks himself up from the seat leans forward and takes out a blue notepad and pen from his suit pocket
MR Yoshida
ok what do you propose.

Mr Kuraidesu pulls out a small crumpled - up list from his pant pocket puts on his ray-ban glasses and begins to read out the owned property in a abrasive tone to show dominance
Mr Kuraidesu
Well the only property you own on our list is the club with the remaining seventy six establishments belonging to us. but to show am a civilised gentleman I would like to offer you the brothel , we will keep the docks and enough blood has been spilled over who takes the leading ownership of the yi yan shopping centre and its subsidiaries
so we will take a 45% cut in equity these terms are none negotiable!

Mr yoshida breaths deeply clenches his glass and tenses up before pugnaciously speaking

Mr Yoshida
I don’t take kindly to the assumption we need help the cut will be lowered and any more incessant jokes toward our men will be met with great force !

Mr kuraidesu looks out of the window and signals the driver to stop

Mr Kuraidesu
we’re here
Mr yoshida and Mr kuraidesu step from the back of the limo to the site of a disused derelict - abandoned scrapyard , Mr yoshida looks they stand in the dark with the cold air blowing by.

Mr Yoshida

this is the meeting point ?
Mr kuraidesu whispers to one of his lieutenants to go to the back of the car and pull out his
cleaver as the lieutenants returns kuraidesu grabs the cleaver and walks towards yoshida

Mr Kuraidesu
Well you were right about one thing Mr yoshida the percentage will be cut.
Mr kuraidesu delves the cleaver deep into the side of the neck of Mr yoshida and hacks sporadically until he’s lying dead on the ground , Mr kuraidesu shouts to one of the lieutenants to grab the wine and a match

Mr Kuraidesu
So I get to keep all the properties glad we agree, oh pity we forgot the cigars.

Mr kuraidesu pours the remaining wine on the corpse of Mr yoshida and throws a lit match on him then turns and walks back to the car . Mr kuraidesu taps on the limo glass and speaks to the driver

Mr Kuraidesu
home Kosei , it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow

of course sir

the camera shows the car drive away from the scrapyard as the fire roars on and then the camera cuts .
the TV plays the news as Eliot rushes around getting things packed
good morning and welcome to the news at 8, a body of
a Chinese man has been discovered in a scrapyard at the north west district in
japan our foreign correspondent miles Hughes has the story
it was the work day from hell one passer-by explained on his daily commute among others where Ren Yuma an employee in the local supermarket just four blocks up from the crime scene. He said and I quote , I start walking to the supermarket at 6:30 and decided to use the back alleys as a short cut as I turned round the corner I could smell burning coming from the scrapyard that hasn’t been operational in years on closer inspection as I passed I saw what looked to be a charred corpse so I rang the police . Police has been here since 7:26 this morning and don’t know if this was a drunk accident or if there was leads to organized crime we should have more on this story as it develops.
News Reader
thank you miles still to come are you prepped for valentine’s day a loveologist from the university of Gateshead says your not
the TV is switched off by Lucy and a car horn is heard from outside
looks like your taxi is here , you got everything ?

please be careful

I will

ok see you
Al, see you and if there’s any problems I’m sure Chris can come over if not I should be back in four days
ok bye al miss you
Lucy hesitates to answer Eliot as he walks out the door with his suitcase and bag draped over his shoulder and then after a faint tear runs down her left cheek she answers back.
al miss you to
Lucy stands with her arms crossed at the door as Eliot gets in the cab and drives off she closes the door and the phone rings

Chris (V.O)
hello its Chris from across the road just saw Eliot
leaving in a cab
he’s going to japan for another filming job

Chris (V.O)
that’s good how long will he be away for ?
four days
Chris (V.O)
Chris hangs up the phone and Lucy sits down in the kitchen and cries the scene transitions to Eliot at the airport meeting mike
Eliot meets mike
Eliot ?

em, yes
its mike , we spoke on the phone yesterday
oh yes pleasure to meet you
both Eliot and mike shake hands

Anyways here’s your boarding pass am afraid its going to be a while its been delayed due to some interference so we’re here for roughly another 22 minutes anyways did you learn any of the lingo for this trip
tried but just not good when it comes to languages
Eliot and mike both sit down in the terminal
Mike chuckles
what’s funny ?

you remind me of my dad every time we would go on holidays he would insist he knew how to talk the lingo to impress his friends and every time it would result in him doing hand gestures
to some unfortunate waiter.

we’ve all been there , like my last job in Germany

what happened ?
so I’m a freelance filmmaker for this job right, and the guy who runs the shoot asks do you know any German because am starving. We must of been filming all day , so me like an idiot goes yeah sure and we head off to this small café in
Lichtenstein. As we walk in the crew snigger under their breath and whisper to each other something . then the head of production says to me, we will get the seats you can get the food and drink
a runner sat near the door winks at the head of production and says just in case your German’s a bit rusty I will tell you what to say and then he points around the table taken orders I think they ordered four waters and two burgers. So I get up and walk towards the till on a bit of paper I have the translation wrote
down and I start saying it over and over again so that’s töten den Bürgermeister I get to the till and the women behind it walks to the back office and returns with an angry manager some obscene profanity I throwing around the place as he grabs me and reaches for the phone anyways long story short my trip advisor review reads will never return.
Mike laughs
I think you have my dad beat when it comes to making an arse out of yourself , did you at least
get paid ?
nope , my contract was four weeks of unpaid cinematography
Wow sounds like a right con . don’t worry you will be getting paid for this
that’s good . am not that bothered about the money as long as I get to experience a beautiful location but I can tell it bothers Lucy a lot of cutbacks have been made and through it all she puts on a brave face .

Tannoy (V.O)
We would like to apologize to all passengers on the delay we are now boarding at gate 13 for flights to japan , will first class please start moving onto the plane now and thank you for your patience
right that’s us
mike and Eliot get on the plane and this transitions back to Lucy having a cup of tea with Chris
Chris is speaking in a manipulative but empathetic tone as they sit at the kitchen table
so he’s off again is he ever there for you
he’s a very busy man
to busy to look after the women he loves
what are you saying
you know what . dump him , tell him about us and we can move away I don’t want to see you suffer
your a fine one to talk about not wanting to see me suffer
what does that mean
you know what it means saying tell Eliot you tripped
we were having fun and it got a bit out of hand

it wasn’t fun

I was having fun and I think with four days without him we could see what happens
Chris leans in to kiss Lucy with his right hand on her cheek
Lucy pushes him off and in an abrasive manner gets up from her seat and shouts

get out now or I’m calling the police

Chris gets up and walks towards the door

ok fine , but one of these days Eliot wont be around anymore and then what will you do
the door slams and Lucy breaks down and cries
EXT. Japan City Street
mike and Eliot walk along the city streets of japan to there hotel talking as they go
so how long have you been with Lucy ?

3 years so far

right were on yokohama street I think its the
next block five seconds al just need to ask someone
mike asks for directions off a young woman passing
em, Watashi wa anata ga ?ji no hoteru e no michijun o motteinai iiwake
excuse me do you have directions to the prince hotel
Japanese woman
Hai hidari d?ro t?n sh?ry?-ji ni migi, tsugini dengen o ireta nochi, anata ga sore o minogasu koto wa dekinai d?ro o ?dan
yes turn right then at the end of the road turn left and then cross the road you can’t miss it
thank you

lets go
mike and Eliot soon arrive at the hotel

Hotel receptionist
Hello and welcome to the prince hotel how can I help you

mike Johnson and Eliot Thompson checking in please

Hotel receptionist
of course sir here is your room key would you like your bags taking up to your room

yes please

Hotel receptionist

I hope you enjoy your stay

mike and Eliot are jetlagged and head up to the room to sleep
Eliot is woken up by noises heard from his balcony he goes out to investigate. on further inspection Eliot sees from his balcony two men in suits with 1911s so he rushes to his bag grabs his camera and starts filming

we should find better places to meet if the boss found us together we’re both dead. What did you want to talk about ?
Mr Kuraidesu is getting sick and may die his son is back in china which means I’m the next leader after he passes on as soon as I’m in power we can be together and the property agreed to your father before he died will be split between our family accordingly
I feel this calls for a celebration is there any good bars in the area ?

the first triad points up at the hotel and notices a flashing red light off Eliot’s camera

yeah there’s one that neither of us own on the top floor of this hotel , wait what the fuck is that someone filming us
the second triad begins to panic
give me your phone

the triads take a picture on their iPhone in night vision mode and walk off pointing at the picture and talking to each other one of the triads sticks his finger up at Eliot and throws his cigar up in the air

remember his face we can’t get him now because there’s too many people around but when he’s by himself we will grab him
you get that on film ,we will get you

Eliot panics and shuts the balcony door then sits on his bed looking down at the camera swearing

mike turns over in the bed and mumbles

its three in the morning and I’m trying to sleep go to bed man
Eliot lies in bed with his eyes wide open staring at the footage on his camera . Eliot contemplates showing the footage to mike but comes to the realization of keeping it a secret Eliot then closes his eyes and goes to sleep
INT.Hotel Room 10:30 Eliot and mike head out to meet up with the rest of the crew
are you ok,you look tired

Eliot anxiety answers as he looks around fearfully
yeah fine

I heard your camera yesterday were you taken shots of the
nightlife or something
you could say that just getting a few shots

mind if I have a look, see what you got

NO its strictly confidential until we have the footage in the
editing room I hope you understand
mike puzzled answers Eliot back

eh ok I’m sure you have your reasons

so where are we meeting the rest of the crew
outside the motomachi shopping centre
isn’t that where that murder was
what murder ?
it was on the news before I left in the cab to come here
Really I never saw it
yeah it was some business guy they think it was some drunk accident
sounds awful
just as they finish their conversation they meet up with the rest of the crew and mike introduces Eliot to them
right Eliot here we are this is the crew that will be with us for the next few days we have Eric our sound guy, Jim our gaffer and these two are nick and amber they will be the line producer and focus puller I also double as the colour grader so lets get started.
right where are we shooting first ?
nick pulls out a small booklet and start’s naming the locations the crew will be visiting and the specific times in a demanding manner the whole situation becomes quite chaotic
right I’m thinking we start at the hokou-ji temple
as a tantalizing way to start the programme and spend two hours taken shots we need a colour filter on most of them to bring out the grandiloquence of the scene , Eric I’m counting on you to have the perfect song for the background while the narrator is speaking
Eric pulls out his iPhone and begins checking songs
how is Rentaro Taki: Kojo no Tsuki
give me a listen

Eric presses play on his iPhone and gives it to nick
perfect this is the most beautiful quintessentially
piece of music my ears have heard all day. Good job Eric
right now back to the schedule . after finishing filming here we will hastily move onto
the osanbashi pier from which we will spend an hour,
now for that shot I want people in frame and
maybe a quixotic establishing shot of the sakura
Eliot talks under his breath to mike
Eliot (said sarcastically)
bloody hell he doesn’t ask for much does he
mike giggles
if your making some petulant comment you can stop it
now I have been working in this industry for twelve
years and I’m not going to stand for some amateur
getting in the way of my plan for the day

sorry nick but don’t you find this a bit eccentric
no we are here to do a job so I find what I’m doing is
the crew stand idly by as Eliot and nick glare at each other before nick breaks the silence by continuing on with his itinerary
nick looks at his watch and then begins renaming the schedule
Nick (says sarcastically)
well there’s five minutes off the schedule well done Eliot so I will need to go through the rest in its totality ok so after the osanbashi pier we move on to the
The Yokohama Landmark Tower then after a 40 minute shot we swiftly move onto the Cosmo Clock 21 and ironically spend twenty one minutes there and then we go to the Yokohama History Museum and finally wrap up day one at the Inamuragasaki coastline done happy Eliot.
right lets get moving we have a documentary to shoot who’s our camera man
that would be me nick
Nick (speaks spitefully)
that’s great from now on let the shutter do the talking
a picture says a thousand words and your mouth has already wasted 14 of them , do I make myself clear
Eliot is fuming with prodigious rage then he takes a deep breath
and reply’s back to nick

you made yourself clear nick

good then lets move weave already wasted forty minutes over this petty scrobble
Meanwhile in an apartment across yokohama a weak Mr Kuraidesu
pulls himself out of bed whilst coughing and talking to his men
INT.Kuraidesu city apartment Day 4:30
Triad #1

we have a problem sir a tourist filmed us discussing business
with our associates
Mr kuraidesu grabs his walking stick and hobbles over to the triad
he then proceeds to question the triad before exploding into a angry burst
Mr Kuraidesu
tell me are you one of our men because if you remember what happened to Mr Yoshida I don’t allow people to make mistakes now fix this by any means necessary
because if this exacerbates your child ikeo wont have a dad now don’t keep me waiting I don’t have long left
Triad #1

of course sir there is but one problem when we spotted him in the market earlier we saw he had a crew of people with him
Mr kuraidesu turns menacingly and replies
Mr Kuraidesu
the one who cannot climb the mountain will claim the snow on top isn’t deep you hear what I’m saying there is if you don’t get him I will find someone else who will now I suggest you leave
Triad #1

yes sir
the triad leaves the room and Mr kuraidesu is left alone in his apartment he walks over to the picture window while you hear police sirens in the distance he then drinks from a see through glass before smashing his hand on the window and aggressively shouting to himself about the incompetence of his men
Mr Kuraidesu
them fuckers are going to ruin me I did not spend forty five years of my life building an empire to watch the flames engulf it before my very eyes this is a family business and I think its about time my men knew that and their families realized it !
(CAMERA) zoom into Mr kuraidesu’s eyes and transitions to a camera lens
EXT. the Inamuragasaki coastline Night 9:30
the crew are getting restless as the demanding attitude
of nick is starting to take hold.
mike is starting to think nick may just be insatiable
right, mike and Eliot get down to the waves that’s the most cathartic way to end the show with the waves overlapping and the kinetic typography over them will be the best credits we can do and sure as hell win us one award
mike and Eliot look down at the furious tide tearing away at the cliffs and then talk back to nick
are you bloody joking we will get swept out to sea and most
likely die mate !
its our department which is paying for this escapade
so the shots that I pick should be in the final product
Eliot steps in to back up mike
that’s not the point nick its not about money the fact of the matter is if we go down there we will most likely die
for the first time that day amber speaks out

why don’t we just take the shots from the cliff here , and just
edit it in post
nick throws a tantrum and storms off.

fine forget it take the shots wherever I don’t care if you need me I will be at the hotel getting the shots I want
come on nick don’t be like that

no that’s it I have had enough you have insulted me , wasted my time and now telling me how to do my job well forget it I’m done bye

amber are you ok
its every time he does this

don’t let it get to you
yeah he’s just being spoilt and trust me I’m not letting that
arse get us killed
.the scene ends

EXT. Prince Hotel back alley Night 11:00
an angry nick walks through the back alley of the prince hotel needlessly unaware that the triads are sitting down on a near by bench in black suits looking at their phones
nick talks to himself as he walks past
what are they trying to do bleed me dry first Eliot some guy I never heard of until today insults me ,does he not know who I am ,how important I am to this operation then after the talks with him he still wins by wasting my time half the shots where rushed today 10 minutes in the museum before they closed and how do we end the day oh al tell you by everyone ganging up on me saying my shots where to dangerous
its costing my department loads to run this shoot and the schedule is screwed well like I said to them screw it tomorrow that Eliot can take the reins see how he likes the stress
the triads look up and see nick ranting , one looks at his phone of the group that nick was spotted with

did you tell Mr Kuraidesu about the problem from yesterday ?
yes I met with him in his apartment earlier on, let’s just say he didn’t take the news well
you didn’t tell him about us ?
don’t be stupid I wouldn’t be sitting here if I did
how’s he looking ?
his actions are more sporadic so for him bad but for us things may be getting better I give it two
weeks at most
. at that moment nick passes them shouting to himself
better than I thought that’s the guy I was telling you about he was with that lan yeung who was
filming us
what did Mr Kuraidesu say to do ?
he told me to fix this
then let’s start
both the triads get up from the bench and hastily follow nick down the back allay the camera zooms up to shows the desolate back alleys and the bustling streets yards away .
the orchestral music builds up
and the credits roll..


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