Night nurse

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Chapter 8

Proverbs- 21:8 The way of man is forward and strange: but as for the pure, his work is right.

Lamentations- 5:10 Our skin was black like an oven because of the terrible famine.

I got what I needed at the supermarket after I went to the nearest spa and got a nice manicure and pedicure. I was just driving by when I saw the new building with the sign above it and I stopped.

Walking towards my house with the grocery bags in hand, I hear the voice of Mrs Watts calling me and she stood on her front porch next to her daughter. "Hey Kizanne, we need to speak with you for a few minutes. Can we come over?"

It was a hard decision but I agreed before entering my house. By the time I return to the door they were standing with the rest of my grocery bags in their hands. I just opened my door to let them both through and they look around and went though the house towards the kitchen.

Joining then there, I thank them for bringing the other bags inside and started to put them in their respective places. Sitting where I was few hours ago by the stools of the kitchen island looking around like they didn't have something to say, so I remind them. "You need to speak with me about something?"

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry about the other day when I..."

"It's fine. I'm fine. I just needed some time alone, that's all." I tell Mrs. Watts daughter who look as if a heavy load was taken off her shoulders.

"Thank you so much, I was so relieved to meet you and that was the first thing that came from my mouth because I was really, really nervous. I'm Erica by the way. Debbie is really bad at introductions so I'm sorry about that." She speaks in one breath.

"Nice name but who is Debbie?"

"Me. The community members know me as Mrs Watts the nosey neighbor and you know that too, but I'm Debbie Spence O'Brian. You are the only one who here who knows now." She boast.

"Oh, okay." I mumbled, putting the meat products inside freezer then wash my hands to put the last items which are snacks inside my top cupboard. Hidden for my bad days, with a few chocolates in there too.

They stayed over for a while as we talk about a few things of different topics. I wasn't sure what their motive was as to why the wife of the man who killed my man or baby father is trying to be my friend or her mother getting more cozy with me.

Mrs Watts or Debbie, was now explaining her relationship while I put their share of dinner I cooked in another pot for their family to share.

"Only a few persons know of my marriage with the twins and we did it in America because it wasn't legal to do it here. Richard and Riccardo are my world, and we have six children together but you only met three. Erica, Preston and Presion, you will meet the others another during the Christmas week."

Nodding, I cover the pot I put it on the stove then lean against the counter near the sink, listening.

"Preston and Presion are the only twins our parents has. They followed their father's footsteps and share the same woman with preferred qualities that is why they both have a daughter..." I began to tune out what they were saying but look interested sat the same time which was a hard job to do.

By the time they were done and leave, I was relieved to breathe a sigh of relief before eating my dinner, did my nightly hygiene routine then went to bed early for a really early shift at work tomorrow.


"We know you didn't do it, but we will have to let you off for a week or two." The words that came from Mrs Ross's month finally registered in my head for the third time and this time I nod painfully.

"We are truly sorry but her family is a very special guest her for years at this time of the year." I nod again but to the voice of one of the supervisors.

"We're sorry Kizanne." Another says and I started stripping with them in the same room. Taking off the ugly colour brown uniform that got a few rips and throw it down on the table. Going into my locker and getting dressed in my jeans pants and white cotton Tee shirt, I began clearing out my things. Completely ignoring my now ex co-workers and ex boss looking at me pitiful

"Of course you all are sorry. I nearly got fucking raped in there and I was the one being layed off from work. Two fucking lesbians nearly raped me in their room, the same room that I clean at a certain time when no one is in there. Since they are VIP in this place you'll expect me to lay there and let them have their way with me without a word." I curse, without shedding a single tear.

"Allowing sexual arrangements in here when the boss is not around and we, the staff are suffering from it. I'm done here. Don't expect me to return by the week ends or next week when the rapist are gone. I am not a fucking lesbian and management is collecting money to put us on sale up there. Next thing you know they'll be killing us then selling our organs. This place is going to the dogs! I suggest you all start sending your resumes to another guesthouse or hotel than staying here."

Picking up my bag, I leave the locker rooms and went though the staff exit going toward my car.

This is the second time I nearly got raped in my entire lifetime. I was on my last room for the afternoon because I was off on exactly six o'clock. Mrs. Ross is a bitch, she was in a small meeting with the Supervisors and called me in, sending me to the room. That floor wasn't on my list of rooms to clean. Six room each day and if I want to skip lunch then I can do Seven. She told me to do the room we'll because lot's of money is involved and I needed to hear that because I love working for my money.

I open the door with my card and before I could pull my cart inside, I was dragging inside where a white and black women in a fucking bunny costume where with dildos on couch and other torture devices. I nearly had a heart attract and that was when I fist them both in the face before rushing out. They left my cheap uniform in with a rip at the shoulders area and three buttons burst open.

I even left one foot of my work shoe in there and another in the elevator. Nothing like Cinderella rushing to leave her glass shoes but no wonder they chose the most good-looking and curviest women for the bigger jobs. I wasn't allowing myself to be manhandled and raped at anytime and if it wasn't a man fucking me then I would rather go with the nuns. Abstain all the way.

As soon as I drive out of the property, I call my brother Nas but it went straight to voicemail so I call Sehanna. She answered immediately with a laugh followed by voices in the background. "Hey girlie, y pree?"

"Mih nearly get rape few minutes ago." I tell her, fighting to keep the tears inside so I can get over to her house that is nextdoor to my brother and where Grace is living.

"What? Where?"

"Work!" I cried out, as the event started to register in my head some more and what could have happened if I couldn't fight.

"Yuh driving right now?" She asked worriedly.


"Stop the car at the side of the road and turn on yuh location. I'm coming." She orders and I did just that, nearly reaching out of town to get to her home. I was half the journey already and I search around the car looking for tissue to wipe my snotty nose, wet cheek and eyes.

The line was quite as it seems she put me on mute but I didn't mind, as long as she was still there on the line. My phone immediately starts to buzz with messages and incoming calls but I was still looking around for the tissue box but couldn't find it so I was getting restless. Reaching over to the back seat for the emergency bag, as soon as I sit back on my seat, I felt wetness and that was when I had a huge breakdown.

"Hey... Hey! What happen Kiz?" Sehanna voice came though the speakers. "Kiz!"

"Mih period just start and mih clothes and car miss up." I said though the hiccups. Finally finding the tissue, I try to clean my face but couldn't because I felt drained and dizzy.

"Kiz! Kizanne try stay away!" She shouts through the phone and I did. I lean my head against the window and unlock the car doors when I see more than one car coming like it's a race and they parked nastily on the side of the road before familiar faces came out rushing over.

It wasn't police vehicles alone but they reached before I could fain because my inside didn't feel too good, at all.

As soon as my door was open, my head came out and leaned over where I vomits everything from my stomach. Leaving behind a horrible taste in my mouth, a breath stoping odor from the vomit, but a big water bottle reached my lips so I can rinse my mouth and wash my face. "Are you okay?"

My head rise to the familiar voice that is now deep and rough before the nearly familiar face came in my view. Zahkeme Sparks with a face filled of facial hair and his dreadlocks on a huge bundle on his head inside the crocheted cap. His eyes shows all the worry.

His light brown eyes staring into my own and I felt myself freeze. "Kizanne!"

Sehanna called out and I look in that direction to see her rushing over with my brother not too far behind.

"Are you okay?" He asks again and I shook my head, feeling as if more vomit will be coming up but only air did, he was holding me up and rubbing my back at the same time.

"Come." Sehanna says, holding some towels. Zahkeme slowing lift me from the seat and put me in his arms with my legs on each side of him.

"Blood." I chokes out but but nothing came out again and I was left in a fit of coughing.

"Don't talk." Nas orders and I did what was told.

I felt myself moving while a hand on the back of my head place it on Zahkeme's hard broad shoulder. I could tell the person was walking as steady as possible for me to not get dizzy or sick again but that didn't help.

"Yuh clothes going to mess up bredda. Why yuh didn't use a towel." A voice ask.

"Dat a the least. Affi mek sure she alright first." With each word from the man carrying me his chest vibrates and so did I. Shivering not only from the cold December winds but from the feeling of being in this man's arms, on his chest and nervousness.

A feeling of butterflies in the stomach but cold sweat washing my body at the same time. Meeting your childhood crush and the feelings returning as well even though you both haven't seen eachother face to face for a long while.

I was seated on something soft then I was put to lay on my side and my eyes where still closed. I refuse to open them because the dizzy feeling didn't went away. A soft hand touches my forehead and moves down to my cheek then my neck.

"She's buring up. We have to get her home or at a clinic quick." Sehanna's voice reaches my ears before the sound of a phone ringing starts then stops. "Weh yuh deh... Where are you? Kizanne Reynolds nearly get rape half an hour ago at yuh guesthouse. She's family and that's all mih telling you. Deal with it before I get my family and friends involved."

"I'm fine. Just take me home." I mumbled, clinching my legs together when I feel the blood pooling around my .

"What shi say?" My brother ask. Zahkeme repeats it and laugher follows. "Crazy and stubborn nuh bloodclaat. Uno find no pads in her bags?"

My eyes peaked opens but a sudden headache made me groan in pain. My hand reaches up to touch my temples but it felt too weak as my energy was drained. "Don't move too much."

The headache got so bad that I fell asleep. I was awoken by the sound of the car engine stopping, the driver's car door being opened, footsteps moving then the backdoor opening. Opening my eyes was a success this time but it was night time with a few lightening illuminating the area. It made me see the tall muscular frame of a man standing there before he bends, looking inside. "We're home."

This wasn't my home because I didn't have these expensive lightings at all. Neither could I see the house properly but it looks bigger than my own and it is located at the beachfront by the sounds of water rushing on the sandy beach reaches my ears.

"Where am I?" My throat hurting a bit and I tried clearing it but it didn't help.

"My house." My interest spiked and so did my body as I quickly got up but groan with pain from my back, lower stomach, neck, arms and legs. I was sore all over and everything feels tender. "Slowly."

"What am..." Clearing my throat again didn't help and I felt myself getting emotional for needing to cry.

"Don't talk as yet. Move forward a bit." I listen to him and move slowly toward the end of the backseat with thick black towels folded on the seat below me.

For the second time today, I was lifted into this man's arms again. I didn't complain either, but rest my head on his shoulder and put my arms around him. I wasn't worried about my weight before but I sure did now. I must be heavy as a bag of cement but he was here carring me like I was the weight of a baby. Managing my weight without breathing heavily like he wasn't tired.

A few doors were opened but since my head was facing his neck, I could only see lights and darkness. "You'll be staying here until you get well. Order from Nas."

I was putting to sit and I look around and realized is is a bathroom. A big enough bathroom with a bath tub at one end and here we are in the standing shower, with me sitting on a bench. I was still trembling from the cold and tenderness of my body but it didn't stop the nervousness that shook my body even more. If Sehanna or my brother wasn't here then who will help me.

My head raised to look at the man standing before me, he was looking at me without a word then leaves. At the age of twenty four, he looks much older by the height and fast maturity but he resembles his siblings and father so bad that they could come off as identical.

He returns with a bag in his hand and walk towards the bathroom counter by the sink. The first thing he removes from it was pads and my eyes widen. Ashamed because I didn't expect a man to be touching it, or touching me like this. My eyes went to his front side frame and it was no longer bloody as if he has changed his clothes.

His movements changes has he reaches inside the bag for another thing and if I could blush pink, it would be now because in his hand was two packs of cotton underwear I would wear during my period. Next thing I know was groaning out in pain and gripping unto the stool below me as my lower stomach cramps with a awful pain.

The shower head was suddenly turned on and warm water hits me clothed body. He came with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a sponge. Removing my clothes as I kept my head down shaking with pain. He helps me stand taking off my pants and underwear. Holding his hand before he could move it further down my waist, he shook it off. Putting it back on his shoulders as he took it off completely and into a small plastic basin at the door.

The settings of the water from the shower changes and I sit back on the stool. Hiding my nakedness as the warm water washes the blood down the drain in a single line down. He came back changing the settings to a drizzling effect and a soapy sponge in his hands that he uses to wash my body.

From neck down, moving my hand that covers my breast at it stiffens when his hands grazes the brown nipple as he washes over them. My hair wet and water trails down my face but I look up at his bare chest, as he kneels on one knee before me. My eye stuck on his hard toned chest with tattoos. His parents name above his sisters and grandmother on his arm, his left breast has a mained roaring lion. The next a familiar but tattooed image of myself when I was a seven holding a pineapple and below it is my name. Kizanne K. Reynolds.

The movement of the sponge stops and my eyes for his. Staring at each other but he moves his gaze back to my body. Washing me clean going lower and I allowed him watching him doing so. Then he moves to my hair washing it.

He also got me dressed in a cotton night gown and braless just how I like it. Put the pad inside the underwear and pulled it up my legs. No matter how unattractive this was, this man deserves more than an award for this. Blow dry my hair and put it in four big plats. He brought me to a the bedroom, putting me up on a pillow and left the room. Returning with jamaican styled soup with chicken neck and feet, corn, okra, yams, dumplings and other ingredients, including the spicy peppery taste.

Afterwards he brought in another plastic basin, toothbrush with toothpaste on it and brushed my teeth. Giving me a cup of water to rinse and wipe my mouth clean.

I always hate this time of month. My period start whenever it wants to without a single warning. It was more irregular than odd numbers in maths class.

I would bleed hair for four days and on the fifth none, but returns a few days after for the last. Weird but it was natural for me and it was worst now than last month because of the cold weather. Having sickles cells caused my joins to numb with pain whenever the weather changes too and it is hard for me to move at times. This is why I always have someone to help me during these times, but never have I imagine this man doing so without a problem.

He leave the room and returns with my purse. Putting it on the night table to the right and my phone next to it before leaving.

Reaching over to my phone, it lightens up with messages on the lock screen and I see Missed calls from almost all of my contacts. I unlock the phone and went into my messaging app, looking though the text messages from my parents, brother and friends.

'I will be over there by tomorrow afternoon. Listen to Zahkeme little girl. That is a warning.' -Sehanna

'Dont let your parents know that you are at Zahkeme's house. Remember what happened before.' -Nas bro

'Can we meet up?' -Cheatin Man whore -Dev

'Call me when you're available. Nas is going crazy.' -Grace

'Boss fired a whole lot of staff members and guests who got promoted to a manger level... Girl I'm sorry for what happened. How are you? Do you need anything?' -Dadrian

'The Sparks family is here. This shit is crazy. Your cousin Sehanna is here too and fist the boss in his eye. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you because I got a shift change. I hope your okay and well. My mother is praying for you...' -Spy

'I heard that your period started today. How are you? Send me your address so I can come over...more' -Mummy

'How are you Kiz? Are you well? Is it bad?...more' -Daddy

'Get well soon.' - Natasha

'Unblock our grandparents. They want to speak with you. It's important.' -Kemar

'Need a lawyer? Call me as soon as you can. Get well soon baby girl.' -Uncle Clinton

'I heard what happened. How are you? Don't want to tell you this but your grandparents and brother is saying bad things about you here today. Get well soon. Love you bestie.' -Andrea

... More

I only reply to a few and put the phone back on the night table when the pain came again. This time I had the pillow to grip onto and grind my teeth together, hard.

Zahkeme returns to the room like he just took a shower and walks over with pillows in his hands. Putting than around me and throw the sheet over my body. When the pain stops, my eyes found his and but he was already staring at me. "Thank you."

He nods and leaves the room without returning for the rest of the night. The last thing I saw was his erected member printed tightly against his shorts.

He will always be fighting a war he could never win. Some say women have the power to control a man, a very strong man she can bends to her will. Than man can be her protector, provider and strength but she can be his weakness if she want to.

He is just like his brothers and father. A real man. It was partly his fault in the beginning as to why we weren't together now. It was also my father's. A pastor who didn't like Rasta man very much. Especially when he goal was to rip his youngest daughter away from some she likes from a early age.

Maybe if he wasn't so busy attending to the church services so much, I would be raised better. Then had the nerve to blame Nas for my failure in life then reports everything to his parents like they are God and Goddess.

It was a cat and mouse game between my parents and us. He would bring me away from home to visit the beach, go out for rides with his family and friends but Nas would tell them I was with him instead but daddy knew better and so did mummy. She did the same thing with my father but pushes me in a path which he wants me to be, with a man without a knotty or dread locked hair.

Christians are truly hypocrite. They sinned so much in their lives that when they get older and got baptized, they behaves as if they are virgins to the world. Telling the younger generation how to live, wanting to control their lives but o my makes it worst.

I went or bed after the last pain took a toll on my body.

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