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Chapter 10

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

Proverbs 10:14 Wise men lay up knowledge: but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.

I send the the rest of my December and Christmas days with Zahkeme. We had enough time to talk about everything and now we are enjoying our days one at a time. I just got back to my house this morning to get ready for Grace and Chase birthday party and New year's Eve high school event. Even though I was invited, I was in their year group so I had to show up.

It begins at 6 pm so I had enough time to get myself together. As soon as Zahkeme drops me off, I went to my room searching through my hair product bag in my bathroom and got out Jamaican Mango and lime Locking gel, five packs of pre crochet locked braids, and coconut oil sheen spray .

I want to suprise Zahkeme with my very own kind of dread locks and I took almost four hours to do my entire head that reaches below my butt but most of the work is caused by the thickness I wanted on my head. I took a few bathroom and then snack breaks for just to rest my arms. The next thing was choosing a dress and I went to the back of my closest for my simple off shoulder, ankle length sky blue dress with laced up silver butterfly four inch heels.

I didn't realize the time was almost done and Nas will be picking me up in half an hour so I went to my shower with a shower cap covering my hair.

Getting dressed wasn't a problem nor putting on minimal amount of make up on but my jewelry collection was everything African so I went without and got out my clutch with my cash incase of emergencies, lip gloss, small pack of wet wipes and my phone.

A message came on the screen before I could put it inside the clutch and I noticed it is from my father.

'Important Family dinner at 7pm tomorrow night. We have guests coming over and remind your brother about it.' -Daddy

The blasting of my Brother's car horn on the outside got me moving to the front door and I locked up before leaving to go to his car. It was him alone inside so I got inside the front passenger side and buckle up. "Yuh look good."

I smile at his compliment and look over at him in his black dress shirt and jeans pants. His silver and gold Chains and watch shines under the afternoon sunlight coming though front windshield glass. "Thanks bredda and you too. Grace see yuh yet?"

"Nope. She's with Che'zara from last night. The twins and Devin staying with the sparks until next week." I nod when he look at me out of the corner of his eyes before focusing back on the room as he leaves my front gate.

It was such a relief to not see my neighbors but I knew better, they must be peeking through a window watching me like I sometimes do whenever something interesting in occuring.

"I bet it's because you're going to be on the Sparks reality television show. Nathan Jordan and Nasmear Williams fighting for Grace and who ever she show more interest in." He moves his hand and slaps the back of my head when I lean forward laughing but the tenderness of my newly braided hair had me with a sudden headache. "Ow, mih nuh too long do this today."

"Good." He tells me with a laugh of his own and I smile with I see it on his lips.

"You see Diamond's quadruplets yet?" I inquire.

"Yep. Dem tiny but big and she's coming to the party like the rest." He informs. "Yuh going to see har, the babies and har baby father."

"Oh, yuh know if him bringing his daughter?" He nods and I took the rest of the journey bothering Nas as much as I can.

"Mummy call me bout a important family dinner tomorrow night. Yuh get it?" He ask.

"Daddy text me it and please don't leave mih to fed fih mih self. Something just don't feel right bout the guest them having if it's a family meeting. Wah yuh thing?"

"Dem up to something and I want no part in it or plan to let dem fuck up yuh relationship with Zahkeme again. Yuh gah tell them bout it?" He ask inquisitively with a smirk, passing the road of Crown's View Heights community where Grace mother lives and went further up the road to the Red Community. The high school wasn't far up the road pass the community Square and that was just around the corner.

"Don't remember to tell him but mih going to when mih see him tonight. Mih fada really up to something and mih can get yuh a nanny that mih grandparents go deh there."

"Yuh bredda go deh yah wid him girlfriend fih do a report fih the newspaper article." I sigh audibly and look outside thought the window on the cars already parked on both sides of the road up to the school. Music on full blast and people dressed in there best.

Almost all the community members, pass students, School staff, special guests, Sparks family members and lots of camera crews around. Nas beeped his horn all the way to the football field where most of the cars where parked because the school parking lots where full. He parked at the only empty space that seems it was for him and we unbuckle our seatbelt and got up.

My nerves were bad and I had to stop and take a few breaths before Nas could finally realise I stopped. recognize a few faces through the crowds and many part way for Nas to walk and follow right behind. The only way this man gets a scared reaction from the crowd is because of his straight face, glaring eyes and a small frown on his lips. His had an affect on people and they tend to stay away, far away from him.

We were walking in the direction of the big auditorium that was in the wide open space, now fully decorated with ribbons, balloons and huge photos in the walls going up the stairs. The huge building was packed with people and Nas was walking in the direction of our brother and his girlfriend, who were also standing with other camera and photography crews.

My hands were also sweaty but I had to keep my fingers apart so the cold winds could pass though them.

"Nas!" Grace familiar voice calls and she runs thought the already parted crowd and hug him with her hands around his neck. Kissing his jaw then look behind at me with a wide grin. "Kiz!"

"Happy early birthday Sis." She moves from my brothers and we share a hung before looking at each other. She is wearing what looks like a designer glissing silver dress that has a deep V neck showing what looks like a cross tattoo between the swell of her breasts and a glistening Diamond initialisation chocker of her name around her neck. Her hair up in a neat but curly ponytail with black and silver beads in a crowd shaped. "Your in flats don't?"

"Yes. You look hot and I run too much so I got to wear these before the big introduction. Come on." She speaks rapidly and took our hands, leading us towards the seated sparks family in the foods and nutrition classroom. As the door was about to close, my eyes connected with my brother Kemar glaring at me with nothing but hate.

I went around the loud room filled with chatter and laughing, greetings everyone I know, smile to thoughs I don't know and when I see the familiar head of Zahkeme smoking weed with his brothers at the back of the room close to the window. His brothers see me and grins at the same time then call my name, that was when he turn his head and see me.

Most of his facial hair gone, leaving it well shaved and trimmed of his beard and moustache. His almost thick dreadlocks on a bundle on his head. He stands from the chair towering over me by a one feet and few inches, undressing me with his light brown eyes then connected it with my own then grins as the buring weed taken from his mouth and between his middle and index finger. I feel like a teenage all over again, until a had touches my shoulders and I look over at the persond and frown.

"Chase and Rasta." I muttered and they had the same before we grins and move in for a hug but hands around my waist pulls me back.

Chase grin widens as he look at Zahkeme but Rasta put his hands in the air and took a step back. "Look at that. Finally." Rasta says and Chase agrees.

"Happy birthday Chase." I congratulate, giving him a side hug when I could. "Neva being any gifts but I have fruit basket deliver to yuh mother's house fih yuh and Grace."

"That's Kiz. See yuh around Cuz." He tells us and he left with Rasta. Turning back to Zahkeme he took my hand and leads me to a corner of the room next to the counter top of the back station with washing machine and cleaning products.

"Yuh luking good night and mih like yuh hair, a lot." He tells me licking his lips and presses his crouch to my stomach and I feel his bulging member and grins. We haven't done any sexual activity other than kissing so it was always a weird tension between us whenever this happens or I can't take my hands off of him whenever I think of finally in his arms after so long.

"Thanks. You luk gud too." His all brown suit matching his brothers own, like a Rastafarians military uniform with its red, yellow and green colours of his belt and the handmade chain beads on his hand and the lion Necklace around his neck. Not much of his tattoos were showing but he looks is a huge turn on. He bends his head and use the hand with the weed and wipe my lipgloss off before kissing me, hard. "Mhmm."

I removes my lips from his owns even if I don't want to and held his jaw to keep his off from kissing my neck down to my shoulder like he always do. "Kiz. Stop push mih off."

"I have something to tell you." That hot his attention and his lust filled and weed highed eyes starts blinking to bring him out of his daze.

"What happen?" He ask, pulling me closer and put the weed back to his lips but I take it and up it in my own and take a deep draw and let it out though my nose. "No more for you."

He took the weed back and put it to his lips. "One, Kemar and his girlfriend out there working for the newsletter company tonight. Two, My parents are calling for a important family dinner tomorrow night and they are having guests over. Three, They don't know we are together as yet."

He took a even deeper draw from the weed and I look as the fire in it moves so fast going closer to his lips and he quickly removes it, throws it into the wet wash basin next to the washing machine. Looking back at him he lets all the smoke though his nostrils and stares behind me. Nothing by this busy family members talking so I reaches up and hold his jaw.

"I'm not leaving you, I promise. I'm in love with you and nothing is tearing us apart again if we don't let it. You are all I need Zahkeme but I don't know how I will do it tonight."

"Yuh mean hide wih relationship from yuh brother and the crowd out there?" He ask angrily.

"I don't know. Help me Zahkeme, tell me what I do?" I begged, reaching for both his rough hands and hold them with my own, nervously.

"This is your choice Kizanne. If I belong in the shadows or next to you." He replies, kissing my lips one last time then lake his hands from mine, leaving me alone in the corner. Blink away the tears, I take a breath and picked up the wet weed from the wash basin and out it in the bin close by with plastic inside.

Washing my still sweaty hands, I dry them on a paper towel and throws it away before leaving. But the closer I got to the doorway to leave the room, Zahkeme's mother calls me over and I walked over. Standing there looking at the group of older women drinking.

"How's yuh mother dear?" Another woman ask.

"She's okay."

"Father?" Another woman asks and I recognize her as the woman my father was once in love with. My father is eight years older than my mother and at the same age group as few of these women here.

"The same as always. Okay, strict and a Pastor." The women laughed and started complementing me on my dress before Ilah, Zahkeme's mother handed me a small gift bag. "Who is this for?"

"You. My boy was considering if he should give you but wasn't sure what you will be wearing tonight. But hey, great minds think alike." She brags with a smile.

Ilah was the living definition of Africa beauty. Her dark black skin cooler than cucumber and so is her natural pale red lips. Although she has this dark complexion, all her children has their father's light brown complexion and eyes. But they all got her hair thickness and her daughters got the short height and extremely curviest body and larger breast than every women in this family but it was still small to some. Her dimples deepens in her cheek when she smiles and the side of her wrinkles with old age but this woman sure is beautiful no matter what.

"Thank you." I look inside and took out a brow box with a bow and opens it. Lifting the lid of the box, inside is a small black and white handmade beaded bracelet and Ilah helps to tie it around my right wrist. "I love it."

"Tell him yourself girl. He made it a long time ago and it was time that he gave it to you." Another one of the woman says and the others nods.

I didn't return to the back of the room but I left and went around the school talking with my old schoolmates before buying something to eat instead of taking what was there for those who can't afford it.

The party eventually started when the music came on loudly and I join the crowd when I see my friends Da'drian and Andrea. Most were in the auditorium who were closer to Grace and Chase but I keep away from there and sit at the back of the school grounds.

"Why yuh bring us here?" Andrea ask, sipping on the juice she has in a cup.

"Yuh can leave. All the chairs in there are in use so go on." Da'drian tell her, pushing her a bit and Andrea did leave after waving goodbye to us. "She a behave like a bitch from when."

"A bit." I agreed, listening to the music before it stops and the introduction was on because the counting of the seconds till new year's. Da'drian and I count together with a smile, just like last year but the only person missing is Devin.

"Happy new year."

Gun shots and fire crackers blasted though the community after 'Watch night' following by clapping and voices shouting happy birthday to Grace. Chase got his before the New year so it was his sister's turn since she was born around this time.

"Where yuh boyfriend deh?" I ask Da'drian not too long after the explosions stops and we were approach by Nas and a server who gave me and Da'drian a slice of cake, ice cream, Manish water soup and a plate of food.

They went back to wherever but we stayed in the bearly quite place. "Don't know, don't care. Maybe trying to get arrested again for the millionth time since him born."

I laughed loudly at her honest and nearly choked on the ice cream I'm eating first out of everything else. "Girl mih know yuh love him..."

"Love? That is no love Kiz. It's just a job mih doing and not getting any payment. Him still cheating on me every chance him get and where him get caught by the police it's me him calling to bail him out. If it's not his mother then it's me but it's the new years, the last time I'm allowing him to walk over me."

Laughing again because she says this all the time. "We'll see."

"You'll do more than see. You'll hear and know." She tells me, stabbing the fork into the cake and put the last slice in her mouth. "Why yuh and yuh man not under each other?"

I explains my situation to her but stops when I notice some figures approaching. White men, two familiar men than went to school with us and they are Nathan's friends along with two others, all dressed in expensive suit and such. Mason and Tyler, so I point in there direction and put my index finger on my lip when she looks back at me. They were in a deep conversation and I was listening.

"Of course she would chose that black piece of shit over Nathan. I knew there was a reason why I hate her. He caused this on his fucking self when he didn't stay here and fight for her. Look how big she is now. A fucking famous celebrity and her brother a famous Footballer. His wife was nothing a damn gold-digger and he chose her then." Mason spits with hate and I felt it from here as he was talking about my brother and his girlfriend Grace.

"Shut up Mase. You were right behind him fucking with his head and relationship like the devil. Grace can be with whoever she wants and why don't you face Nas and tell him to his face about what you think of him. I would keep my mouth shut if I were... Someone's out here." Tyler whispers.

Da'drian and I continue eating before they even recognize us and I slide the screen of my phone, reading a new wattpad story i started yesterday. The footsteps moves closer and the men sits next to us on the bench and that was when I stiffens. When the person's arm brushes against the gun shot scar that wasn't covered by the short sleeves of the dress.

"Goodnight ladies." Tyler's greets and I moves away from the person next to me and gave Tyler a friendly smile along with the other men who greets us.

"You ladies attended this school?" Mason asks from next to me.

"Yes, we have and we know both of you, meaning you mason and Tyler." Da'drian speaks.

"What class?" He ask again but neither she nor I answered. "Nice tattoos."

"Thank you." Even if it didn't sound sincere but I take it and continue my meal.

"You look familiar." The guy next to Tyler point to me. "You've been in the newsletters for weeks."

"What is your name pretty lady?" Mason flirts and I nearly puck.

"Kizanne Reynolds, Jamaica millionare, a mother and sister to Nas the Jamaican gang leader. Friend of Grace and this right here is my partner in crime, Da'drian Walker. We are the girls you bulled for wannabe friends to Grace and her closer friends, I'm sure you remember Mason.

We look different because we have matured but I realise that you obviously haven't. As Tyler says, go face my brother and tell him what you have to and why would you flirt with a black woman when you obviously don't like us as you said few years ago and you didn't change by the way you were calling my brother a black piece of shit. Well your lucky that black piece of shit is not here to hear you because the last time I see you staring at him is when you nearly peed yourself eleventh grade. You need to grow up like Tyler, be a man and stop living on Nathan's shoulder like the devil. Excuse from beside me, I don't want your sun dried white puddle of shit to be next to me. This dress may look simple but it sure ain't cheap mister."

He got up so quick that his friends were laughing and he left them by walking away. "Oh and why don't you disrespect your best friend's baby mother in his presence! I'm sure he would love to here you."

We laughed at Da'drian last words and look over at Tyler and his friends. "Thanks for that." I tell him.

"He does that everyday." One says.

"Kizanne, come here for a minute." Looking behind me at my brother Kaden calling, I sigh and cover my food and signal for my friend to watch it for me before walking over.


"Calm your brother before he do something to embarrass himself." That was all before he walks away and I rush over the bench.

"Come on." I noticed she was flirting with one of the guys and I smile. "Don't worry. I'll be with Nas for a while. Text we ever two minutes."

She nods and Tyler looks at me as if I was weird but I just smile. "Nice seeing you again Ty. Nathan deserves a good friend like you, always."

"Thanks Kiz." I nod and pick up my clutch putting my phone instead and then my unfinished meals, bringing them with me.

As soon as I see Nas, he was being held back by Grace's cousins while Mason was behind Nathan whispering in his ears and everyone around was watching. Grace was glaring at the group who came to our school and pretends to be her friend but was quick to chose a side and blame her for what they know nothing of.

"Who I fuck with is not any one's business. I don't want Nathan... Yes I said it, I don't want you." Grace shouts, looking from his friends then to Nathan.

"You didn't say that when we where in L.A." he shouts back angry by how red his face was.

"Was it before or after I held the gun to your head because you seems to forgot I want nothing to do with you. If it's not about the kids then mind your own business."

"Of course it's about the kids. I don't want your man around my kids." He tells her and mason grins.

"My man was there when I was going through hell because I was too busy crying over you than trying to take care of your unborn children. He was there to pay every medical bills for Ethania emergencies. He was there to feed me when I wasn't working to provide for myself. He was there to help me be the woman I am today. This man was with me when I was pushing him away to be with you when you are using me but you thought I was shallow to abort the triples and before I could say anything you were off kissing another woman then had the nerve to blame Nas for being around your kids. He teaches them them everything when I was busy trying to get my life back on track but as soon as I got Diamond's help to find you because of her contacts, I want you to have them for four years like I did so I can go to college and starts working on my future but before the one years could ends one of my babies die under your watch. I rather kill myself than to let you have them again, that is a promise. I will bring you to court of I have to Nathan."

As I push though the crowd all the attention went to me and I walk over to my brothers and pulled him down so I can whisper in his ears. Telling him mason called him a 'black piece of shit.'

When I turned around and look in his direction he was suprised then his expression changes to a angry one. "You bitch."

"Bitch like yuh mada yuh likkle piece a white shit!" Nas gave it to him and backed down and left a bit after Nathan gives Grace one last look before leaving.

Hands touches me on my shoulders and I look behind me at Zahkeme who still looked angry. "Where were you kiz?"

"Around back?"

"With who?" He ask.

"What do we have here a secret romance? I'm sure our parents will love this." I look over at Kemar standing there with his phone in hand before Lee pulled him away. "You better tell them before I do!"

"I hate that guy." Grace whisper, putting her arms around my brother and he bends kissing her forehead but I was left alone wit Zahkeme who had his arms folded, maybe wonder what choice will I make tomorrow night.

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