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Never Trust the one who says they love you cause they will kill you without touching you! © All rights belong to Kewan Wallace 2020

Drama / Mystery
Kewan Wallace
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Series 1- An Unknown Man

It was just last year that I got married to one of the most handsome men on this side of heaven. James knew how to treat me and knew all the things I liked!

It's 3 am and he's sound asleep but yet I'm still woke with so much on my mind and no one to vent to...he awakes and says baby are you okay , yeah what's wrong and why are you sweating so bad I thought that you had pissed on me..Nawl baby I just had a dream that I died but I really couldn't see the other that's a crazy dream to be having but trust me baby you not gone die no time soon now gone back to sleep I told him and as he turned over I begin to rub his back and then he was back to snoring and here I am still awake.

Gazing out of the window thinking to myself how did I become so mind-controlled by his affectionate ways that things he did to me I looked over them. Once again he you still woke?

Yeah, sweetie, I was just sitting here thinking to myself of us...
What about us are you thinking of he asked
nothing babe just go back to sleep I love you. I reached to turn the light off and then all of a sudden a friend request comes to my's a man name Lonell and I accept his request!

Lonell: Hello Beautiful what are you doing up this late?

© All Rights Reserved To Kewan Wallace 2020
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