The Oracle

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He’s studying under her. He’s had visions since he was ten. His father thought his powers were evil. The parents abandoned the child near a temple. The old lady found him standing on the steps, sound asleep. She gently kicked him in the ribs. He slowly drew open his eyes.

“You eaten yet?” the old lady asked. The child shook his head. She stared him up and down.

“Come inside,” she said. The child followed him inside. She bathed and fed him. The old lady eyed him as he ate.

“What is your name, boy?” she asked. The child looked up at him. But he didn’t say a word. The old lady shook her head. She didn’t need this. But here she was. The child stuffed more yams into his mouth. She decided to try another tactic.

“How long have you been able to see them?” she asked. The child froze. He started to say something under his breath.

“Hm?” the old lady asked. She leaned in close to his lips.

“Weeks,” he said again. The old lady lifted his head to face her. She gave him a sympathetic look.

“Would you like to be able to control them?” she asked. The child stared at her with wide-eyed. She let go of his chin.

“I believe I can help you with that,” the old lady said. She rose to her feet.

“Come with me,” she said. She turned and walked back to her chambers. Curious, the child got up and followed behind.

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