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The Oracle

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Chasing Love Through Time

Chasing Love Through Time

A young man made his way through the darkened woods. His heart pounded against his chest as he pushed through the blackened trees. He just had to know. Everyone else around him said that there was no point. His mother said that her magic said they were doomed. But that boy wouldn’t listen. The heart wants what the heart wants.

The young man made it to an abandoned shrine in the woods. He walked up and rested his hand on the door. His fingers ran along the craved runes as he whispered to himself.

“Come to me Calliope,” he whispered. “Come to Calliope. I have to learn the truth about the one I love.” The stone doors pushed open. He took a step back. A cold breeze hit his face.

“Hello?” he asked. The young man trained his ears to the darkness. He heard a low humming voice. Something compelled him to go inside. His footsteps echoed all over the stone. The further down the path he went, the darker everything surrounded him. The young man held his breath.

“Halt,” someone said. The young man lifted his head. Small faint green lights danced around down the pathway. He reached out towards them. The young man started to step forward.

“Halt,” the voice said again. He froze in place. Footsteps started coming towards him. The lights grew bigger around a childlike form approaching him. The young man stood up straight and gulped.

“Speak what you desire,” the glowing child said.

“I need to know if the one I love will be with me or not,” he said. There was a pause. The air began to fill thin as it started to vibrate. The young man didn’t dare to more.

“Yes,” the glowing child said. “But not in this lifetime.” The young man looked confused.

“What do you mean?” he asked. A cool breeze ran against his cheek. He looked down into the light green eyes of the child.

“You will lead many lives,” she said. “Some lucky with love while others not so much.” The young man was about to speak but the child wasn’t finished.

“Death will only be a temporary separation,” she said. The young man closed his mouth.

“So what should I do?” he asked. “Do I let her go or pursue her? When will she and I actually be together?” The child drew back her hand. She started to back away into the darkness. The final part of her message filled his ears. The young man closed his eyes and lowered his head.

“I understand,” he said. He turned and walked out of the stone cave. The glowing child’s words ran through his head.

“She will come to you. It will take you 150 years before you two can finally be together.”

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