Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 10

Nina Clark POV

It's been a year since that day. By now I've been doing well. I try not to think about it too much. I should be happy how it all ended.

My singing career took off and my label is very happy with me. We came to a conclusion that I'll only produce music and tour when I'm ready. I need to heal mentally before I throw myself in the spotlight.

Right now I'm on my way with my dad to uncle Killian's house. Auntie Clara, his wife and daughter are also there. Emily, or Emmy. That's how we call her, she's not doing so well. I also know that they have a son, but they are not on speaking terms.

I don't know the details about it, but it does make me remember of Ethan's situation. His dad was rich, just like I thought, but cut him off after he chose to be a teacher instead of joining him at the company. I understood that his dad put an enormous kind of pressure on his shoulders, and Ethan isn't the person who you can tell into what to do. You just can't. He never explained what his dad did, or what his name was. He just didn't like to talk about it, so I dropped it.

Just like him, I had secrets, hell I left with a secret. I was mad a lot then, but I have to remember the truth. The truth mom told me when she called me awhile back.

'Hi mummy.' I say in a sleepy voice. 'Hi baby, did I wake you?' I shake my head but then I remember that she can't see me. 'No, it's fine.' 'Okay, well. I have some news.' She says with a trembling voice. 'It's regarding Ethan.' My voice hitches. 'E-Ethan?'

'Yes, Ethan.' She say annoyed, I can see her rolling her eyes at me right now. 'I know the truth. The absolute truth, it's all over the news.' She states, 'The news?' I wonder, 'Yes, baby. Miss Dumfort has been sentenced jail time for blackmail and harassment. She blackmailed students into sleeping with her, after they did that she blackmailed them again saying if they don't, she'll tell the authorities they raped her.' I clamps my mouth.

'Oh God!' 'Yes, it didn't start with Ethan as he never slept with her. He said in his statement, that she attacked him in the gym at a moment that he was distracted. He was so stunned that he didn't react until he saw his girlfriend crying and running away. He said that he never got the chance to tell her the truth.'

'I'm such an idiot!' I screamed in the phone. 'Yes, you kind of are. So, are you coming back home?'

But I didn't go back home. I couldn't, not after everything. I was still healing.

We pull up at the big house in the middle of New York, as my dad looks my way. 'Emmy isn't doing okay.' He states. 'What do you mean?' He sighs, 'I'm scared for her, Killian...' He states and my blood is starting to boil.

If that man had even a little bit of kindness in his being for his own family as he did for me, we wouldn't even think about Killian in a bad way. But that asshole is putting so much pressure on Emily that she's crumbling down. She's already doing something she doesn't love because of him. Emmy wanted to become an orchestra pianist but he made her go to med-school. Probably with a threat above her head, adding even more pressure.

'We'll see, we don't know for sure.' I tell him, grabbing his hands. 'How's Luke doing?' He asks me. 'The same.' I answer shortly not really wanting to talk about it. He sigs but lets it slide.

'Let's get going.' Just like every Friday we go over there to have dinner. Sometimes it's at my place or at dad's, but mostly it's here.

We ring the bell and I see Killian opening the door. A smile creeps up his face as he sees me. He opens his arms to give me a hug and I let him. But I quickly release to see how Emmy is doing.

I walk past him and see Emmy sitting there. She's skin over bones. Her complexion is fading almost grayish, I see her arms as she tries to hide the scares with bracelets. He's killing her. She looks at me with a pleading look, and then at her dad who is scowling at her. 'Stop it!' I yell at him as I see him looking at her like that. Like she did something wrong.

He looks shocked at me, since I never said anything like it. I'm grateful for everything he did for me, but enough is enough. He's killing his own daughter and he'll know it because I won't have any of it!

I walk over to auntie Clara who is looking sadly at Emmy. I give her a hug, 'Just let me.' I whisper in her ear. I feel her nod against my cheek.

Watch it, Uncle Killian. You've got the wrong person before you. You can mess with your family, but no-one messes with mine.

I pull back and take Emmy's hands in mine. I look in her dead looking blue eyes. God, she looks so sad. This is horrible. She looks stunned at me as I pull her up. We walk over to the door. I open it and say, 'Go upstairs and pack. Pack what you need, clothes, books, make-up, essentials.' 'Emily...' Killian warns her with a glare, 'Now, Emily. You're going to do it now.' I tell her in my best mom voice. She squeals scared and runs or what ever you call it up the stairs. She's so damn skinny....

'Who the hell do you think you are?!' Killian shouts at me with a glare. 'Don't you fucking dare! I'm saving her!' I yell back at him getting in his face, 'Saving her from what?' He yells back, 'From you!' He stumbles back, shaking his head. 'You're killing her and you don't even see it!' I yell again as I see my dad and auntie Clara nod. He doesn't see it, but they do...

I silence my voice as I walk closer to him, 'Look at her when she comes back down, but really look at her. Look at her skin, look at the marks on her wrists, look at how skinny she is...' He sighs deeply probably not understanding what the hell is happening. But like clockwork Emily walks inside with a suitcase in hand. How is that even possible? She's been gone for 5 minutes.... It's like she already packed it.

I look up to see Killian who looks shocked at Emily. So, now you see it. You fucking dipshit! 'Go sit in the car.' I tell her squeezing her hand, she grunts from the squeeze as it must've hurt her a bit. God, I hope I'm not too late.

'Dad? Go with her.' I order him with a wave. He gives me a proud nod. They both walk out as Emily is asking my dad all sorts of questions but he only answers, 'Nina is handling it, sweetie.' And he kisses her forehead, she falls into the fatherly kiss... This is the kind of affection she's missing from her own dad.

'Now what?! You took her away? You delusional stupid ungrateful little girl!' He yells at me. 'You deserved everything that came your way, last year. And more, I'm done with you!' I was shocked by his statement, like who the hell says something like this. Who says that someone deserves that kind of heartache? He's just mad... He doesn't understand what's going on... I tell myself.

I take Killian's hand and pull him harshly up the stairs to Emily's room. 'God, Nina!' He grunts not understanding what's going on. Well, let's show you! Normally I wouldn't know anything like this, but I had a friend who went trough the same things. Sadly, I know the hiding places. I couldn't safe my friend, but I can safe my cousin. I'll save her...

We walk into her very pink room as I pull him into the bathroom. I open the first drawer, 'What are you doing?' Killian spats, I pull some stuff to the side and let him show the razors. There is blood on them, because of self harm. 'Oh God.' He says shaking his head. I pull him to her bed and lift the mattress, just like I expected. I saw letters. I give them to him, already knowing what they are since they are addressed to him "Dear daddy". Fucking suicide letters.

'What did I do?' He says sitting down reading the letters, with his hands in his hair. He's completely destroyed as he reads the letters. I'm sorry I'm so hard, but you need to know what you are doing....

I stand up and open her closet doors, by now he knows I'm right and he follows me. I go over to her underwear section and pull everything aside. "I hate my life" " The pressure is too much" "Maybe if I keep cutting I'll finally be free."

Killian falls to the floor and shakes his head.

I stand before him and say, 'That's what you are doing to your daughter. Your own flesh and blood. You should love her and support her dreams. But you don't. She did everything she could to get your respect and for you to feel proud, but you never showed anything in this regard to her. Just wanting for her to be better, if I didn't interfered like this. She's be dead within a week, because she's about to starve. She's about to bleed to death, and that Uncle Killian is on you.' I spat pointing at him. He just keeps shaking his head.

'Emily!' He yells and jumps up, realizing what was happening, but I push him down with every little bit of strength I have.

'You won't come near her until I tell you you can. You will not reach out to her, until I say you can. You won't do anything until I get her healthy again.' I sneer at him pointing my finger at him.

'You can't...' 'But I can. You will honor this, because only then your daughter can heal. You should be ashamed of what you did to her. But I guess you did the same with your son, or didn't you?' I tell him angrily, remembering that they have a son who he pushed away, he even cut him off just because he wanted to do something else in life then his father saw him do.

With that I walk out of the room and see auntie Clara standing there pacing from one side to another. 'Nina?' 'It's bad, I'm taking her in. I don't want him anywhere near her until she's ready. She needs to get healthy first. She's skin and bones.' I say worriedly. 'I know, she won't eat and then Killian...'

'I know, I saw everything. He's still in there, he should feel the pain. Only then he'll learn.'

I walked out of the house and into the car. 'Nina?' Emily asks in a shrilly voice. 'Yes?' 'What are you doing?' She asks,

'Your moving in with me. I'm going to help you, first off. Let's have a movie night and take the stress off. Tomorrow, I'm sorry but tomorrow I'm calling a friend of mine. She's a psychologist and she's going to help you. I'll take care of your dad, I already did... He won't come near you, not until I give him the green light. The only thing I ask from you, is work. Work on yourself and for yourself. Love yourself, Emily... Because you are one hell of a good, lovable and gorgeous woman.'

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