Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 19

Nina Clark POV

Ethan was gone for like an hour before I decided to look for him. I knew that his dad went in the same the direction little after he went out. I just hope that Killian doesn’t screw him over again.

After Clara, Emmy and I cleared the table. We sat down in the living room. ‘So, Nina.’ Clara starts, I look up to meet her eyes. ‘How did you actually meet Ethan?’ She asks. ‘At the beginning of the schoolyear, he was my homeroom teacher as well as my English teacher.’ I tell her shrugging my shoulders. ‘Nothing else?’ I shake my head.

‘It wasn’t love at first sight or anything. I knew my place. He was my teacher and nothing more. But then we got to know each other over the tutoring sessions and fell in love.’

‘Just like that?’ I shake my head. ‘It wasn’t until December that he kissed me. He’d been tutoring me for like 3 months before that day.’ Her eyes lit up, ‘What happened in December?’ I smile as the memory plays in my head.

‘I had to work a double and he was going to tutor me after my shift. So, it was pretty late, but my mom had the nightshift, so he didn’t make a big deal out of it even though it was 10 PM.’ Their smiles drop a little bit, but I go on. I’m proud of where I came from. It’s a good thing to know, that’s how I keep myself grounded. Well that and the kids.

‘When my shift ended, I stepped out of the diner and got drenched from head to toe. It was pouring like it’s only possible in London. Lord, I was completely soaked. So, I ran home. When I got there, he was waiting in the rain as well. Both completely soaked, we got in. I turned the heat on and asked him to take a shower. I would shower after him, knowing he’d have the hot water. When I came down after my shower, I was in nothing more than a short and a t-shirt, it was laundry day… Don’t hate on me, I’m no slut never have been... But everyone has a laundry day...’ I tell her laughing.

She waves it away like it was nothing while Emmy has the biggest smile on her face.

‘I guess he couldn’t control himself anymore. I have to admit, in the previous sessions there was some little flirting from both sides. But I didn’t really know how to feel about that, I was his student for Christ sake.’ They laugh slightly as I go on with the story, ‘I would’ve been a liar if I said I didn’t have a crush on him, I mean look at him. He’s gorgeous and sexy,...’ Emmy shakes her head, ‘That’s enough about my brothers sexiness, Nina. I don’t need to hear about your sex-life.’

I raise my brow, ‘You’d learn a thing or two...’ I say with a laugh. Emmy starts fake gagging in her hands, ‘Ieuw! Ieuw!’ She says exaggerating/

‘Any how....When I came down in nothing more than I was wearing, he smashed his lips onto mine out of nowhere, as I was making tea. I guess I was kind of teasing him.’ I say with a grin.

‘Kind of?’ Ethan’s voice says jumping in on the conversation. ‘You were teasing me, and you knew it, nothing more than a loose shirt and some damn booty shorts. God, that was so damn sexy. Yup, I was a goner after that.’ He says with a laugh looking at his mom.

‘How did you continue the relationship?’ I sigh and look to Ethan. ‘In secret.’ He replies. ‘Nobody knew?’ I shake my head. ‘Nobody. Ethan would’ve lost his job and probably gone to jail. And for what? Falling in love with someone a couple of years younger than himself. We just had to get through June, and everything would be okay.’

‘Then you’d be 18.’ ‘Indeed? But than all the shit happened. And now we’re here.’ I explain with a sigh.

Jesus, why do I feel so embarrassed about that. It wasn’t embarrassing was it?

‘Okay, so let me think. You met each other when you were 17? So, Ethan was…?’ ‘My first yes.’ Ethan’s cheeks flushes. Probably the memory, that felt so good. And it really did, we loved each other even though he never said anything in that regard. I knew he loved me, just like I know now that he loves me.

I elbow him, ‘Sorry, I zoned out for a bit.’ Emmy starts laughing. ‘It must’ve been very good.’ She jokes.

‘It’s only good when you love someone.’ Ethan replies. ‘Nothing can beat that.’

Ethan takes my hand and pulls me against him. ‘I love you.’ He whispers with a small voice as he kisses my forehead and I close my eyes, enjoying the moment. This is something that I’ve wanted for years, but I couldn’t have it.

If it was due to his job, the age difference or the fact that we were both to stubborn. Right this moment this is all I wanted for years.

I open my eyes again and see the big smiles on the others.

‘I wish I had that.’ Emmy says with a sad voice. ‘You’ll find it, Emmy.’ Ethan says, ‘It’ll appear when you don’t expect it.’ I finish for him. He points at me, ‘That’s true, just like you don’t expect your kids on a stage one minute and the other, your daughter jumping off of it, not caring about the fact it’s a foot of the ground. We still need to scold her for that, love.’ Ethan mumbles looking shocked at me, urging on that she deserves a good warning.

And if Lilly was a normal kid then, I'd say "you're right". But I don't want her to be a shy kid again. She doesn't handle confrontation well.

I laugh at that, ‘She was just in a zone, Eth. I always told them what you looked like, as Lukas is your double-ganger. I mean, you don’t see one little thing of me in that boy. If it weren’t for Lilly, you wouldn’t know I’m his mum.’ I tell him defeated, sitting back in the couch.

Ethan looks at me, like and your point is...? But still with the love and tenderness I know he feels for me. I sigh defeated, I love Lukas for who he is. He's a great kid, he's so gifted.

I sigh as I go on, ‘So when Lilly saw you, she couldn’t believe her eyes and probably thought she was dreaming. That’s why she reacted that way, I’d know because I had to look twice as well.’ He gives me a nod and a supporting squeeze.

'Okay, Love. Well, if she does anything like that again. I'm going to give her a piece of my mind.' He says strictly and I swallow. 'Just, not too hard. She doesn't understand it well.' He cocks his head not understanding what I'm sayin, but Clara and Emmy nod, understanding exactly where I'm coming from.

Ethan can't know this stuff, and it's not his fault. Got to keep that in mind!

'Lilly, she's brilliant and always has a nose in a book. But get angry at her once and overreact, she'll shut down for weeks on end because she doesn't understand why you blew up like that.' I tell him shrugging my shoulders.

'Ha, that's like someone else I know.' Killian says nodding at Ethan. Ethan looks pale back at me. 'Seriously? She got that from you? It's not faire!' I yell throwing my arms in the air.

Suddenly two very tired little things stand on the stairs, rubbing their eyes. 'Mummy!' Lukas yells angry, 'Be quiet, I was sleeping and I had such a good dream. You ruined it, I was a piano!' He yells annoyed. I swallow deeply.

'Well, Love what were you saying? Lukas has your weird dreams and is very sensitive when it comes to his sleep. That does sound a lot like ' He says laughing out loud. I smile proudly looking at everyone with a big grin.

'Daddy, can you put me to bed please?' Lukas asks, 'Mummy ruined my dream, can you make me a new one?' 'Sure thing buddy, I'll be right there.'

'Luke, I'm sleeping with you tonight.' Lilly announces still rubbing her eyes, 'Okay.' He takes her hand and pulls her to his bedroom.

Ethan looks at me, 'I should probably know this stuff and I'm embarrassed I need to ask, but how the hell do I make a dream?' Clara and Emily start laughing. 'Dad started that.' Emmy explains patting her dad on the back.

Killian clears his throat. 'Do you remember when you were little, I told you bedtime stories?' Ethan nods, 'They were crazy and probably the reason I love books so much.'

'Well, one night I was babysitting because Nina had a concert and the kids got sick. It's crazy but they don't get sick individually. If one is sick they both get sick.... So, I got them some chicken-soup and told them my typical bedtime story to go to sleep... I guess it stuck...' He says laughing.

'You'd think?' Ethan and I say at the same time, pointing at the stairs making everyone laugh.

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