Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 2

Nina Clark POV

Ethan Phillips. I’ve called you Ethan for over a year now, but only now do I have permission to call you that in the school building.

I remember how it all started... I just wish now, it didn’t start at all.

‘Miss Clark, a word after class please.’ Mr. Phillips, my English teacher said. Everyone looks weirdly at me, what does he want? ‘Okay.’ I answer politely. I might not know why on earth he wants to talk to me, but my mother raised me well. Always respect your teachers and elders. That's what she taught me.

After class, I stayed behind just like he asked. 'Is there a problem, sir?′ I asked him stuttering. 'I’ve noticed the drop in your grades for my class.′ Shit. I’ve been so busy with work and the house work that I forgot to study for the last two tests. And if I’m being honest, I’m not that good in English.

‘I suggest you take a tutor, miss Clark. Otherwise, I’m afraid you won’t pass this class.’ My eyes widen. ‘No, I can’t fail this class. I need this to graduate and make it to college.’ I plead.

Mom has worked too hard to give me all she could, not just for me to screw everything up. I can’t repay her like this, I need to pass.

‘Then get a tutor.’ He states bored. ‘Well, Mr. my daddy is a billionaire Phillips. Not everyone has that kind of money to pay for a tutor.’ I snap not really thinking of the consequences.

‘Someone did their research.’ He says enjoyable. 'I’m sorry,′ I didn't really do research, but in my eyes everyone is richer then I am. That's just the very sad, but accepted by me, truth.

He holds his hand up, ‘Their is no need, for that. Why don’t you tell me why your grades have been dropping? You were doing well at first, what changed?’

I stumble back, ‘My mom had to cut back her hours at the hospital, she got sick with the flu. I had to pick up more shifts at the diner. I just forgot to study.’ I tell him honestly.

He nods understandingly, ‘Well, I’ll be your tutor then. I don’t want to make the situation worse then it is. We’ll meet here after school everyday.’

‘I appreciate that sir, but I can’t after school I work everyday until six. But my mom doesn’t come home until the next morning, she mostly works nights for the extra cash. Would it be too much to ask, to tutor me at my house?’

He seems to think it over, but nods, ‘It’s fine, but nobody can no about this. It’s not exactly what we’re supposed to do, but I’ll make an exception for once.’

‘Thank you so much!’ I shriek. I take my stuff and make my way towards the door of the classroom.

‘Nina,’ he starts, I turn around a bit startled, he never calls us by our first name. ′′ I stutter. 'No-one.′ He expresses. I give him a nod, ‘I know, you can trust me.’ I tell him with a smile.

That’s how it all started. I still can’t believe I’m now here, the end of the school year and still in the class of my boyfriend, well not officially. He doesn’t do labels... I roll my eyes, 'Nina, what did I say to deserve you rolling your eyes at me.′

‘Sorry, Ethan.’ I start with a smile on my face, ‘I was daydreaming.’ He chuckles. ‘About what?’ he wonders, 'Nothing specific.′

‘About that boyfriend of yours, right Nien?’ My best friend Sophie nudges at my side. I roll my eyes, 'No.′ ‘Right, he doesn’t do labels.’ ‘Soph!’ I scream a bit too loud, ‘Come on, Nina. It’s the end of the school year, you can admit he doesn’t exist.’ She jokes.

'I just like to keep things private, is that such a big deal at this school? Jesus Christ.′ She rolls her eyes. 'Just tell me his name then.′ Ethan’s eyes widen, whilst shaking his head at us bickering.

‘Sophie, I think Nina doesn’t want to talk about it.’ Soph crosses her arms before her, ‘That’s easy for you to say, I’ve been trying to get a name out of her for a fudging year.’ ‘And now, you think you’d get one?’ He says raising his eyebrow. ‘I guess not.’ She states defeated making the rest of the class chuckle.

Soon the class ends, but I pack my things rather slowly. Soph knows by now that I won’t be there soon, so she takes her things and goes out of the classroom with her other friends.

I walk toward the door and close it. 'Ethan.′ I say, turning back around. I see him in all his glory, putting everything away and getting ready for his next class. ‘Nina?’ He looks up to me but I can't meet his eyes, ‘How are you feeling?’ I shake my head, ‘I need to talk to you, it’s important.’ I tell him with trembling voice.

‘Love? Everything okay?’ He asks me. I shake my head, ‘Can we just talk? Like after school?’ He nods, ‘Sure, come to my classroom after your last class.’ He comes up to me and goes for a kiss on the lips, but I turn my head. ‘Nina, you’re scaring me.’

‘I’m scared,’ I admit, ‘Tell me what you want to tell me now?’ He pleads, but I shake my head. His bright blue eyes meet mine, he’s so handsome and his eyes are the ones I could get lost in. His broad shoulders, caging me in as he gave me that kiss. A kiss that used to make my knees weak. Now, I’m just scared. Scared of what he might do. Scared that he’ll reject the both of us.

He throws his hand through his blond hair. 'Okay, I trust you. Just, be honest on the end of the day okay? You are scaring me.′

‘Don’t worry, sweets.’ I say and kiss his cheek. I make my way out of his classroom and storm outside. Needing to catch my breath. Next class is gym, knowing it will be something fun makes me feel at ease.

After a couple of minutes I go back and walk into gym. Today is badminton. That's like the one sport that is always fun.

Just like we all predicted, it was fun. Music on the background as we made teams to play against each other. Ever since I was a kid, I loved music. It was my unrealistic dream to become a singer, but mom couldn’t afford singing lessons and I never asked for them once I knew what our financial status was. A single mom, doing everything she could for me. She felt so bad, she couldn’t afford those lessons that she cried herself to sleep for weeks.

That’s the day, I decided to get a job and help out. I found a job in the diner. Some nights, they ask me to sing for the clients. It’s always a big hit, and it gives us great tips at the end of the night. Which makes our lives much easier.

Ethan though, he never heard me sing. I didn’t want him to know that side of me. That’s something he shouldn’t know, knowing he wil find that dream of mine very unrealistic. It is, but hearing that from the one you love, hurts.

He never heard me sing, that's cruel right. The one you love so dearly, never heard or saw you doing the one thing you love doing. But I just waved it off, I’m going to college studying something that could land me a job. Like, business or law. I need something stable, I owe my mom that.

Since Gym is my last class, I enjoy that even more. Soph goes over to the stereo and takes the mic before giving it to me. She gives me that look that tells me " Your-not-going-to-get-away-with-that-missy." She turns the music up as I start to sing, Impossible from Nothing but Thieves.

Took a breath, let it go
Felt the moment settle so
I couln’t wait to tell you why
I’m standin’ here with this awkward smile
And that’s because

I could drown myself in someone like you
I could dive so deep I never come out
I thought it was impossible
But you make it possible

Love, it stings and then it laughs
At every beat of my battered heart
A sudden jolt, a tender kiss
I know I’m gonna die of this
And that’s because

I could drown myself in someone like you
I could dive so deep I never come out
I thought it was impossible
But you make it possible

I’ll take the smooth with the rough
Feels so fucked up to be in love
Another day, another night
Stuck in my own head but you pull me out
You pull me out

I could drown myself in someone like you
I could dive so deep I never come out
I thought it was impossible
But you make it possible

The music comes to an end and I just hear my class cheering for me. The teacher shuts the music down, 'I still can't believe you didn't apply to any music academies. It was your big dream, wasn't it Nina?' But all I can see is Ethan...kissing another...

The tears blur my vision, Ethan kissing Miss Dumfort.

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