Night nurse

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Chapter 4

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

22:15 Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.

My grandparents Paul Reynolds lied about the company car not been there waiting. The driver was asleep and I woke him up and have him drop me off at the nearest bus stop. He was hesitant about the location but I knew what I was doing. He got the job of trying to find my home address but failed to do so because it was passing midnight and no one trust any shadows after dark.

I did trust a shadow. The Shadow of my awaiting grandpa who took us to the Newsletter company then I drove home, as he was hidden with his van behind some trees. No one but him, Nasmear and Da'drian knew where I live. Da'drian knew the community but not the exact house and I was glad that the community members are a secretive bunch when it comes to outsider asking about anything inside. Neighborhood watch was also the best and the worst. Right now I was finally at home and I already brought Devin inside after I put him in his bed but I had few things that I needed to remove from my car.

The neighborhood watch dogs are the old people across and next door from my house. There were two of them in all on this streets but the rest gather at community center to gossip and play cards or board games. I grab the bags that I need to get inside when the light from a flash light nearly blinds me as it was all the way across the yard over the fence. Mrs Watts, a name that fits the nearly blind woman with a house full of cats after her husband died and her children are working abroad for she was here living alone and bothering me to do everything like I was her child.

Personally, I believe that she was lying because I can hear her from Devin's bathroom talking about 'I love you too honey' and other mushy stuff. She wasn't blind either but she sure could get awards for her pretending or acting skills.

"What yuh doing out so late child?" She yelled, as I used Devin's lunch box to cover my face from the light. The light goes down my body and I groan with annoyance. "You didn't leave the house in that this morning. You are a young girl, it's nice to see you working but don't get pregnant again or let a man have you and that little boy out so late."

"Goodnight Mrs Watts." I greeting through my gritted teeth.

"Goodnight Kizanne dear. My sons are back in the country..." She starts to say and I don't plan to stay out here in the late night drew with her so I starts to walk towards my varanda.

"Okay Mrs Watts. Tomorrow." I rush inside the house and close the door so quickly that it slams loudly. Locking up was a relief and I cut the lights on the outside off, because it was not only moonshine but the streetlights was just outside my gate and was bright enough for me to see. Electricity bills weren't a joke and the less I burn current is the less I have to pay. The only thing that stays on everyday is the refrigerator.

I wasn't going to church in the morning but I plan to stay home and spend the day with Devin for we haven't done it in a long while. I quickly did my nightly hygiene routine then heats some left over food in the microwave while doing some laundry. As I eat, I separates the colours by using the washing machine and dryer but put the whites in blue water to wash in the morning. The blue water keep them in a beautiful white colour before it will be washed in soap.

I went to bed not too long afterwards but I was awoken by sun blinding me through the high window curtains above my bed and loud music. It feels as if I was just asleep for two minutes but it was four hours. Walking like a zombie over to my adjoined bathroom, I emptied my bladder, wash my hands before brushing my teeth and washing my face.

The first place I go is to Devin's room after saying a small prayer, where the volume of the television was on its highest and I walk inside going for the plugs and remove it from the electric socket. "Mummy, what did you do that for?"

"What did I tell you about the high volume you put on the television on Sunday mornings? I can't sleep in peace in my own house anymore? Did you even pray before watching that foolishness on my television?"

He didn't answer but fold his hands across his chest with a frown on his face. This is why I hate for him to be around my father's parents. They are trying so hard to spoil him and it was work for me to be strict on him. "Don't plug in the cord for the rest of the day. Since you have no respect for me or God."

I walked out and go downstairs to make breakfast. Some egg and cheese sandwich that Devin loves with lots of tomato and lettuce inside with mint tea. For me, is a large cup of black coffee since I'm extremely tired and didn't rest much last night, taking a big bag of cinnamon crackers along with me. Devin still wasn't down for breakfast so I cover his own with a dish cover and go over towards the living area to watching the Sunday morning church service. It wasn't the revival church service but I had my breakfast while watching before turning it off then onto my phone when it starts buzzing with messages and notifications.

Finishing the last amount of coffee in the cup, I got comfortable and stroll through the phone on the emails that I got from the Maid Manager and supervisors from the Adam and Eve Gardens resorts. I have a late shift starting tomorrow afternoon at six o'clock to six AM the next morning. Just the thought of cleaning just had me lazy of cleaning my own because it didn't need it. I was a neat freak at home but work was just a dash and run. I would hurry to everything that I know the supervisor will look at.

My friends and family also send multiple text message and left a great amount of voicemails that I wasn't interested in listening to. Andrea works at the newsletter company but Da'drian at the Hotel resorts and we sometimes work together so she was the one who I was willing to replying to at this moment but I had things to do. I got my large coffee cup wash before going to my laundry room to finish my washing.

A hour and a half later with clothes on the line outside in the blazing hot sun and heavy breeze, I was finally inside but Devin fail to eat what I left for him on the breakfast table for two by the low window of end of the kitchen. The sandwich and tea was now cold but his failure to eat wasn't what got me upset but it was from the sound of voices on the television upstairs. The same television I unplug after speaking with him. He knows the routine, that I make breakfast, we eats and he wash the dishes because I have to wash our laundries and get the house clean and in order for the new week.

I wasn't playing with him this time and I sure wasn't spearing the rod and spoiling the child today as I took up the ruler from the top shelf of the living room bookshelf. Stomping up the stairs with a pain in my chest and breathing heavily from anger. I reach his room door that was a door down across from mine and turn the door nub but it was stuck, locked from the inside.

My anger got worst as Devin knew I didn't allow him closing the doors of his room if there wasn't a stranger in the house. Turning to go to my own, I went to my night table drawer and took out his room keys. Going back out into the hall and back to his door, I put the key in and spin it unlocked then open it with the ruler still in hand. Stomping towards the television I unplug it for the second time this morning and turn to see his little vexed face leaving me suprised but with anger.

"Get up!" He sat his little body down on the single couch in the room facing the blanked television. His room completely untidy, bed unmade, pillows on the floor, clothes and racks thrown on the floor out of the closet and bathroom door open with the sound of water rushing from every pipe. I didn't leave the room in this condition when I left and he was getting on my nerves with this foolishness. "Mih nah tell yuh again Devin."

He still didn't move so I drop the regular long ruler and went over to his closet for a belt. Just as I turn I caught him running out through his bedroom door out of the corner of my eyes and I went after him. Catching up when he opens the front door and rushing towards the gate when I got a hold of his shirt, pulling him back towards me. His face still held the angery expression and so was I, until he realises that I was going to beat him for real this time.

I didn't ask him any more questions or tell him what to do but lift my hand with the belt and put it down on his ass with a loud smack, listening to him crying out in hollering pain for the very first time since he was born. "Mummy stop!"

I gave him two more before letting him fall to the grassy ground, ignoring the chuckling and inquisitive neighbors. "Shut up! Yuh cause this pan yuh self Devin. Stand up."

He flinch away from me but with a glare he stands backing away from me crying with tears in his eyes, snot running down his nose and grassy sweat covered body. "Make this be the first and the last time I beat yuh ass. When I tell you to do something I need you to do it, immediately! Go around the back and bathe then go to yuh room and fix everything. Since yuh want to be act spoil then I'm changing the rules around here. Go!"

"I want Daddy!" I didn't stop my mouth from responding and his crying got worst and even louder with each sentence I yelled at him.

"He's dead! They killed him in front of me as he died protecting me with you in my belly! He died because he loves us and he wouldn't want you to be stressing me out like this with yuh little spoiled self! He never stresses mih out! He didn't like untidy rooms and when people waste water! Or wherever people waste food by not eating it! What more do you want from me Devin? Do you want to stress me out so I can die for you to be happy? Haven't I done enough to make you comfortable? You are nothing but fuc... selfish!"

Breathing heavily while talking and crying at the same time was draining me weak. "If you can't help me out in our home then pack your bags. I'm taking you to your Uncle Nas."

"No!" He cries out. "Please mummy no."

"Why should I listen to you when you don't even listen when I talk." I went pass him towards the house as he clutches unto my dress. I ignore him as I went to my bedroom and lock the door. Rushing to my bathroom where I breakdown and cry my eyes out.

"What more do I need to do lord? Am I not a good mother? Why did you let Devon leave me to suffer like this without comfort? Why a son instead of a daughter? This is too much, I can't do this alone anymore lord..."

After a few minutes or an hour at least, I took a shower and got dressed in my stressed black outfit of leggings and a big tee shirt that I designed by cutting holes into it. I grab my purse with my keys, credit cards, few cash and identification before unlocking my door. Walking over to Devin's room, I enter to see a now clean room, silent without a sound of running water from the bathroom but he wasn't in sight. I went inside and over to his closest where I grab his suitcase and duffle bag then begin packing his things for at least a month. From clothes, toiletries, books and everything I think he needs minus toys and devices. My brother wouldn't want me to bring mostly of the thing I plan to being but I just need to clear him out from here at bit. I need a long time to myself and try enjoy life without holding back.

Walking out with five different sizes luggages, I went though the front door and toward the garage at the side of the house and put his things in the backseat. Returning to the house, I went to the kitchen where I see him washing the plate and cup I used for his breakfast, standing on his bench. He was clean, his hair wet with water dripping on his favourite Marvel cartoon characters shirt and a shorts with slippers on his feet because he didn't know how to tie his shoe laces as yet.

I got a big cloth bag from the kitchen drawers and starts packing his snacks and juices from refrigerator, pantry and snack cupboards. He stood watching me and each time I hear him trying to say something to me but he senses that I wasn't in a good mood to talk to him at all. I was fighting to keep myself together so I won't cry in front of him again. Bringing the two food bags to the car, I return to the house and starts locking up doors and windows. He follows me to the car without a word as I straps him in and starts our journey from Falmouth to Montego bay.

After going through security I finally reached the house that was located in another housing scheme different from ours. Just as I drove up to the garage parking behind my brothers Expensive Car, he came out of the house in nothing but underwear and a frown upon his face. My eyes went to Devin as I open my door, he was silently crying was his shoulders shook with each breath he exhales.

"I'm sorry Mummy. I won't do it again. Please bring me home." I got out the car and ignore him. Walking around to the passenger side, opening the door and unbuckled the seatbelt around him.

"That was quick." Nas commented, helping me with the bags on the back seat. "What him do this time?"

"Untidy room, not following instructions , wasting water, ignoring me and neglecting breakfast." I listed, then caught the door when Devin tries to close himself inside. "Get three slaps out of the belt before him could learn seh mih wasn't playing with him. Him lucky I never do it hard but a crying like me a murderer him."

"Hmm, yuh grandparents determine though. How long?" He ask.

"As long as you want him. Him have next week as test time then Christmas break. It ends the second week in January. I will let the school know it's you incharge of dropping him off and picking him up but I won't miss any meetings and..."

"You will see him next year. It's not the first mih keeping him sis. Remember Grace and the twins staying here with me too. Nathan and Genesis waiting on his company fih a long while now." He informs me, grinning while pulling me towards the drivers side of the car by my arm. "Mih going inside fih a while."

Nodding, he left us to yourselves to bring the other luggages inside so he can return to get Devin. Looking back in my son's direction, he was already staring and begging with his eyes. "I'm sorry Mummy."

"If you say so. Yuh Uncle will allow you to call me if yuh behaving yuh self. If not, then you know what will happen?"

"Beating?" He ask

"No. Only I am allowed to do it. You won't be able to watch any TV, or have long playtimes." His mood instantly change as if he was relief by my answer. "If you get straight A's and stickers on your text next week then I will buy you a bicycle and buy whatever you need on Christmas but you need to behave yourself for Grace, Uncle Nas and The twins..."

"Na and Gen-Gen?" He inquires happily.

"Yep." He grins and moves over in the seat to stand then kisses my cheek after a hug then he rushes out into the open door of the large eight bedroom house and such.

Nas came out laughing and I rolled my eyes at him when he sits in the seat Devin just got up from. "Yuh can stay fih lunch eno. Grace inside a cook enough fih the entire community."

"Another time. Tell Gra..." His woman came out and got in the back with her sexy curvy self. Grace is a bit taller than I am by two inches but her complexion is extremely light brown with dark brown eyes. Her family mark is her black and grey hair and the pink birthmark on her cheek next to her small dimples. Dress in short shorts and my brother's shirt on her body. "Hey stranger."

"You a dih stranger. Thank yuh fih bring him here this year. Mih can bring him with the children to country wid mih twins dem to spend the Christmas and New year's holiday's?"

"Of course, if it's not a bother." She hisses her teeth and look over at Nas who was suddenly on his phone texting. She shoves his shoulder and he look over at his shoulder at her with a smirk and I see the effect it has on her when she blushes and get face and ears gets pink. "Let mih talk to mih friend. Gwaan go text mih ugly cousin dem and finish cook the pot till me come."

He nods and turn to me, showing me his middle finger and I return the favour of showing him two instead of one, I give him a box with Devin's devices that I hid, before he leaves, leaving us alone when Grace joins me at the front. "How yuh did manage?"

"I didn't. Just let it go with time and pray as much as you can. Boys dem difficult as hell no lie." I nod at that and she continues. "Him need a father figure in his life yuh know. Mih wouldn't want him stay like Chase when we did a grow. Mummy alone couldn't control him so me have to help but Devin needs someone else. Tek as much time as you need and me might just tek him fih mih self him mih family nuh dweet dem selves."

"Thanks Grace." I whispers, feeling a bit relived but my heart was still full like I was giving him away forever.

"Now go home and cry, rest and enjoy a month or two without yuh bwoy. Now remember mih and Chase birthday party, bring a date. Mih will text yuh later and put a smile on yuh face. Life too short." She reaches over and hug me and I inhale her scent of vanilla extract and bake goods.

"Okay. Tell Diamond congratulations on her big pregnancy. How is she?" I ask when we ended the hug.

"The quadruplets are stressing her out but she's good. Just need some alone time like you do, so go home and do what I tell you. I have to check on the pot. I can just bet that Nas is in there stealing food from the pot with his greedy self."

"True. That man has no bottom for his deep belly. Reminds me of Chase whenever we use to have Foods practical, he would be at the door waiting for his portion of the meal you or everyone he knows." I laughs along with her before I'm on my way back to my house.

Arriving at home, I went back to cleaning the house, ironing my uniforms and of whatever else that I needed to and cooking plenty of food that I store in the fridge to bring to work or eat when I return in the morning after the night shifts.

I cried before I left to bring Devin to my brother's house so now I was locked inside the house in my comfortable bed eating three ice-cream cake in a bowl with a small spoon and watching cartoons.

I was already missing Devin but if he was here we would be doing this like we always have on Sundays after the church service. Now it was just me, myself and I. Thinking of how my new shift will go now that I don't have to make calls to ask if Devin is at school or not. My brother was more focused and respond than my grandparents when it comes to child's care. They just need him to have a reason to push me around like last night.

I trust them with my son and they bring him somewhere I did approve of. After last night, I didn't want to speak with much persons, the less it talk the more I can focus on myself.

I was scared to be alone like this without him and at a time like this, I am missing Devon. We would be busy troubling me so I won't lay in bed lazy but to get up to play cards, board games or football in our yard. Multiple thoughts filled my head and I wasn't focused on the cartoons anymore. Even the ice-cream in the cake was melting but I kept on eating or drinking it.

I got up from the bed immediately, nearly forgetting to comb my hair and I got my packs of braids with my jar of black elastic bands, combs, brushes, hair pins, blow-dryer, flat iron, sprits, curling rods, hair treatment, styling Jelly and oils. Going over to my dresser, I got on the stool I have next to it and starts blowing it out of its nots then used the flat iron. With my hair pole straight reaching my shoulders, I realise that my hair was becoming more damage than before with the hair products I continue using.

Combing my hair up to the mid back of my head. I starts adding jelly to keep it hold then brush it into a style with neat edge. Platting the hair end when I clipped everything together. I starts to crochet the braid into the plat with a tie as I use four packs that starts curling, styling then wrapped it to keep it neat for the next day. This hairstyle will be looking new until next week by how I paste lots of jelly in it.

I spend the rest of the afternoon talking to my parents, then my friends about any and every thing. I went to bed late so I could sleep the entire morning away for work in the afternoon. A twelve hour shift would be draining me.

I was also dreading work to clean the rooms of the nasty tourists who over did themselves with the mess. This time I hope the rooms I'm assign to is not the Master bathrooms. I didn't like working around the guests but I do like the tips if they aren't stingy.

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