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Not Very Kingly

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Rebecca King, the daughter of Julian King. A millionaire business man, known for being noble in his company. Rebecca is nothing like her father. Being introverted, quiet she's the black sheep of the family. Can she finally come out of her shell with a little help? Or will she stay in the background, being not very Kingly.

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

My eyes open quickly. My heart is racing. Just another nightmare. I try calm my racing heart and rapid breathing. I look at the time to distract me from what my subconscious reminds me of. Six forty.

I get out of bed and head to my on-suite. I have a quick shower and brush my teeth before heading out in just a towel. I head to my walk in wardrobe, which is right next to my on-suite. I grab a random pair of joggers and a tank top. My typical workout gear. I shove my hair into a ponytail and go down 2 sets of stairs to the gym. I go onto the treadmill, that's in front of the window overlooking the garden. I run for half an hour. Running the effects of my nightmare off.

"Miss King," someone says behind me. I turn of the machine. I turn to see our 50 year old, but sprightly butler Harvey. "Breakfast is in ten minutes."

I smile gently at him. "Thank you Harvey. Please call me Rebecca," I tell him. He nods before leaving. No matter how many times I tell him to call me Rebecca he still calls me Miss King.

I head upstairs to see Freya, my main maid, in my room laying close on my bed. She has only been a member of the staff for a few years so she's one of the younger members. Yet she's still tried to help with the fiction between me and my mother, who thinks I should wear the type of clothes that queen bee's wear. "Hi Freya."

She jumps placing a hand on her chest. "Miss Rebecca you startled me," she says. "I was just putting your clothes for the day on my bed. A pair of jeans and a designer top. Your mom requested something trendy but I know you don't like skirts or dresses so I found an in between."

"I can get my own clothes Freya. I've told you; you guys don't have to wait on me," I explain as nicely as possible.

Freya nods, "I know but I'm paid to do it." She smiles before she exits the room.

I quickly get changed. I let my hair out and run a brush through it. I head downstairs to the family dinning room to find my father reading the business newspaper while sipping his black coffee; mother reading the latest vogue magazine, only interested on what they say about her clothes and my little sister Izzy on her Ipad watching some show through her earphones, obviously lost in her own little world again.

I sit down and mom looks at what I'm wearing before she smiles appreciatively at me, well my clothes. Father puts his paper down before turning to me with a blank but demanding face. "I want you to come to the office after school," Father says sternly. "I need to get you a bit familiar with how it works. I'm sure you've forgotten by now as it's been a while."

I nod knowing its not up for discussion. When father retires I have to take over father's business while Izzy gets mother's fashion empire.

Father's kitchen staff walk in and put breakfast on the table. I thank Sophie, a younger member of kitchen staff, who puts my plate in front of me.

Father looks at me when I do this. He waits till they left the room before speaking, "why do you thank them? It's their job. They don't need to be thanked they get paid more then enough."

"Because it's polite," I reply. "Just because they are paid doesn't mean they don't deserve a thank you for their work." I finish eating and leave the table.

I've had staff since I was very little like still in nappies little. They are more like family then staff. That's why I make a habit of learning all their names and personalities. My nanny is called Gertie. She was 30 when she started looking after me when mother went to work again.

I'm in my room packing my school bag, when there's a knock on my door. I turn and see Gertie there. "What's the matter Becca?"

I let out a long sigh. "I really don't want to be here. Father looks down on me thinking I'm incapable of taking over the business. Mother only cares about looks and keeping up appearances. Izzy only cares about herself. She's their perfect, spoiled child."

Gertie sits down next to me. "Oh, Becca you do belong here. You know me and the rest of the staff love having you here. You're family. Besides you shouldn't worry about your parents or Izzy. You aren't going to change them." She smiles at me.

"I'm a disappointment to them. Father's only giving me the King empire because mom already promised Izzy she would take over hers," I say putting my head in my hands.

"You're going to get into Cambridge University. That's an accomplishment on its own," Gertie says. "You haven't asked your parents to buy your way in you're doing it on your own. You're strong and the champion swimmer. You are most definitely not a disappointment."

I hug Gertie. "Thank you Gertie I needed that." She laughs. "I wish Izzy understood better then I could talk to her."

She starts laughing as she gets up. "Come on go to school Missy," she says getting up patting my back.

I grab my bag and head to the garage. We have ten different cars; one for me, one for mom and one for Izzy when she can drive and the rest are Father's.

Even though they are closer to the second garage door and away from ours.

I get in my car and are about head out to school, we live a bit far from my school. About 40 minutes away. When there's a knock on the window and mother is there with Izzy.

I roll down my window. "Can you take Izzy, I'm a bit too busy?" Izzy goes to the school that's like a sister school to mine. Instead of having everyone together they split us up and Izzy is still there.

"It's half an hour in the opposite direction, I'll be late," I snap mother sends me a warning glare. "No, I've got school which is more important then Izzy's school. Sorry, but no."

I quickly wind up my window and keep the car lock on as Izzy tries to open my car door on the passenger side. I open the garage door and drive off. I look in my re-view mirror to see a fuming mother.

I shake my head. The nerve of her. I'm not a driver. They love paying people to do things, so pay someone to take Izzy.

My phone rings and I answer it through the hands-free mode on my car. "Rebecca Clara King. That was incredibly rude," my mother's voice thunders through the car.

"You have reached my voicemail. I'll call you when I want. Leave a message after the beep," I say in my ringtone voice.

I end the call. I quickly go through my contacts. I click call and they answer immediately, "Hey. I can't meet up today father wants me at his office." I say in a sombre tone.

Phillip lets out a soft chuckle, "So they don't know you meet me every week. I bet your mother doesn't know I exists."

I laugh, "Probably not. I swear if you showed up at the house one day... My mother would go mad and father would still be a dick like normal. That's actually not a bad idea."

"Mmm... You know what, I might do that. He paid my mom off, but he didn't pay me," he tells me. "I'll come later today. What time you get back?"

"About 6-ish. But get to mine for about 5 and say you were meant to meet me. But don't tell mother who you are. Say you are a university student trying to get me to study there." I say, laughing at mom's reaction later.

"See you then," he says hanging up. Father is going to get his comeuppance today. I hope. I've been waiting till he was ready. Now Father's secrets will come to light and all those years of treatment will show how poor of a father he has been.

I pull into my allotted spot. It's a private school for the elite's kids. My father and mother being one of them.

I get out and walk into the building. The fact it's private means we can wear what we want. Unlike public schools that have to wear uniforms. It used to have a uniform but with enough complaints from children whose parents started to pull out in funding so an agreement was made students can wear reasonable clothes unless you're representing the school in any way, shape or form.

This school is full with the fanciest cars, designer clothes and bags (mainly my mom's stuff. Gotta support one of the school's board).

But like most schools you have that one small group who think they rule everyone because they are richer and better then the rest.

I stand at my locker. When the crowd parts, I roll my eyes. Like I said, they try to rule the school. I just ignore them. What's the point of being them when all they'll be remembered for is being bullies and drama.
There's six of them: Clarice Winters, her mom owns Winters Make-Up and Fragrances, a big hit with make up loving, rich, boy crazy girls; Jett Hawkins, dad owns a massive bike and scooter company, many kids who ride bikes ride his bikes, he's a massive jock but surprisingly the nicest out of all of them; Harmony Hawkins, Jett's twin, a sporty tomboy but with a girly touch here and there; George Kane, the player, his mom owns a massive tech company; Phoebe Cole, her dad is in Parliament as the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, meaning she acts all high and mighty; Francis Bennett, his mom is Home Secretary, he's not as stuck up, as Francis and Phoebe are dating (allegedly), their parents allow them to get away with most things. Clarice and Jett are to but I'm not sure how long that will last.
I head to my first lesson of the day; the crowd parts for me like the red sea, but that's because they only want favours, I shake my head subtly.
I duck into my class and sit down in a seat in the back, plug in my earphones and start some music. Once everyone has filled in the teacher starts talking but I don't listen, she always writes what we need to do on the board anyway.

I do some work and people leave me alone, I look up to see the teacher droning on about something, so I take out an earphone.

"This is a partnered assignment, no you can't do the work alone or choose your partners," she says. The class groans. She goes through the list, "Miss King you're with Mr Danielson." I roll my eyes; Oscar Danielson, a cross between a jock and a geek, walks over and sits next to me.

"So, Miss King, do you know what we've got to do?" He asks with a smug smile. I put my earphone back in and he nudges me repeatedly until I take it back out. I glare at him. "We've got to create a fake business and what the business is depends on what pack she gives us and how much money we have in it."
I roll my eyes, "Great..." I mumble, "When is it due?" Please don't be long.
Oscar rolls his eyes this time, "You weren't listening at all, were you?" He says sharply. I shake my head and he let's out a big sigh, "We have a whole term because she wants to introduce different situations to see if we can cope."
I put my head on the desk; a term is four months, for four months I've got this assignment with Oscar.
Our teacher comes over and slams something on the desk, "What's the matter with Miss King?" She asks sharply when I don't flinch.

"She realised how long this assignment is," Oscar replies, "I would have thought this would be an easy assignment for her though."

I snap my head up, "You don't know me!" I snap at him. "I may be absolutely useless with this. Don't assume things, it makes an ass out of me and you!"

My teacher gives me a pointed look and walks to the next desk. Oscar passes me a folder with secretary on it, I look at his and it says CEO. I grab it out of his hands, "You don't think it would be better if I had CEO? I've been preparing for this since I was born."

Oscar looks at me wide-eyed, "But... you don't see many woman running the massive company's with multiple businesses."

I hand him the secretary folder, "Sexism gets you nowhere in life." Oscar glares at me.
"Ok, it's time open up your packs and set up your businesses." Our teacher chimes. Oscar makes a weird noise.

I look over to him, "What's the matter?"

"The wage is minimum wage. £8.50/hour..."
"£10.00 an hour."

He looks at me, wide eyed, "That's low."

I roll my eyes, "It's a starting business, you're lucky that you're hired at all."

I look over the investors, one investor, "Shit. Kane tech. Why Kane tech?" Oscar looks at me.

"Yo, King, thanks for the money." I look and see George smirking at me.

I shoot him a devilish smile, "Right back at ya," His face pales. "What? Do you think they all said King? Ha, that's hilarious!"

I look over the company, I flip through the headings. I sigh, this is going to take a good two hours to remember. I feel eyes on me. Turning I see Oscar looking at me inquisitively, "What?" I snap.
He raises an eyebrow, "I never pegged you as one of George's girls," he says and I laugh. "What? You two act like it."
"I'm not one of his girls. I will never be," I say, "We just joke with each other."

The bell goes and I slip the pack into my note book, "We'll need to go over some details for this assignment soon. I can't today, but if we meet up tomorrow, that will do."
Oscar nods, "Great, I'll speak to you tomorrow to discuss details."
I leave class with my book held close to my chest. I walk into my next class already for this day to be over.
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