Ethan Phillips

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Chapter 5

Nina Clark POV

His eyes faze through me, he's reading me like a book. Just like he is kissing every inch of my body, right this second. I arch my back, into his kiss. 'Ethan.' I moan into him. 'Lay still, baby.' He says. 'I can't, I need you.'

He makes his way even more down, his breath right on my center. 'oh' I moan as I feel his tongue caressing my clit. Just the way I like it. The feel of his tongue on me, moving faster circling my clit. 'Damn it.' I hiss under my breath as he inserts a finger.

His tongue making fastening his movements while he keeps on fingering me. Fastening as I'm about to cum, 'Cum for me.' I shake my head, 'No, I want you in me. Now.' I tell him.

'Are you sure, I can wait Nina.' 'I don't care, I want you.' I tell him, he knows it's my first time, but right this second I couldn't care less. 'I'm sure,' I tell him, he looks me in the eyes as he places himself between my legs.

'I trust you.' I tell him, honestly I do trust him. I trust him with my life. 'I love you.' I tell him and he pushes in. 'Shit!' I hiss, that stings. 'Relax, baby. Just relax.' I do as I'm told. Soon the sting subsides because I'm getting wetter and more comfortable.

'Move.' I tell him, hopefully he knows I'm alright. He does as I ask, the sting is completely gone and all I feel is pleasure and love. He doesn't say he loves me, but I feel he does.

'Oh.' I moan as he pushes back and forth, while kissing my neck.

'So tight, I love...y-, being inside of you.' He says, for a minute I thought he was going to say he loves me. Why doesn't he just admit it?

'Faster.' I moan against his neck. He does as I ask him too, making us both moan in pleasure. 'Shit, Nina. You feel so good.' Only hearing stuff like that, makes me moan even louder against him.

I hook my legs around him and turn us around, with him inside of me, in one swift move. 'What are you doing?' He asks me, but I ignore it and start riding him.

His eyes roll back to the back of his head as I'm riding him, 'Crap.' He states like he's having trouble holding back.

'Don't hold back.' I tell him, seeing him cum, is one of the best things in the world. I love seeing him cum, he grabs my hips and adjusts me a little bit more to the right, 'Fuck.' That feels so good. Now, I'm the one who's not going to hold back.

I quicken my pace, moving back and forth riding him as best as I can. 'Oh' I moan feeling my insides clench around him. I grab his chest as he comes up and puts an arm around me, while pounding into me, 'Cum for me, Nina. Cum around my cock.' He says and I do, I cum as hard as I never had before, throwing my head back as he fills me up with his cum.

'Miss?' 'Miss?' I jerk up awake, taking in my surroundings. I see the stewardess standing in front of me. A tear falls on my cheek, quickly I wipe it away.

'Yes?' she gives me a small smile, 'We're in New York.' I look around and see that all the passengers are already off the plane. 'Oh, I'm so sorry.' 'It's okay, it's a long flight. I hope you slept well.' 'I did, thank you.'

I take my bag and go off the plane, of course not without saying goodbye. I go to the baggage claim and take my one suitcase. Got to admit, it was painful to know my whole life could be packed up in just one big suitcase and a backpack.

Not that I need much more, but still. I need to make something from myself. Making sure, I pay mum back. I have to make sure, she doesn't have to work extra shifts anymore, only to be able to keep our house.

I hold a cab, knowing where I need to go. Mom said, she wanted to ask David, my dad, to pick me up. But I didn't need him to pick me up, hell he wouldn't even recognize me. How could he?

In the cab I tell him the address of my destination, he gives me a weird look, but still goes with it. About half an hour later, stupid New York traffic, we pull up at the gate. 'We're here.' The cabdriver says. 'This is where the address leads? This mansion?' I ask him completely stunned looking up to the gigantic house.

'Yes, I think you might have been wrong.' I nod, 'Who lives her exactly?' I ask him. 'David Lancaster, the famous and best Lawyer in town.' My eyes widen, 'But his name is David?' He gives me a nod. ' Yes,' 'Well, daddy I hate you even more now.' I say a bit too loud.

'Dad?' I nod, 'More like a sperm donor.' The cabdriver laughs, ' Well, missy. If this is the right place, then I'll get your stuff out.'

He takes my baggage out and waves me goodbye. I walk on the lane, since the gates went open. He probably told the staff, I was coming. Or who ever he's expecting. The house looks beautiful indeed, nothing like the house I grew up in. It's trice as big of maybe five times as big as our little house in the middle of London. It looks fit for a freaking Duke. It has three stories, and gives away a little bit of French aura. The trees and flowers around the garden are just beautiful.

I'm going to enjoy sitting in that garden, I thought to myself. At home, we didn't really have a garden. Mum could barely afford the house, let alone a house with a garden.

I stop at the front door. 'This is it.' I tell myself. I ring the bell twice. I take the view of the garden in once more.

About a minute later a man opens the door. 'Francesca?' He asks me, surprised. Well I know I look a lot like mum, from behind at least. She has blue eyes, I have brown. I turn around and see the man, with the same eyes as mine looking at me. He looks completely startled.

'No.' I answer. 'I'm Nina.' I tell him a bit harshly. He stumbles back. So he did not expect me to show up. 'I guess mum didn't tell you it was me who was coming. Well, surprise!' I say wavering my hands in the air.

'She- .. she-' He stumbles, trying to get something out, but I'm not interested in anything he has to say.

'Okay, let's get one thing clear. I don't need anything from you, I don't want anything from you. I managed to live without you for the last 17 years and I'm not about to rely on you.' I start. He looks a bit taken back, with my little speech, but I won't let him wiggle his way into my life. He didn't want me 17 years ago, well he doesn't get to want me now.

'No man, for that matter. I'm only here, because I need a room and a shower. I'll be gone in a couple of weeks when I settle in my apartment. And then you can pretent you never met me, because that's what you wanted right? Never to know me?' I sneer.

'Nina, I -' I hold my hand up, 'Don't bother. Seeing all this?' I tell him pointing at everything. 'Is making me resent you even more, than I did before.'

'Why?' He asks a bit surprised but still proud. He should be proud of what he accomplished. 'It doesn't matter, I won't be in the way of your family or whatever. I'll take care of my own food, I just need a room to sleep in. I'll go looking for a job tomorrow and get my stuff ready at the university, that's the only reason I'm here.'

He nods hesitantly, ' Which university?' I smile, ' Columbia. It's not much, but it's still one step closer to my goal.' I tell him.

'Which is?' He asks interested. 'Being the one who supports mum, and not she who has to work 2 jobs and nights to keep a roof over our heads with no food on the table.' His eyes widen, what did he expect when he left that a single-parent household would be a rich one?

'Yeah, now. Be a good sperm donor and show me my room?'

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