The Oracle

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A collection of nine stories about the Oracle.

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The Pearl Child

The Oracle

The Pearl Child

I have to stay hidden from my village. I have a gift that was born with. My mother said that I was God’s child. My father called me a witch. Our village had a hatred for witches. Because of this, my mother hid me away deep in the woods. I was too young at the time. She kissed me on the forehead.

“This too shall pass,” she whispered to me. And then she was gone. I spent most of my youth alone. My mother did leave food for me every morning. She wouldn’t talk to me. The last time I saw her face was when she dropped me off in that shack. My father wasn’t a loving man either. He wanted a son in the first place. My father was disappointed when I was born. It would get worse when he found out that he couldn’t have any more children. He got in his head that he had been cursed. That might be true.

When I was three, I would say strange things out loud. Things, “Mama, that bridge is going to fall” or “Don’t go to the market today.” Not only that, everything I said would come true. I could predict when things were going to happen. Somehow, I need who would be married, if crops were going to be good for the year, what the weather was going to be like, and other things like that. I could even see how and when a person would die. My mother said that I had a gift but I needed to keep it hidden. I didn’t argue with her. I was a good girl. She did her best to shield me from the world. She told me that I would have to be brave. I didn’t need to ask her why.

It wouldn’t be long before the village would come to need me. It started out with elder. He would ask me what I saw. I couldn’t tell any lies. He didn’t believe me at first. The village elder wanted to trap in my cabin and burn me alive. That all changed when my predictions came true. Soon, he needed me. The whole village needed me. Thanks to me, I managed to save my people. Despite this, my father wouldn’t acknowledge me. I am fine with this. My mother had to let me go for my powers to grow and develop. She gave up her heritage when she met my father. Her and the rest of my ancestors’ powers got passed onto me. My bloodline will end with me. I made peace with this and serve my duty without emotion. My beliefs have to be set aside to save my village. However, I will not be needed.

We all live a changing world. The youth are leaving for the cities. Some come back while others don’t. But they are starting not to believe in me. They have turned to science and logic. Where will that leave me, you ask? As I said before, my bloodline will end with me. For now, I will keep on with my duty until my death. For me, that will not be too long away.

That’s way you are here, isn’t it? Of course it is. What do you wish to know?

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