Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 3

Nina Clark POV

All I can see is water, water in front of my eyes. I know exactly what's happening, I'm crying. Like this day wasn't bad enough, I just storm away. I rush past mrs. Peters, running as fast as I can out of the gym.

Just as I'm passing my boyfriend kissing, that skank of a teacher. Sophie is calling for me, 'Nina!' She screams. Just then Ethan pulls back and his head snaps to mine. His eyes widen, but I turn around and run as fast as I can into the girls locker room ignoring the screams of Sophie.

I need to get out of here, so I guess this meant he was going to end us after all. I couldn't believe it, I didn't accept any colleges far away from London because of him. I let him determine my future, not anymore. I'm going to accept my dream college, even if I need to bust my ass just to get by.

I'm getting dressed as the tears are spilling out of my eyes. 'Nina, what's wrong?' Sophie asks me. 'Nothing, don't worry about it.' I tell her sternly. I try to rush past her, but she stops me.

'No! I don't care, you are telling me right now what the hell is going on and why is Mr. Phillips waiting outside with a guilty face? He looks so distraught.' She tells me with a worried face.

Just hearing his name makes me cry even louder. 'Nina?'

'I never told you who my boyfriend was because I couldn't. Not because I didn't want to.' I tell her, she nods. ' I just saw my boyfriend, kissing someone else.' I explain to her, looking down. ' But how, we didn't see anyone kiss except for Mr. Phillips and Miss Dumfor-' 'Oh my God!' She screams.

'You were dating mr. Phillips?' She asks stunned. I nod, 'And now my heart got broken because of it. I can't face him, Soph. I can't tell him, I just can't.' I tell her.

'Tell him what?' I look her in the eye. 'I'm pregnant.' Her eyes widen. 'No? You gave him your virginity? Him?' I nod, 'It just kind of happened. I love him, Soph that's why this hurts so much. I just can't tell him. I don't want to get rejected once again.'

I sob as she nods her head, pacing trough the room. 'Well, then let's go. But you are telling me everything this time.' She says with her stern look and pointing her finger at me. I nod, 'I promise, just protect me.' I plead.

'Always, I just wished you would've told me before.' 'I know, but I didn't want to get suspended nor did I want him to loose his job because of me.'

'I get it, I do.' She pulls me up from the ground an into a hug. 'I love you, Soph.' I tell her, 'I love you spurts.' 'Let's go.'

We exit the locker room, and I see Ethan pacing back and forth with his hands in his hair. Soph pulls me away as we walk faster away, that somehow got his attention and he sped over to me. 'Nina!' He yells, grabbing my arm. 'Don't!' I yell loud enough for everyone to hear, yanking my arm out of his grab.

He takes a step back, with his hands in the air. 'Nina, hear me out please.' 'She doesn't want to.' Sophie says standing next to me.

He looks between us. And his face turns pale, 'You've told her.' 'I told my best friend, I just saw my boyfriend kissing another girl and was fucking enjoying it!'

'Nina, hear me out. It's not what it looks like.' He tries but Soph and I scoff, 'Seriously, it's not what it look like. I know what I saw. I was staring at it for lord knows how long. Don't you dare tell me what I saw and didn't see. We're done, Ethan. Don't come near me ever again.'

I don't care about anything anymore, all I know is that I need to get the hell out of here. I run, I don't care about the fact that Ethan is now sitting on the floor with his head in his hands, probably crying.

I reach my bike and get on it, 'Nina!' He screams after me, but I don't stop I just drive as fast as I can home. I let all the tears flow. I need a plan. I need a plan, I don't know what I can do.

I do have that acceptance letter from Colombia, in New York at my desk. But College at the states is crazy expensive. I did get a scholarship though, but still living there is also expensive I could get a job...

A job to pay rent and school supplies? Is it possible? Could I do it? 'It's a step closer to my dream.'

When I come home I rush upstairs knowing my mom isn't home yet. I know her, she'll come in an hour or so since she had de dayshift. I rush upstairs and take all my clothes off. I take my pyjama's and put them on. Hair in a messy bun and all of a sudden am I at peace.

'Nina?!' I hear my mom scream at the bottom of the stairs. 'Mom?' I go down and see mom sitting at the kitchen island. 'What's this Nina?' She asks with my acceptance letter of Colombia in her hands. 'You can go to Colombia? What about the baby?' She wonders.

'I was going to talk to you about that. I applied a long time ago, I just didn't think I'd get in. But now I know I need to go, it's the only school I got in. I know their music program ain't much, but it's still something.' I tell her honestly.

'So, I take it that talk with Ethan didn't go very well?' I shake my head, 'I caught him cheating on me.' I tell her, I try to keep the tears back, but it's all in vein.

'Oh my baby, did you tell him?' She asks, I shake my head. 'I just ran, mom. I don't want to see him ever again.'

'But sweetie, he has the right to know about that baby.' 'I know, but I don't want to get rejected. I can't do what you did mom, right now I know that baby in me is made from two people who loved each other at one point. Even though it didn't end well, that's what I'll always tell that baby. Dad left you because of me. I don't want my baby to know that feeling. And now, I'm the bad guy. Let me be the bad guy mom.'

Mom sobs, 'I never knew you thought that way. Your father did love me, baby. He did, you were made out of love and don't ever think differently.' 'How could I be sure? He never tried to reach me mom, he never answered your letter. He doesn't want me.'

'So, you want to go to Colombia?' She asks and I nod, 'But then I need to leave tomorrow. I called them and they said I need to be there for the summer, so I can catch up on some stuff.' 'Well then, I need to make a phone call and you need to pack.'

'Phonecall? To whom?' 'To your father. I'll give you his address and that's where you'll go to, when you land in New York.'

'Wait, what?!' I shriek, where did this sudden information come from? How long did she have it? And why is it now suddenly possible?

'Go pack, Nina.' She says with that tone in her voice that doesn't indicate interruption.

And I did, I went packing.

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