Night nurse

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Chapter 5

Proverbs 22:1 A GOOD name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.

25:14 Whoso boasteth himself of a false gift is like clouds and wind without rain.

I was always watched whenever I drive to work because I was the only one who did for being in the housekeeping department. Adam and Eve Gardens resorts is built in like a castle like building painted in white and silver. With the six large round structures of rooms are high above the ground.

I parking in the staff area with the other workers to the sides. Clocking in, I took a short cut to the locker room when I pass the security section where the try to hide from Spencer who calls out to me. "Mih see yuh from yuh walk through the staff door."

"Good morning Spy."

"Good afternoon hunny." He greets, showing me his handsome face with a smirk on his lips. His bleached and dyed red hair shining underneath the lights above his head.

"I need to get changed before yuh girlfriend comes around."

"Shi a nuh mih girlfriend." He says, defending himself Turing completely in the chair to look at me. "You look beautiful today.".

"Thanks. See you at lunch time." He nods, going back to works and I walk to the locker rooms in the housekeeping department. There were thirty of us working here during the night shift and I didn't see Da'drian around as yet but the morning shirt workers going home.

It was six twenty PM already and the manager and Supervisors haven't reached as yet so I went to my corner locker and open the padlock with my key. Taking out my folded uniform, I stripped out of my floral dress down to my underwear. The ugly colour brown uniform was close to dirt, rest just above knee length, straight without pleats with clear silver buttons from chest down. It shows cleavage and although we beg for new uniforms, it's a fight we will forever looses. The best thing about it is, it helps a lot since the weather here is sometimes hot but the air conditioner did no justice when we are shivering cold.

The swell of my breast was out but my locket necklace tools some attention from it. The next thing was my tattoo I quickly got some makeup for my neck and black marker for a fake beauty mark. I remove my flats and put on my brown socks with matching shoes before pushing a bubble gum in my mouth. Our manager enters immediately when I took the last thing from the locker. Strapping my work belt around my waist and adding a my face rag that my phone was hidden into.

"Good afternoon everyone, please gather around." We did but I stayed at the back when I see Da'drian rushing to put her uniform on as I hid her or try to. "We have a few new workers on or team today. As always I paste the list of rooms I need you to clean at different times with lunch. For who is without a list please follow me immediately."

I look on my locker where there wasn't a list and my eyes widen. "I have to go."

"What yuh do girl? Please tell mih you not getting fired. You can't help me in this job and a lef mih." Da'drian inquiries.

"What! No." I whisper yelled, slapping her hand before I walked away following or manager and five other women going though the main door that leads us to the hotel. We push our carts in these areas but it was the first I am walking here without load.

"Are we getting fired Mrs Ross?" Siah a cute extremely dark skinned woman ask. Even with her colour, I was nothing compared to her beauty and body. She is beyond sexy in these ugly uniform but all of us are. It was weird that Miss Ross picked six short and curvy black and brown skinned woman just like that with a reason.

"No. I assigned you six women to some rooms for your shifts this week. I need you all to be on your best behaviour as you attend to the guest. Very important guests with their friends and families. Don't worry about your salaries, you will get more than you usually does and more tip. But I must also warn you. A few of these people can be extra more than the rest."

By that our attention went to her as we couldn't believe our ears. We dread being around the awful guests at times.

"Thanks God." Nessa preaches before we enter a room where six new Housekeepers carts are already packed with cleaning products, rags, clean towels and other items for the rooms.

"You have five minutes to get to the first room and meet back here when you are finished. You have half an hour at least but just keep in mind that the guests will be in their rooms to meet you. Take the cart with your name on it, a list is also on it and you may go. Kizanne, come to my office." At Mrs Ross words, the other women look at me like they were also dreading something bad happening to me but I smile a bit before leaving though Mrs Ross office door.

"Am I getting fired?" I asks just as I close the door behind me.

She laughs and shook her head. Reaching for a paper on her desk holding it out for me to take. Taking the paper from her fingers, I look down at it to see my list. In a collum with my name at the top. My first room is the top floors that rich people usually stay in. I have never been up there before. The next is the names of who's rooms I will be cleaning and this was one column that was never on my original one. Nether was the things I need to do specifically. I was glad they wasn't a dog bed I needed to clean this time because I would vomit each time by the smell and all that.

"You have ten minutes to get over to the pent house..."

"Devvon Blackburn? The Prime minister's eldest son?" I ask feeling worst by the way I was sweating under the air conditioner. "Shouldn't I get a regular room like the other girls?"

"No. The boss request the best in our department and you are the best so far. Think of the salary, the tip and the pleasure of going forwards in becoming a better member of our team. If this continues you can even be a supervisor before working alongside me." I cough on air and look at her not believing my ears before nodding.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome, now get out of my office. I need to do some work." I quickly leaves and took my cart, wheeling it out though the door and over to the other side of the resort where I heard the view is amazing from the beach looking out to the sea.

Eight corridors, six hallways and two Elevators next, brings me to the door of room A1. I knock first then brings my card out that gives access to open the door. Upon reaching the inside I used the time to turn the lights on, pulling the cart inside the mini lounge with a kitchen in the back with a stairway going on another level that leads to a bedroom or two at most with a bathroom the first thing I did was put more candle wax in the burner to let it have the place smelling almost fruity but fresh.

Getting out a pair of new gloves, I put them on my hands and walk over to the Drapes, pulling them open to let the natural sunlight inside. Next was sweeping the floor then dusting and wiping the surfaces from to to bottom. Afterwards I move up to the bedroom as I clean the stairway up by mopping leaving behind more fresh scent of mixed with the Ocean air from the class doors of the balcony that I bearly opens.

I dealt with the bathroom first by cleaning the shower and all that then add small containers of head and shoulders shampoos and conditioners the resort provides. Clean towels and other items by the shelf nearby before leaving to the bedrooms. With new and clean sheets after many travels from the cart in the lounge to the bathrooms.

Finally finishing the job, that I began to love because I didn't have to see hairy chest or pot belly male tourist trying to be attractive or seductive. Many even walk out of the bathroom on on their porch naked. The things we have to see to get money in our pockets.

Before closing the doors, I went over to the Balcony to take one last look as I rub the glass clear. The view was indeed amazing and I took out the home between my rag and take a photo before putting it back inside. Just as close the glass door the door of the room opens and my I turn to see a bellboy bringing inside luggages and right behind him was The prime minister's son that I wasn't much in the public's eye due to his private life. He was also accompanied by the bigger boss and two other staff members slash snobby managers from the kitchen and event planning teams. The only time the even planning team comes around is when a guest or special guest request a tour because they plan to say for a curtain time, like a week or two, or a month.

I rush over to my cart and move it more into the corner and the Big boss looks in my direction, calling me over with the gentle gesture of his finger like I heard he always does. I push the trolley outside into the hall because my work is finish and remove my gloves, throwing it inside the bin on the cart. I went and stand a little behind the manager and starts to wonder why Mrs Ross send me here instead of being here herself.

"This little lady right here is the best in the Housekeeping department. Kizanne Reynolds..." Or boss introduce me but the man of the hour was already staring at me.

"I know her." He replies, cutting off my boss's sentence.

"How?" Multiple voices ask at once.

"She is good friend to the Famous Sparks family and I met her at the late Tarrus Sparks and little baby who died of poison. She was comforting the mother of the child when I saw her." He explains with a wide smile and I returns it but it wasn't too wide.

"That is wonderful." My boss says, looking at me as the rest like they can use this information to the best of their advantage. "Do you know Sehanna Dandy?"

"The older cousin of the famous Sparks cousins?" I ask. I instantly recognize my boss as the man obsessed with Sehanna as she was the one who helped me into this job when she was always running away from him. She was working in the Spa section of the resorts last year.

"Yes. Come to my office before your lunch break today." I nod and he gestures for us to leave when another voice calls out to me.

"Miss Reynolds?" The important guest ask.

"Yes sir?"

"Please call me Devvon." He says.

"If you insist. How can I help you?" I inquire, dreading calling anyone the name of my beloved deceast boyfriend.

"Do you mind being my chef for the rest of my say here?"

"I'm sorry but..." I began, but my boss was dearing me disagree by the expression on his face. "I would would love to."

"Thank you." He say with a smile.

"You're welcome sir, I mean Devvon. I will speak with my Manager for the minor changes. Nice to meet you and please excuse me." The two gentlemen nod before I turn walking towards my trolley that I pushed away back to manager's office. Suppose I couldn't cook and the boss expect me to do a job I didn't come here for, just because the guest want it.

Entering the room, I was just in time to see the other five girls getting new and clean items for their trolley. The first thing I do is put my trolley in a corner and slide down against the wall to the floor.

"What happen to yuh?" Paula ask with her strong Trinidadian accent that we all love.

"The boss. The bigger boss wants to see me." I breathe, can't believing what Mrs Ross has got me into.

"Why?" Siah inquiries in a low whisper because the boss must be inside her office.

"She's obviously getting fired. Mrs Ross and the big boss whats to speak with her in a span of one day means something big happen. You must have been caught on camera doing the dirty. But I got the Mayor's sons room who are handsome by the way. The tip was the best. I will be notified whenever they need the apartments clean again." Ophelia brags.

"I thought he had one son but the twins just look so much alike. I heard his sons celebrated their birthday on Saturday night and I am yet to see the paper." Another girl says.

The door of our manager's office opens and she came out looking right at me with a deep frown. "Get up Kizanne."

I quickly got up and went towards the table where she stands, throwing down the Newsletter magazine for the day and my eyes widen at the front cover. "Girls look who it is?"

The teasing tone in her voice makes me smile and I listen to Ophelia gasp, looking at the paper from the other side of the small table. My face was printed on the front as I stand between the mayor's twin boys who were looking down me with the background of the moonlight shining on the rushing sea water outside the glass window. The headlines reads Granddaughter of Newsletter CEO Kizanne Reynolds between the mayor's sons Prison and Preston O'Brian.

"Come, we are late for a meeting with the boss." Mrs Ross says, bringing me along with her and the girls watching me worriedly except Ophelia, Spy's girlfriend.

Standing, I was facing the boss, manager, resort's head chief and the Human resources manager who were already staring at me. The chef was the first to ask me something. "Can you cook?"

"Only Jamaican meals sir."

"Would you feel comfortable cooking under Mr Blackburn's watch?"

"Yes sir?"

"You are related to Paul Reynolds?" Our boss asks.

"Yes sir."

"I heard it's a family business, do you work there?" The man from the human resources department asks

"I have sent in my resignation letter this morning, so I no longer work there." They all exchange glances then look back at me.

"Why, if you don't mind me asking?" My manager ask this time.

"The work was good but I don't like being around the family." I answered.

It pretty much ends there but not before they began reminding me of the rules between guests and staff, then our boss reminding me to speak with him after lunch. I was given a chef jacket and another locker key next to the head chef's own. When I return to the Housekeeping department, Da'drian was there talking with Miss Ross. I stated stripping out of the uniform to the chef jacket and pants in my size while the women in the room were eyeing me.

"Yuh get a new job?"

"Somebody get upgrade."

"Who yuh have sex with to get the new position?"

The last comment made me laugh and I look up from button the white and silver linings design on the jacket. "Sex don't give me new positions, I give good positions girl."

Da'drian and another girl lift one of their hand and I high-five them as we and a other few laughs. "Miss Reynolds, You are needed in room A1 in five minutes and nice comments by the way."

Miss Ross leaves and Da'drian look at the doorway like someone frightens her. "What a gwaan in this place today?"

"I don't know but I can't wait for the week to end."


"Cook anything for me." The man on the other side of the counter asks. He was sitting on the stool typing on his computer but stops I ask him whatever he wants me to prepare

"Are you allergic to anything?"

"No dear." I nod then went into the refrigerator taking out some ingredients then to the small pantry.

The next few minutes were used cooking chicken stew peas with rice. It was simple and he loves it when I dished out his own. I use the last minutes before my lunch break to clean up but I still has about fifteen minutes remaining. The outside was dark and I was worried about my paycheck because I needed it to put into my savings account and buy Devin a bicycle that I promised him.

Mr Blackburn cleared his throat and I turn to see him finished the meal and took the dirty dish, washing it. "Are you okay?"

"Yes sir, I am." I answered, realising that I continue to space out for a while.

"Devvon, not sir." He corrects but I wouldn't have it.

"I am sorry but I can't sir. This may be private and too forward for me to say but I have to. I have witness my boyfriend being shot before my eyes and his name is Devon. Although it is a different spelling but it sounds the same and it makes me loose focus sometimes, so I'm sorry."

"No it's fine. Is Dev okay?" He ask.

"If I didn't know any better, I would think you really want me to call your name." He nods and I smile softly.

"You miss him?" It was my time to nod as I dry the plate and fork. "I don't know if you don't believe in the afterlife, but he will be there waiting for you one day."

"Oh, I believe. I do miss him a lot but I've being learning to move on and I'm slowly but surely getting there." I whispers, staring out into the darkness between the drapes. "I know I'm still on the job and you can report me but can I please use your bathroom before I leave?".

"Sure go ahead."

"Thank you." I rush up to the bathroom closing the door behind me and take the phone out the pants pocket, dialling Sehanna's new phone number.

"Hey girlie, wassup?" She greets on the second ring followed by the sound of a laughing child in the background.

"My boss found out that I know you today and wants to see me at lunch to talk. Obviously about you because I could sense the obsession coming off him in waves." I whisper yelled, checking to make sure the door is locked.

"Shit! Haven't seen him in two months, but tell him you only know Grace and Chase because uno go school together. Nothing of mih whereabouts or anything you know about me. Practice what me tell you and stick to it. That man can smell a lie but be serious and don't back down. Him think him can melt people like how butter melt. Don't be underestimated by him height because tall or muscular men can still be defeated by a single kick to the dic..."

"Mih no wah know that, please. Thanks but me just call to let you know because I'm at work on the night shift."

"Determine little girl! You already have a buisness. Why yuh cleaning people dutty place when yuh could be at home making babies for me." Choking on my spit by Sehanna's words, I listen to her laughing followed by baby's laugher.

"Who's baby yuh have?"

"Little sister, Ta'shane Dandy. Fada breed a woman or the woman give four men inna we family a child just fih money." She explains like it was a nice but regular conversation.

"Shit. Mih need fih come visit then, mih missing out on a lot of things. Mih affi hung up now, in a the prime minister's son bathroom."

"What!" She shouts in my ears.

"I have to go. Love you Anna." Quickly ending the call, I wash my hand and leave the bathroom.

Returning to tell 'Dev the guest' of my leaving, he was in the pot that I left a little more food in. He was eating more and he look over his shoulder at me with a chicken leg in his hand. "I'm marrying you one day. I swear."

"Are you flirting with me Dev?" I teased.

"Nope. I mean what I say just now. The last time I taste something so good was when my grandma was alive. Woman, you made my favourite meal without even knowing." He says dreamily, taking a bite out of the chicken in his hand that was running with gravy.

"Okay if you say so but I can make it whenever you want. Even when you are no longer a guest here." I tell him truthfully. "My grandma use to make the best festival and fish and I haven't had it in years because I'm scared it won't taste as good as hers."

"Well, it's a good thing that I can cook traditional meals then. Can I get your phone number so we can meet up or stay in contact with eachother whenever we both have time." Nodding, I move and took up his phone that he was pointing at and put my number in, saving my name as 'Favourate meal'.

With a laugh, I put it back on the counter next to his computer and he looks at me weirdly. "I didn't do anything, but I must get back to work."

He nods and laugh, leaving the room closing the door behind me and just as I turn the corner of the hall, that was when I came face to face with the Mayor's twin boys, or men rather.

"Miss Reynolds." One says and I nod, trying to stop smiling.

"Goodnight gentlemen." I greets, giving them one last look then leaves quickly before I'm late.

The boss pretty much asks me about Sehanna and I told him exactly what she told me to. He was behaving like a crazy man when he realised that I have no good answers for his questions. Walking from left to right and running his hand through his hair. I almost felt sorry for him but I know how men are so I gave him a look of pity when he wasn't looking. Poor boss man was loosing his mind instead of focusing on staff members whoring down his guesthouse and resorts or more bigger problems.

After lunch at midnight was spent taking a small nap before going back to work. When I got home the first thing I did was eat, brush my teeth and went to bed. I forgot to lock to door to the house and car or even remove the keys of each door.

My week pretty much went that way and so did the other week after that when I got new guests. The mayor's sons saw me a few times but I spend most of my shift attending to Dev. He as became a good friend in the span of two weeks.

My boss, manager and a few others were watching me but I did my job good and I could smell my weekly salary on Friday afternoons to how good it was. Ophelia got fired when a guest reported her for doing something but I heard she had sex with someone and the camera caught her in the elevator with a woman's man.

Such a shame for her but I was glad that Da'drian got her spot and we could see eachother more than usual.

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