Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 16

Nina Clark POV

Ethan decided to go unpack. I dropped the kids of in their rooms so they can also get some rest. After that I went to the kitchen and started dinner.

Since my housekeeper, Mrs. Green stocked the fridge. I can make anything I ever wanted. I decided to keep it simple. I went with chicken pasta and some side salad. For dessert I chose to make a cheesecake, I hope to lure Ethan back with that one. Since it’s his favorite.

I understand, more than anyone he doesn’t want to have this dinner. But I also know Uncle Killian, he misses his son. I never knew his name but the second his wife, my auntie Carla brought it up. He’d been close to tears.

‘What smells so fantastic in here?’ Ethan asks me as he slips his hands around my waist, as I’m chopping some veggies. ‘I’m making cheesecake. It’s in the oven, also I’m making my chicken pasta, with peppers and a side salad.’ ‘Are you trying to get me fat? You know how much I love these dishes.’ I giggle. ‘I know. I’ll just make you a plate and you can eat it in our bedroom.’

‘Thanks, love.’ ‘Of course. I missed English, real English in the house. I’m so happy you’re here.’ He spins me around and his lips are suddenly on mine. ‘oumf.’ My arms slip around his neck as his arms flow around my waist. He picks me up and places me on the counter. I open my legs, so that I can pull him closer to me. A growl slips from his mouth as I deepen the kiss.

He pulls back, looks in my eyes with his filled with lust. ‘Nina.’ He says taking a step back. ‘We should probably make dinner.’ He says adjusting himself. I whine in destress as he let’s go of me. ‘I know I wasn’t forward in the past,’ I say sighing. ‘but how to ruin a moment. I thought you wanted this?’ I say a bit disappointed. ‘I do, Nina. God, I do. Just not like this and not when the kids could walk in on us any moment. I don’t want to scar them for life, on my first day in their home.’

Okay, I could understand that. ‘Fine, but I’m going to take a shower later and you’d better come with me. I waited long enough for you to come back to your senses. I’m not waiting another day.’ I say warning him, while pointing at him with my knife.

‘It’s been a day.’ He says, like that’s the truth. ‘I don’t know how many girls you’ve slept with the last 7 years. But for me, it has been 7 years. 7 years, that’s a long time to wait for someone.’ I tell him shrugging my shoulders.

‘You didn’t meet anyone else?’ He asks taken back. ‘Of course, I met people, even dated awhile. But in the end, I realized I didn’t want anyone else but you. You ruined me, Eth.’

‘I don’t know if this is any kind of help, but I didn’t date either. I did have my needs though, but it didn’t mean anything. You ruined me too. I was so lost without you, baby.’ Relieve flushes my system. Random fucks, that’s what I expected. Love, Ethan. No. That was impossible.

‘Could you lend me a hand? The faster we are done here, the longer we have in the shower.’ I say with a wink.

About 10 minutes later, is everything ready. I rush upstairs, and poof my head in the kids’ room. I know they are both in Luke’s room. ‘Mum is going in the shower. Dad is in our room.’ ‘Okay, mummy.’ They reply in unison, but just like always both not looking up. They are so into their own thing. It swallows them completely. I love to just watch them sometimes.

I walk to my room, which is in the end of the hall. That way both of them can come to me fast if something is wrong.

I open the door and see Ethan sitting on my bed. I pull my hair tie out of my hair to let it loose. I make my way over to the shower. I discard my clothes quickly and turn the shower on. One of the perks of being a celebrity, money. I don’t have to think about anything, I have a great shower with massage heads, and it gets warm so fast. I still remember the days where you had to wait five minutes to just have warm water, shower quickly because otherwise the other didn’t have hot water.

I stand under the stream as I feel Ethan’s presence behind me. I used to be ashamed of my body. I used to think I wasn’t beautiful. Now I don’t care, I know I’m worth more than I ever thought and that’s because of Ethan. He built my confidence.

‘So beautiful.’ He says as he ravishes my body with his eyes. I take a step forward, ‘What’s that?’ He asks pointing out to my scar. ‘I had an emergency c-section’ I tell him. His eyes flood with guilt, and he shakes his head. ‘I’m so sorry, Nina. I’m so terribly sorry.’ ‘Why are you sorry? It happened, big deal? Was I scared? Yes, I was. Did I dream of you being there? Of course, I did. But it didn’t happen and that was on me. If I hadn’t been so scared to tell you, none of it would’ve happened. I wouldn’t have been working 24/7, college and my singing on top of that. It happened because I didn’t listen to my body, it was my fault.’

‘But you had to work so hard, because I wasn’t there.’ He counters back. I shake my head, ‘I just should’ve told you. Now come here.’ I tell him and give him a hug.

We stand here for what felt like hours. Just being in each other’s arms. He starts kissing my neck slowly, a small moan escapes my lips. He picks me up and places me on the wall as he kisses me further. From my neck, to my nipples, to my lips until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I feel a finger slowly enter me, pushing in very slowly. ‘Shit.’ I hiss, I missed that feeling. As I felt myself getting wetter, he pushed a second one in as well. Soon he fastened his pace, ‘Oh, Ethan.’ I moan against him. My back arched, as I feel I’m close. ‘I won’t hold long.’ He warns me.

I know what he means, he missed me. He missed me so much, he won’t be able to withhold the urge to restrain himself. I don’t care, I won’t either. The second he enters me I won’t hold either. I give him a small nod as he places the tip near my entrance and slips in slowly. ‘Oh.’ That feels so good, it hurts a bit. But that is to be expected if you didn’t have sex for so long. He gives slow thrusts, making real love to me. My walls start clenching. ‘shit.’ He hisses as his thrusts become faster. His hands grip my ass hard as I become undone, and he fills me up.

‘I missed you.’

‘I missed you too.’

I quickly got dressed into a nice dress and some high heels. ‘You look great.’ Ethan compliments me. He kisses my cheek as the kids come running in. ‘Mum, mum. Killian is here.’ I give them a nod. ‘So, the doorbell rang, and you opened it?’ I ask them. ‘I looked through the window first. Auntie Emmy is with him. Also, Carla.’

I look over to Ethan, ‘You don’t have to come down, if you don’t want to. If you do, we’re just in the living room eating some appetizers and having some wine. If you don’t come, I’ll ask one of the kids to bring you a plate.’

He kisses my forehead. ‘I’ll think about it, it’s just hard. Nina. Really hard, a lot of things were said and…’

‘You don’t have to explain, but I do know that they miss you. Every time your mum brought you up, without a name, your dad went out of the room with tears in his eyes. I talked to him about it, he has regrets Ethan.’

With that I walk out of the bedroom and make my way downstairs.

I see Uncle Killian and auntie Carla standing there with their daughter. As I take a better look at them, I can now see the resemblance with Ethan. How didn’t I see it before? Because you’ve been trying to forget him. That’s a silly thought looking back, the love of my life…. Yes, that’s what he is. The love of my life, no denying anymore.

‘Nina, I heard you went to London?’ He says surprised. ‘We did, I promised the kids to go there.’ I say vaguely, his eyes scan over my face. ‘That’s very vague even for you. Tell me Lil, Luke what did you guys do in London?’

I was about to tell them not to answer when, Lilly started screaming, ‘We met daddy.’ She says with a smile, jumping up and down. ‘Did you now?’ He says looking at me. ‘So…?’ ‘He’s living with us now. He’s happy to see mummy and us. He’s very proud of us.’ She starts ranting. ‘Okay, baby girl that’s enough.’ I don’t want them to tell him all of this. Ethan wouldn’t want that.

‘So, he’s here?’ Clara asks me. I nod, ‘Well…’

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