Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 17

Nina Clark POV

‘Yes, he is.’

That’s Ethan’s voice. I look behind me and see Ethan walking down the stairs. ‘Daddy!’ Lukas screams and runs to him. Ethan picks him up with a smile and walks over to me. I was shocked, this was dramatic. Even for him. I give him a knowing, but thankful look. I know he doesn’t want to be here; and I appreciate that he is here.

I look back to Killian, Clara and Emmy. ‘E- Ethan?’ Clara asks with a breaking voice. Her mouth clamps on the ground. ‘Hi, mum.’ He says with his very English accent. I missed that.

I can see that Clara is about to faint but catch her before she hits the ground.

‘Okay, let’s put her on the couch. Eth, did you really have to be dramatic like that?’ I say with a glare.

He shrugs his shoulders, ‘It’s not like this is my favorite moment in time, Love.’

I understand that, I really do, but this. This is more than just not his favorite time; he feels better because of this reaction and that’s not really okay. Maybe they deserved it, but this isn’t the way.

‘Why don’t you go to the kitchen and grab a glass of water.’ He gives me a nod and walks away. I release a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding.

Soon he comes back with a glass of fresh water and gives it to his mum. He takes a seat next to her as he watches her closely.

Killian looks like he’s about to have a heart attack and Emmy is looking at Ethan as if she’s seen a ghost.

Clara looks up again to see Ethan sitting next to me with a giggling Lilly on his lap, hugging her closely.

‘Better?’ He asks his mum. ‘You’re really here?’ She asks stunned. ‘I am, Nina brought me with her.’ He says kissing my cheeks making me blush.

‘You know Nina?’ She asks bewildered. He nods, ‘Of course I do, she’s the love of my life and the mother of my kids.’ He says shrugging his shoulder and making me blush even more.

‘Mother of… Love of…’ Her eyes widen as she claps her mouth. ‘Ethan Charles Phillips!’ She says standing up and hitting his head. ‘Auw! What was that for?’ He asks rubbing his head. But then she wraps her arms around him. ‘My baby, I missed you so much.’ She cries.

‘See, that was the reaction I expected from you, Love.’ He says pointing at Carla. I laugh, ‘I’m much more at fault than her, sweetie.’ He shakes his head, ‘No, you’re not.’

‘Care to explain?’ His father says in a worried tone, finally finding his voice again. He looks like he's about to shit his pants, he's deadly pale right now. I nudge Ethan to go on anyway.

‘So, I was teaching at a local high school in London. Nina was my student 7 years ago. She was failing my class miserably and I was going to tutor her. But somewhere along the way, we fell in love and I think you know the rest.’

His runs his hands through his hair. ‘You slept with your student.’ I sigh rolling my eyes at that, ‘That’s how babies are made, Uncle Killian.’ He shakes his head, ‘That’s like super illegal, oh God.’ I shake my head, ‘No it wasn’t, believe me, it’s nothing like you think. He had to work for it, we were together for about a year before we fell out. We just fell in love.’ He starts pacing.

‘I still can’t believe this. My son is back, he’s an adult. The kids that I’ve seen grow up, are actually my grandkids. Holy shit, Emmy is Lukas’ surgeon. She operates on her own nephew.’ He says pacing around.

‘Dad, Jesus don’t freak out. I didn’t know, you didn’t know. It’s not like any of this happened on purpose, believe me. If it weren’t for Nina, I wouldn’t even been here. And I sure as hell wouldn’t be talking to you.’ He says harshly shooting daggers at his dad with his eyes.

‘Ethan…’ Killian says with sadness in his voice, but Ethan turns to his sister and takes her hands. ‘God, Emmy. I’m so sorry.’ He pulls her in for a hug. ‘Ethan?’ It’s like they’ve all seen a ghost, not believing he’s here. ‘I’m back, and I’ll make it up to you.’ ‘Make up for what?’ She asks shaking her head. ‘I know what dad did, I’m so sorry that burden was put on your shoulders when I left. I left and you didn’t get your dream. I was selfish, please forgive me.’ The tears in her eyes say more than all the words could’ve said.

‘I was so mad at you when you left, I was 16 years old. Suddenly all expectations came to me. It was so hard. Without Nina, I wouldn’t be here anymore. She saved me on more than one occasion, with all that pressure. It was slowly killing me, and she was the only one that really saw.’

Killian turn completely pale, and Ethan looks like he’s about to commit a murder. Before he even gets the chance to murder his dad, I stop him midtrack and take him into my embrace. I pull his head down, so he can look in my eyes. His eyes look blood red, he's angry and with good reason, but it's over.

‘It’s over, I made sure of it. It’s all done, I gave him a real piece of angry Clark.’ His eyes soften and closes as closes the distance between us by kissing me. ‘Thank you.’

‘Angry Clark is scared.’ Killian laughs as he wraps his arms around Emmy. ‘Believe me I know.’ Ethan says, ‘It was the last I ever saw of her when she left.’ It was actually the hurt one, but I guess it looks the same. ‘The last of Nina Clark you saw was the angry one? What on earth did you do?’ Clara asks bewildered.

‘He cheated on me.’ Ethan looks at me completely shocked, which I understand since his mum is looking at him like she’s going to kill him because of it. ‘Okay, you didn’t. She forced herself on you, I know. But at the time, I thought you were cheating on me. It was really hard, and I got angry.’

‘Oh boy, so what happened?’ Killian asks with a laugh. ‘Well, that person is in jail. I made sure of it, she was harassing me, and blackmailing students to have S-E-X with her for a better grade. After they did that, she said if they didn’t sleep with her again, she’s going to reveal it as rape and since she’s the teacher….’ He explains leaving everyone shocked.

‘Daddy, we can spell words you know. But since it’s a bad word…. I won’t say it.’ Lilly says proudly, nudging her head up. ‘You two are too smart, what does the word mean?’ He asks them.

‘Hugging but not in a way we are allowed to do.’ She says in a duh-tone, Ethan looks up to me with "a what on earth-look". ‘What?’ I ask, ‘I had to tell her something.’ I lean closer to his ear, ‘It was that or her looking it up in the dictionary.’ His eyes widen, ‘Your mum is right, sweetie. You are not allowed to do any of that until your 30.’ He says making me and everyone else laugh.

‘Let’s talk again when she’s 16.’ Killian says patting him on the back, Ethan shakes his head. ‘Nope, not happening.’ ‘That’s what I said and then it was too late.’ He says looking at Emmy. ‘And I did find out in a very awkward way.’ He says shaking his head in disgust. ‘A father does not need to see any of that.’

Emmy starts laughing. ‘As if that was my first “hug”.’ she says. Killian looks at her, ‘It wasn’t? You were like only 17 at the time.’ She starts giggling and Ethan shakes his head, ‘I believe she was 15, dad.’ ’15!?’ He says angry. ‘Hey, sell out.’ She punches Ethan in the gut.

‘Hey! I need him in one piece you know.’ I yell at her.

‘Auntie Emmy don’t hit daddy. That’s not nice, do you want to put a quarter in the bad-jar?’ Lukas says in her warning tone. ‘Bad-jar? You still have that thing?’ Emily asks. ‘Of course, how do you think they stay out of trouble? After the whole music teacher fiasco, I made him put two dollars in there. It was the last time he did anything like that.’

‘He wasn’t wrong you know. The kid is much better than an average music teacher.’ Ethan states. ‘Still, he shouldn’t have said it like that.’ Ethan sighs, ‘Your right, sweetie.’ A smile spreads on my face.

‘Now look at that smile.’ Clara says, ‘And now she’s blushing.’ She goes on. ‘Okay, stop embarrassing me. I liked it better when nobody knew who Ethan was.’ I say not thinking about my words thoroughly.

His entire being changes, ‘Shit, sorry. Eth, I didn’t mean it like that. You know I don’t like being in the center of this kind of attention. I freaked. I didn’t mean anything by it, you know I love you.’ I rant and rant.

‘Nina.’ He says, but I keep on ranting. ‘MUMMY!!!’ Lukas yells, hitting his hands on his thighs. ‘Damn, woman. Stop ranting. I know you. It’s okay. And I love you too.’ ‘Not mad?’ ‘A bit hurt, but I know you. It’s okay.’

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