Night nurse

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Chapter 11

Proverbs 9:17 Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.

Proverbs 9:18 But he knoweth not that the dead are there; and that her guests are in the depths of hell.

Proverbs 9:13 A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.

Proverbs 11:9 An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered.

Proverbs 11:13 A talebearer revealeth secrets: but he that is of a faithful spirit concealeth the matter.

I was here at my parents house where the dinner is being held. I had Nas picked me up because I didn't want to waste gas by doing so much travelling. As important as the text say Nas was dressed like he was yesterday and I was in a shorter dress that reaches my knees. A white elbow long body tight dress with my African styled jewelries on my ears, wrist and around my neck. I even ditched my heels collection and where a flat white slipper.

Nas had less jewelries but more of his tattoos on display and as soon as we exit the vehicle he tells me his friends where there. The twin brothers who obviously share the same women.

Knocking on the door was Nas way of letting them know we are here and even though I had a key, I made a lie and say I didn't have it. The door opens and our mother is there with a wide smile on her face. "You're both here. My babies."

She kisses my cheek then over to her favourite son hugging the life out of him and I laugh walking inside before him. "Mih ave dih Nanny fih yuh."

Just as Nas says it, my grandparents walked into the living area and look at me then at my brother behind me. "Children."

"Goodnight." I told them but I can only guess that Nas nods his head.

"I'll be in the kitchen monitoring the servers and chef, make yourselves at home." And mummy was gone. Dresses like she was proper and behaving like she is. Her father should just see her now but she was ungrateful, haven't spoken to him for years and all he has is Nas and I.

To make ourselves at home, Nas and I went to the corner Recliner couch and sit there with our phones out doing something to past the time because the guest haven't arrived as yet.

I peeked above my phone a few times when my eyes connected with my grandparents who were watching Nas and I like hawks. Now it is Natasha who opens the door and her new boyfriend Dominique Williams came in with gift bags in his hand and she hugs him before closing the front door.

"Oh. Kiz, Nas , I didn't see you there. This is my little sister Kizanne Reynolds and my brother Nas Williams."Natasha says and i noticed she didn't say Nasmear because not many can remember his entire name to how unimportant they treata him. "This is my boyfriend Dominique Williams."

"Nice to meet you." He says, holding his hand for us to shake and I happily did it because I was happy for them both to have each other and happy. Nas shook his hand with a smile of his own but as soon as they went away for him to speak with my grandparents, Nas face went back to how it was before and his focus on his phone, maybe texting Grace.

The door was opened again but this time by our brother Kemar and Lee walking in. While they both noticed us, only Lee greats us before he pulls her with him up the hall after greeting his sister's boyfriend.

This must be a game because we heard more knocking at the door and no one went to open it so I got up. When I did, I came face to face with my neighbors, all of them including a familiar face. "Goodnight ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Reynolds household, please come inside."

"It's nice seeing you again dear." Mrs Ross or Debbie say and I look at her alarmed and she bit her lips and the other family members notice. "You look beautiful darling."

"Thank you." They followed me inside and stood there when I closed the door. My grandparents were quick to approach them and brought them aways giving me enough time to finish my Wattpad library saved story as I was on the last two chapters.

My parents called us to the back porch facing the pool in the backyard where we got seated. I was between Nas and Natasha. My grandfather and the one of the twins father at the other end of the table. To their right is there wives and children or family member so it was half halves. The two female servers that was hired begin putting meal after meal on the table then the beverages. My eyes were focused on the table and nothing more because I could see the night ending back already and it wasn't because of Nasmear's good vibes he was letting off but the eyes where pierced in my head by almost everyone at the table.

After the prayer my father prayed, we started choosing what we wanted on our plates and my choice made Nas shake in his chair but he wasn't hiding it at all when his small laugher was heard. On my place was rice and red peas, sweet corn, cold slaw, lettuce, cucumbers and steamed fish with a whole lot of okras and carrots.

Nas filled his with rice and chicken but I'm sure if he had pork he would be eating it just to piss my father off but I was doing it tonight. "Kiz, you always love chicken, why not put it in your plate instead."

"I like this option Daddy, thanks." He nods when I look over at him but he didn't like the way my tone came out with a bit of sarcasm.

I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Lee was warning her boyfriend not to do something but he had that wickedness in his eyes as he looks at me and smile. "You didn't bring a date sis, why?"

I look back down at my plate when our father cleared his throat. "You're sister is not dating Kemar."

Just continue eating as another conversation pops up.

"Krystal just gets back from Paris last week after her fashion show but she is seeking a new model after the other one got fired." Debbie tells my grandmother who stared the job talk.

"Maybe my little Natasha or Lee can try it out." Grandfather with his jumpy self says and I just continue eating.

"I would but my new clothing line is for curvy women how about Kizanne." My head raised at my name being called and I look at the girl who resembles her mother, Debbie but has some resemblance to her brothers.

"Uh?" I ask.

"My daughter was wondering if you could accept her offer in modeling for her new line of clothing for a magazines or fashion show." The husbands who shared the one wife asked.

"I would have to think about it." I tell them.

"What is there to think about? Accept the offer you need the job." Kemar adds and Nas moves uncomfortably in his seat.

"I do have a job and I also have a child here that I needs to provide for." I tell him then drink from the glass of water because I surly didn't want their the red wine.

"You also need a get a father figure in that child's life before he gets older. A boy should never grow up without discipline." I gasp out loud and look over at my mother. She finally said what she was keeping inside all along a laugher came from Kemar and daddy. My father who I thought would stick up for me and he was even trying to hide the laughed behind his fist that held the fork.

"He gets enough discipline but he is just three years old..."

"He just got out of his terrible two, he needs discipline before he gets worst. I don't want him to end up like your brother. He brings you down with him but not my first grandchild. I won't all it." Gasping again, staring at my father with widen eyes. His declaration only affected me because Nas was still piling more food on his plate and eating his fill.

Shaking my head, I look back on my plate and continue to eat with my head down. It is better if I shut my mouth. Nothing is worst than being cursed for disrespecting your parents so I did what I do best, ignore them.

Not too long after the dinner was finished but the amazing taste that I enjoyed at the start wasn't to my enjoyment. Dessert was served and I was my favourite, a nice enough slice red velvet cake with vanilla frosting separated from it. Just how I like it.

I move to dig in the frosting first when the sound of clicking glass from the head of the table and there stood my Grandfather holding a wine glass of whatever he asked to be inside. I asked for non-alcoholic champagne just like most persons have.

"I want to thank the O'Brian family for joining us for this very important family dinner and let us all witness a very special event tonight. We all hope and pray for something positive. Let's make a toast to the family, businesses and the future." Glasses were raised and I raised my own to my lips and drink it entirely then put the glass down.

My focus went to the frosting that is separated from the cake and I put the small dessert spoon under it and scoop, raising it to my lips and I realise all the eyes were on me minus my brother who was on his phone. I look down at the frosted covered spoon and then across the table at the bearded twins staring into my eyes. Raising my brow at them, I put the soon in my mouth and instead of enjoying the soft texture on my tongue, something else was in my mouth, something hard and round. I took the napkin from my lap and spit it out.

In my napkin is a shiny stainless metal with a heart shaped clear diamond, glistening underneath the lights with little butter cream frosting around it.

"Wat dih fuck!" Nas cursed, standing from his chair and I drop the napkin on the table.

"Wah dat fah?" I asked angrily, staring over at my father then grandfather. Mummy was freaking out, grandma wore a frown on her face, Natasha was frozen with her fork in the air, Kemar looked just as angry as Nas which suprised me a lot.

"That is your engagement ring. You will be marring Preston O'Brian in two months. You will also..."

"Not in my cabinet! Grandfather." I hissed, standing up from my seat and pick up my purse on the side of the chair.

"What are you doing grandpa?" Kemar ask.

"Whether or not you agree to it, it will still be..."

"That's it? I'm just a doll that you got to play with, move me around like some random cess piece in your game. Divorce grandma and let her marry him instead.

I'm tired of allowing all of you to walk over me, I admit that I my life didn't go so much as planned like Kemar and Natasha's. So since I'm so much like Nas then I'm proud that I'm not stuck up like you all.

So since I'm not perfect enough to be daddy's little girl or mummy's little princess. My own siblings can't stand to be in the same room that I'm in for long. My fucking grandparents are too focused on themselves and that fucked up company that nothing else matters but fame and fortune.

I can't believe you are all in on this. Do me a favour and drop dead cause I'm done with this family!

I'm not marring him or anyone else but Zahkeme. The one man who loves me from the start that all of you had to fuck up. You started it. You all had your cursed hands in my life. You pushed him away from me even when you know I was more than in love with him. I was crazy and obsessed with Zah and I still am, after all these years.

Kemar went and got his own happiness and so did Natasha. What can't I? This is my fucking life and if it means disowning all you pussies then I will.

Daddy I know you like Zahkeme's auntie and she turned you down. Because of your own selfish ego you fail to stick around and realized she nearly got raped that's why she was so afraid to accept you. You are worst than Grandfather for allowing him to push me into an arranged marriage.

Grandma why don't you stick you fucking nose in your own business when you fail to realise that your man is fucking the janitor right under your nose. Mommy, your trying to live this amazing life of a Pastor's wife but you better remember you have the tears of your father on your shoulders. But don't worry, Karma will be on your asses.

I'll see you on judgement day if you make it. Another thing about Zahkeme, I'm already fucking him so expect another grandchild soon!"

Stomping off the back porch, I went through the gardens and took a familiar short cut to the next town over, as quickly as I could.

Instead of walking to the nearest bus station, I went to my friends house. Shivering from cold and wet from the night drew. I was greeted by a groups of familiar faces sitting by the crossroads playing round a ludo board outside a small corner shop. Well known men like Mongoose, Miss Gee, Monkey man, Big head, Grandy gut, Head mundo, Dagger man, Chubby, Mud fish, Soup man and few others. Everyone has there names here and they don't have a problem with the name they were given because it all started with one memorable moment experience. If you got caught doing something funny or not, a name got pasted on that person.

I was glad that telling my family my mind was a huge relief because I left so light a free without any regrets whatsoever. I was also glad to be seeing these people again.

"Kiz!"Miss Gee called out as she spotted me first then all the heads turn in my direction and they too called to me.

Around the small board stood more than ten men, from age sixteen up to thirty. I greet them with a fist bump, manly hug and a thumb against thumb movement. I remember each person by their names and they gave me a stood to sit on since I just got there and I'm a female. They haven't seen me in a while and worst, I wasn't driving so I had to stop here for a while.

"Yuh want to play a game K?" I nod my head at Monkey man's request and move my stool to the corner I want.

Monkey man got the name because of how he looks a bit like the animal, meaning his big ears, lips and nose, he even use to be a big thief around here who retired after building his house out of all than money.

"A Nanny ($500 JMD) fih each person. Winner gets a thousand, second place- a Nanny, third place- three hundred and last- two hundred." I nod again at the price level and took out my money from my purse, handing it to Miss Gee who will give the winner the right amount after the game is over.

But it is mainly given to her incase a good of police or soldier would come around making the group scattered if me get a call about their movements in the community. We didn't want to leave the money on the table when we are running for our lives or leave it in the hands of the greedy or red eye officers who take it without asking.

The hand made ludo board has four corners but the four names in a box each is painted- Vendetta, Gaza, Gully and Six. Famous gangs or music groups in Jamaica and I choose Vendetta, my brother's own.

It got the two dices one bigger than the other and my first score is two sixes which lands in the middle of the board. Out of the four Magnum tonic wine bottle stopper, I put two outside the box on top of the other then throw the dices again. Ending on a six and five, I put another at the gate and move off one in five places and stops, giving the dice to another person.

"Lucky move." I bearly smiled because that was just beginners luck.

"Yuh nuh look too happy Kiz. What happened?" Miss Gee questioned, but my eyes were focused on the game because I know how sly these men are.

"Likkle family problems as always." I tell her.

"Yuh grandparents giving yuh problems again." Mongoose inquiries.

Now he got the name of being the thief who steals chicken and eggs. He is always hungry and who do anything for a meal, that includes climbing a tree after six o'clock when the chickens are in there rouse. It could either be yard fouls or the community members white feathered chickens that any used for cooking or laying smaller white coloured eggs.

"Always. This time it worst because all the others inna it with them fih mash up mih life." It was my turn again and I throw the dice, receiving two sixes and I move the two items five places up and throw the dices again. I got another two sixes and move my single bottle stopper in twelve places up from the five then trow again. It went on two ones and I make the move, laughing a bit when they say it might be my lucky night tonight after all.

The game continue playing till it was nearing the time to see the winner. We were so focused on the game that we didn't see the three soldier vans that pulled up at the road side. In our frightened state, a few men fell, I nearly fell off the seat when we noticed them. Standing around in a semi circular shape with their guns pointed to us and two men walked over.

"Get up and spread out suh wih can see uno." I got up with the rest and stand in a line facing them, with my purse on my shoulders because I didn't trust them at all.

These men can do good but most got in the defence force to do bad. It wasn't safe to trust man because sometimes we can't even trust ourselves.

"Weh dih gun and drugs dem deh? Step forward if uno ave." Another shouts.

No one steps forward and I squirt my eyes to look at there faces thought the nearly illuminated light from the bulb. My eyes stopped at the one who seems to be incharge of the group and he was already staring at me.

"Wah yaa duh yah gyal?" He asked and his friends laughed, looking at me from head to toe. "Yuh come luk fih yuh man."

I didn't answer him but stare into his eyes with a straight face. While his colleagues search my friends like they were big criminals. Gripping them by their clothes, using force when there is no need for it and I see it all out of the corner of my eyes.

"Yuh nah ansa mih?" The same soldiers ask me again.

"Mih nuh name gyal, check yuh family fih har and that is not your business." I answered truthfully.

He laughs and so did his crew. "Yuh have big chat. Wah yuh name, wah yuh come from and wah yaa do ya?"

"When yuh have some manners mih answer yuh." I tell him getting one of his fellow angry. He point the gun at me and I raised my brow.

"Yaa bad gyal?" I ignore him but stare into his eyes.

"Yaa bad man? Careful who yah point that pan. Wouldn't want yuh loose yuh job."

All their eyes when to mine and they looked at me like I'm a joke. The one in charge moves closer and stands close to me, looking down at me with his six feet few inches height. He is good looking but looks can be deceiving.

"Who yuh?" He ask me with a frown.

"Kizanne Reynolds. Does Devvon Blackburn, Micheal Forbs or Derrick East ring a bell?" He nods and I smirk. "Nice, was fucking the first, Related to second and married to his nephew. Want me to make a call?"

I look at his name on the shirt and smile. "Clifford."

"Sure." He replied mugging me but I reach for my purse, put it where he can see it while it opens and I take the phone from my purse.

I turn it on and went into my contacts, dialing the Governor general's personal phone number. He answered on the second ring as I out it in speaker phone. "Kizanne Reynolds, how are you dear."

I watch his and his crews expression changes by the familiar voice then smile. "I'm fine God father. Only here with a few of your men who decided to spoil my game night when I'm almost winning a ludo game."

"Names?" He asked immediately getting into business mode.

"Not necessarily, I think they got the message but I was called gyal but two of them and I have a question to ask. Shouldn't the soldiers have manners to people they don't know?"

"Absolutely. Do you have the call on speaker phone?" He ask me.


"Thank you dear." He says sweetly before his tone changes. "I will know who you men are and deal with you myself. I request your presence by the camp in more than three hours. Goodnight gentlemen."

They immediately left leaving just with and without taking the few paper money they dropped on the floor, a few bags of weed, phones and boxes of cigarettes they were planning to take from us. "Thanks God Father."

"You're welcome Kiz and when am I seeing you and my baby again?" He ask.

"Soon." He hummed not believing me and tell me he was going to bed so we exchange goodbyes before ending the call.

Everyone thank me and went back to taking their things but what we were all running from has happened. Moneys got mixed up and a few persons didn't want their rightful amount and lying.

"Mek wih finish the game first." I shout at them and move over to the untouched board and took my seat the other three players joined me while the others talked about the event that took place here.

"A sub dem wah live. Tek people things and gone with it without a single questions."

"A mih new iPhone dat eno."

"A mih light bill money day dem nearly tek."

"All dat ketch pah camera. Mih shop might poor and bruk ding but mih safety comes first." Miss Gee laughs.

"Mih win!" Mud fish shouts, receiving his thousand dollar winnings and I got my Nanny for second place. It was glad to get my right amount of money back.

I ended up at mud fish house and he let me sleep on his bed and he takes the floor. I made sure to get up the early next morning and make him some breakfast before leaving his one room, one bathroom house.
It was small be it was just only for him alone because he was just twenty two and haven't started a family yet.

The taxi journey got me to Zahkeme's house and I reached there before the light from the sun even peeks over the hillside. I didn't bother knocking either but wait on his from porch on in a chair.

I didn't know how or when I fell asleep without realising but I was awoken by a woman standing over me with a frown.

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