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Chapter 2

Proverbs 1:8- My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother:

My family never see me during the week but on weekends when I go work a day with them at the family News paper company. It was that only day other than Sunday afternoon when I would leave Devin with my mother when they wants him and that always do but I have to argues to get him back on the weekends.

I was incharge of the food advertisement section of the paper and sometimes work at the front desk. I was six twenty when I went to Devin's room to wake him but he already was. Watching a cartoon while brushing his teeth. Leaving against the doorway, I knock on the door and got his attention as he smiles with toothpaste running down his chin. "Morning bubba, Bathe already?"

He nods and I smile noticing how the shirt didn't bottom up properly. He went back to the bathroom, turning on the water at the sink by standing on a bench, washing the foam from his mouth. My phone rings instantly and I remove it from my front pockets of my African styled outfit and I will be putting Devin in his own that matches mine with an head wrap too. Instead of a family member calling, it is my best friend Andrea Grand. "Hey girlie."

"Where are you?" She inquires.

"At home, where else?" I ask with confusion.

"You're coming to works right?" She quizzed and I remove the phone from my ears looking at it then put it back.

"Yes A, what happen?" I asks again.

"Nothing, just pack a nice dress and heels for tonight. I ask your brother to watch Devin for you." As I open my mouth to complain she hung up, making me angry. Calling her back, it didn't go through and I calmed down for the sake of Devin who re-enters the room. I went to his closest and took out his outfit like mine with his brown slippers and my brown wedge heel shoes like his.

"Yuh want to stay with Uncle Kemar tonight?" He nods happily and I sigh, lifting him off the ground and on the end of his unmade bed while I get his dressed and oiled his little growing afro. "Set property, I'm going to put yuh earring in."

I pierced his right ear few months after his birth the same time I got my own two and a nose piercing. I put his diamond earring in and spray a little cologne on his clothes then help him up. "Choose a toy to bring and meet me downstairs."

I took the remaining time to pay an extra bag with a dress, heels, make-up bag, toiletries and extra cash before closing every window and door of the house. Unplug every cord than the refrigerator before taking my bags to the car where Devin was waiting with just a colouring book and crayon bag. I have four bags in my hands and they sure was heavy as I close the house and open the car door.

On our way to work, I gave Devin his breakfast which was an egg and cheese sandwich in one dish, sliced fruits in another and a warm bottle of milk. I had his lunch packed also along with plenty snacks and juices that I brought and made. Entering the large white building where I works, I clocked in then went to my grandfather's office. He is the CEO of the business and the last time I saw him was last week Saturday and every Saturday for that matter. Knocking at his door, I called his name to let him recognize my voice and he tell me to enter while I bring Devin inside.

"Hey bubba." He greets as soon as he notices Devin who run to his great grandfather.

"Papa." He greets hugging the old man and I closed the office door then take a seat in front of his desk. They started having their own conversation while I look around at the office that got a bit cleaned up from the last time. Now it has all files, folders and documents in their storage, his desk top clean from coffee cups and the room smells less of a bakery.

"Which big business man is visiting today?" I ask, because that was the only time the room is clean like this. He look up at me with his bearly wrinkled face and smile.

"An O'Brian, the Mayor's son and he owns the largest car dealership and rental company island wide. Now he is starting a Gym business that his parents once owns and I need you to take a photo of the both of us. Go out to the house party this afternoon with your friends Andrea and Da'drian, the company driver will drop you all off and pick you up afterwards when you call. Your grandmother and I will be keeping our little bubba until further notice."

"Grandpa?" His expression when from a family man to an business man in less than an second and I sigh audibly. "Nothing. What should I do at the event?"

"Enjoy yourselves and stop hiding. I also want you here the entire day of next week because I'm tried of seeing you for just one day. You need to be here for the family business and start informing us of your plans. We need to know your whereabouts incase of emergencies." I nod afraid to argue with the stubborn, determined man who always wins and argument. "Bring bubba to your grandmother and get to work, I'm not paying you to be in here talking with me."

Swallowing my saliva instead of opening my mouth to tell him my mind, I nod my head and took Devin's hand after their last hug and exit the office going further down where my grandma is teaching few interns. She gave me a smile as Devin walked over but before she could say anything to me, I put the his snack bag on a chair where she couldn't see and quickly leave the room where the printing process begins.

Walking towards the front of the building, I went to my station where Andrea already sat talking to a man while typing on her computer. Taking my seat I sigh out loud and sanitise my area when another person came to my desk on the other side of the glass. "How can I help you sir?"

The handsome black man in shades ask. "I have a meeting at seven forty Am with Natasha Reynolds."

"Can I see some form of identification please?" He pulled out his identification card and I look at it then up at him then passes him an Visitor card to enter a room with a number that I write next to his name. "Put your signature on the line below next to Natasha Reynolds own."

He signs and I send him over to the room down the hall. I know him as the guy my big sister is dating but never have I noticed that he was that good looking up close. She surely won the lottery with that one. Calling her office, she picks up instantly. "Dominique Williams is on his way to your office. Sorry for calling you so late."

"It's fine sis. Can I talk to yo..."

"I have to go. Later." I hung up on her and got back to work when the next person came to my desk. Natasha and Kemar are friend with Shawn who I also wants nothing to do with. I was in a world of my own that I used to keep my family out of my business. They only knew of the death of Devin's father but not how I have witness everything and spend the night at the hospital with blood on my body and clothes. My family was too busy making a life for themselves and when they found out I was pregnant, everyone on my back like I comments some kind of crime. I got missing for a while which they didn't really care about, as I work to take care of another person's mother who gave me a future.

They know nothing but want to use the both of my child to get closer to me again. They know nothing of my business, money or location and size to my house. I kept everything quickly but only my friends know because they were good at keeping secrets and I knew them more than my own folks. The only one I'm close to is my father, a Pastor who I see everyone Sunday when I attended church and text whenever we both have time.

The next hours were spent talking to strangers, bringing used files to the storage room, ignoring Andrea and went to have lunch with Devin who brushed his teeth and fell asleep right after. "He has some tests next week to know what class to place him for the next term. His bed time is before 9 o'clock so he can walk up early the next morning. During the day time, he must take a nap at any time before 2 o'clock so he wont ruin his bed time. He can get sweets but only three gummy worms or bears at most."

"Okay. Anything else?" Grandma asked in a bored tone.

"Kizanne, leave your grandmother alone with Devin. Go get yourself ready for the event, like the others." I nod my head and kiss Devin's forehead one last time then turn to leave when Grandfather stops me. "Be on your best behaviour, you will be watched and I need a report of what happend tonight to be on my desk early Monday morning at Seven thirty one."

We arrived at the party where my brother and his white girl friend is at the entrance doing their job of being a journalist and Photographer. I greet them as I passed going up the hill where the huge mansion is with my two best friends at my sides.

It was the most beautiful place I've ever seen and the smell of the salty sea breeze traveling up my nostrils and sending goosebumps on my body. It was a good thing that I always bring a jacket and it was enough to keep me warm. The tall three level architectural designed home with amazing lighting and decor was a sight to see. The who place screamed rich, famous and uptight and this was never my seen after what happened years ago.

My outfit for the night is a floor length bright shimmering yellow dress that Andrea say lightens my complexion. Simple makeup on my face that went well with my neatly thick jelled hair in a side bun with a matching yellow headband with a yellow flowers to the next side of my head. The thin spaghetti strap shows and my back and front cleavage that shows the swell of my breast complements my dress that hugs each curve if my body. My black heels bearly hidden under the dress that matches my clutch and black ruby necklace and earrings. The ring that was always on my middle finger was there and glistening underneath the lights.

My friends wore shorter dresses by their knees but I like cover my body a bit since I'm five feet four inches short and I was like an imp to everyone I know as to why I'm always in heels whenever I'm outside of my house.

I made sure this was the right dress for tonight, it shows the bullet scar with my declaration of love for Devon and the man of my son on my other shoulder. The other tattoo on my shoulders of a cross with the names of two books of the bible, Proverbs and Revelation while my back as the biggest, an image of myself letting go of a flying dove with tears running down my face.

I could feel the stares on my back and body as I walk but I was bold enough to let everyone including my friends see it for the first time. I could see the confusion in my brother's eyes when his girlfriend Lee, took my friends' and I photo. He didn't get to ask me anything because I was first to walk aways up the well tiled steps of the walk way with solar lights on the by the well trimmed rose bushes.

The voices of Andrea and Da'drian behind me calling but I continue to walk. Then we got stopped by a security with a device in his hand. "Name?" He ask.

"Kizanne Reynolds, Andrea Grand and Da'drian Walker." He nods and a woman gave us our three identican cards then let us inside passing where other guest stood talking, recieving flutes of champagne and walking inside where the soft piano music came to my ears. I took a flute in my hand a before I could walk inside. The first thing that caught my attention was someone looking down at me from the second level of the home. Familiar eyes of the man next to another as they both watch me staring back.

"Wat yuh look at suh long?" Da'drian ask.

"Nothing." Throwing the entire drink in my mouth and swallow in one go. I put the flute back on the tray that the staff was issuing out, and too another. Making one last eye contact with the men above me before walking inside. I wasn't in the mood or was excited to be here because of the amount of White people in this place. It was thing of the past, they don't trust us and we don't trust them if we don't know them. I don't like judging but it is best to stick to what I know, like I always do.

"Wow." Andrea whispers, bringing me out of my thoughts and I look to see a whole lot of persons dressed fancy in the huge auditorium like room but a ball room with the huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling. My eye went to the arts on the wall and I was quick to start touring. "Hey, it's about to begin."

Looking around us, I finally noticed that the room is quite of music and sounds but the rushing of the sea against the shores of the beach close by. The next sounds of shoes coming down the steps followed by men dressed in there expensive suits but no ties, just expensive Chains around their necks, flashy jewelries and watches. I recognize the Mayor who was the eldest two men behind who are definitely twins. The same men I saw yesterday with the twins. They didn't look identical then but they do now but I realise that I was starting instead of listening to the speech of the Mayor and only caught the last words. "Let's make a toast to my sons who proves how much of a great business man they are are. Please help me wish them a happy birthday and enjoy the party."

I raised my flute of champagne with the others guest then drink when the music starts playing again but instead of a piano it was some nice reggae music that got the crowd and myself hyped.

Moving to the beat of the music as I whisper the words of the song, I turn away from everyone else and continue looking at the art on the walls going further to the end of the crowd where my eyes found the glistening water underneath the moonlight above. The clear night skies scattered with stars looks beautiful as it reflexes on the large pool behind the mansion's closed glass doors. If the front wasn't beautiful enough then the back was breathtaking.

It looks like it came out of one of those American celebrity homes and a hotel in one. There was a flowers garden and basketball court out there a good distance away from the pool but what caught my attention more was waterslides behind a bar next to the pool. It reminds me of the waterpark Devon bring me to for his birthday before I flour him then egged his head.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Two voices ask at once and I turn to see the Twins. Not my ex friends but the ones who were staring down at me from the second level of the house.

"No, it's breathtaking." I reply, meeting their eyes up their six feet few inches figure staring right down on me. "Happy birthday."

"Thank you." They answered at the same time, frighten me again for the second time. It's not everyday that I am face to face with extremely tall men with long beards and hair. They both reminds me of men that lives in the mountains who chop the biggest of trees down, like I've seen in the movies. I've seen strong muscular black men but these two are a bit on that level. Their long black curly hair curtains their faces a bit while the mustaches and beard hides their bottom half of their mouth and necks.

I surly didn't like the extremely flashy jewelries they wear, even though they were extremely handsome men. They are white and I'm never interested. With all the money they have and they can't trim a bit or make someone do it.

Although my grandfather told me to be on my best behaviour, I was going to be the best that I can be, even it it means using them if I could.

"Excuse me, I should probably get back with my friends." I adds, clearing my throat as I look behind them at the crowd of people holding plates and I got hungry, instantly.

"Do you mind if we join you? Meeting your friends of course." Preston asks.

"Okay, sure." I mumbled.

"Lead the way beautiful." The other brother say, stepping away from each other to give me space for me to walk between them. I scan the crowd for my two friends and found them after three long minutes, standing around a table eating the issued fruits and enjoying the entertaining reggae music that an artist was performing on the make shift stage.

"Girl, weh yuh did deh?" Da'drian inquiries, fanning her face after the son ends.

"Around looking at the view and art on the walls." Andrea's nod stops Alf way as she stares behind me.

I was hoping that I've lost them so I can leave early but it was until I see a friend of my grandfather watching me from the crowd and I started to believe that my grandfather really had people watching me. "I'm Andrea, Happy birthday and congratulations on both your successful businesses."

"And I'm Da'drian, Happy birthday and congratulations too. I love the party and your house is amazing." My other friend praised with beaming smiles on both their faces.

"Thank you, ladies." The brothers say and I made a fake smile to my friends.

"I'll be back, I need some fruits too." I walked off without waiting for a reply from anyone, going towards the table filled with multiple food choices. I took a plate and put some grapes, apple and pineapple slices, a small disposable plastic container with melted chocolate, and reached for one of the tins with whipped cream when a ring and tattoos decorated hand took it from my reach. Following the hand up to the person my eyes went back to Presion or Preston.

"I'll bring it to the table for you. Your friend Andrea says she needs it." I don't believe it but pretend that I do as we went through the crowd and back at the table where two dark skinned unfamiliar faces stood next to my friends and the other twin brother.

"Oh dear. Your dress is amazing." The unfamiliar woman gasp, admiring my dress like it was her love at first sight.

"Thank you Madam."

"Call me Lettie, dear. I love your tattoos, they are rather fascinating. Oh, this is my husband Joshua." The eldest woman in glasses spoke. Dresses in a simple black dress but everything else screaming expenses.

"My name is Kizanne, nice to meet you both."

"Kizanne Reynolds?" Joshua the woman's husband asks looking suprised, when I nod my head he begins to smile. "Your grandparents told us of your arrival, wouldn't stop bragging about you."

This has me confused but I try not to show it. "Bragging about what,big you don't mind me asking."

"It's nothing to hide. I've known Paul Reynolds for years, friends since secondary school. He often brags about his grandchildren and I haven seen you in years although I thought you would be a bit taller since the last time I've seen you." I didn't bother saying anything but smile even though it wasn't genuine.

My grandfather never brings me around his friends but rather have me away from them but bring his best grandchildren around. Natasha and Kemar. But since I gave him his fist great grandfather son, he starts treating me like family but still has that wickedness in his blood like I do.

It's was obvious that he lied to him, but why did he send me here if it wasn't a set up to know where I live. That might be the reason why he wants me to pickup Devin tonight and bring him to back to my home where his driver will take us. I wasn't stupid and worst, he knows how dirty I play. I would do anything to win my grandfather at his own game.

After a few minutes of talking and eating my fruits. Each person will come up to the twins and tell them of their departure but I was wondering as to why my friends weren't hurrying to go home but enjoying themselves like a few other as if it was a Dancehall concert.

Another few minutes has passed and one twin left and then the other leaving just three at the table. I was so close to peeing myself as I held myself together and walked over to a black security guy close by. "Can you please direct me of the nearest restroom?"

He nods and points up the stairs which had me confused but I still went back across the half filled room, passing strangers that I was introduced to and forgot their names. But as I reach to ask another security about a restroom she points up the stairs like there will be just one room up there and it's the bathroom.

With my bladder about to burst, I rush up the stairs and down the hallway passing plenty more doors where another guard stood but he too points down another hallway but it was starting to get suspicious but I keep my mouth shut and walk. I came across another black security and he points to a door across from where he stood and I thank him just as he walked away from them down the hall from which I came.

Opening the door I realised it wasn't a bathroom but a huge bedroom by the shadow of the furniture that was bearly illuminated by light but recognise a door and rushed over there. Thanking the lord as I quickly flipped the switch, turning on the lights and lock the door then quickly went and use the toilet.

It felt like hours sitting there before I could finally finish peeing, whipping them flush before washing my hands as I admire the beautiful bathroom. "Wat kind of place don't have a bathroom downstairs for guest. Weird or cheap."

I didn't even think of anything like this when I was building my home or having it furnished. But this place has a bath in the middle of the room and a standing shower in the far corner. This bathroom was bigger than my bathroom and bedroom in one with everything looking expensive. "Who really allow any guest to use their Master bathroom like this?" I mumbled to myself before drying my hands before I unlock the door.

As soon as I flipped the bathroom light switch off and close the door behind me. I realize that the room that was bearly illuminated was now dark and as I quickly more to leave the room, a voice called my name from behind me. "Kizanne Reynolds, Stop."

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