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Chapter 6

Nina Clark POV

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve been in New York and I have to say. I completely love it. Everything about this city, I just love it.

The day after I arrived, I found a job. I found an actual job, as a waitress. One day while cleaning up, I was singing with the music on the background and they asked me to sing during the open night in the bar. They hoped it would bring more clients to the café and restaurant. Of course I said yes, considering that the tips for everyone were going to be great.

I’ve been writing more and more music down. I just wish I had my piano here with me, or that I at least could buy a keyboard soon. I love to write music, but it’s hard to write it without a tune.

The last couple of weeks David has tried to start a conversation here and there, but nothing that could be the beginning of a relationship. I refused all things that suggest that he was taking care of me. It might be kind of brutal of me, but he didn’t take care of me for 17 years so why start now? I have a job and all I need is some food, since I’m not living on my own yet.

Sometimes I think I need to throw him a bone, some kind of smile or appreciation of the affection he’s giving me. I think ....

I was eating cereal with milk and some orange juice when I was so deep in thought as I didn’t hear someone come in. I was scrolling through my phone, studying the song I want to sing tonight as a voice startled me, ‘Francesca?’ The voice asks.

Well who would have known my mum, I wondered. I look up to see David and an elder woman standing in front of me. ‘Hi. I’m sorry, I’ll be out of the way. I’ll give you two some room, just like I promised. Sorry.’ I say again as I put my things away.

‘No, you won't do such thing. Francesca? Why do you look like Francesca?’ The voice asks, I turn back around and see David standing there with a face that is white as paper. ‘Francesca is my mum.’ I explain to her.

‘But your eyes, they’re different. Francesca has the most beautiful full blue eyes.’ 'Yes, I know. I have my fathers eyes.′ I tell her.

‘Ah,’ She says taking a little step forward. Scanning me, from head to toe. 'How old are you?′ She asks me.

I give her a smile, ′ I’m 18.′ I tell her proudly, 'Nina.′ David warns me, with a shake of the head. ‘I am, I turned 18 yesterday.’ I tell him. He didn’t know of course. He swallows deeply. ‘So you are 18 and that means, if my math is correct.’ She says turning to her son.

‘David Reginald Lancaster!’ She screams hitting him on the head. I need to swallow a laugh. ‘How could you! How didn’t I know about this. 18 years, I have a granddaughter and you didn’t tell me about her? Have you even taken care of her?’ She scolds him.

I step between her and David. 'It’s okay,′ I tell her grabbing her shoulders, ‘I’m okay. No he didn’t.’ I say truthfully. Her eyes are shooting daggers at him. ‘And your mum?’ I close my eyes.

'Worked two jobs and I did too to support us, but it’s not that bad. I’m okay, it only made me stronger. It’s okay, he was 25 and not ready to be a father. It’s okay, I know a 28-year-old that isn’t even ready.′ I tell her honestly, rolling my eyes.

She thinks about it, ‘Wait, a 28-year-old that isn’t ready?’ She repeats my words, ‘Your pregnant?’ David asks me. I turn around to face him and nod, ‘Yes, I was before I got here. I was about to tell him, and found him cheating on me. So, I took the opportunity to accept the college here. I didn’t want to see him again.’

‘How far along are you?’ Mrs. Lancaster asks me. 'About 12 weeks now, I had a doctors-appointment two days ago. It’s twins, if you believe it or not.′ ‘Holy shit.’ David scolds.

‘I have a grown daughter and she’s about to have a kid. Two kids!’ I roll my eyes again, ‘I am, I have a stable job. Which I have to go to by the way. It was very nice to meet you.’ I tell Mrs. Lancaster.

‘You too dear, you too.’ She says, giving me a hug. A hug, I actually needed. ‘Where do you work?’ 'I work in the Lounge,′ I give her a smile. ‘The bar and restaurant thingy?’ She wonders, I give her a nod, ‘Yes, ma’am.’ ‘I heard they have a waitress who can sing beautifully.’ I give her a smile.

‘They do say that, don’t they? If you want I’ll reserve a table for the both of you? Then you can see and hear it with your own eyes and ears.’

‘Would you do that?’ ‘Of course, it’s not everyday you meet your Nanna.’ I tell her with a smile. 'Oh, you heard that David? She called me Nanna.′ ‘It’s British, sorry.’ ‘Don’t apologize.’

‘If you want to come too, David. I’ll be happy to see you there.’ I tell him with a smile. His eyes lit up and he nods.

They have no idea, I’m the one whose going to sing tonight. I just hope I don’t screw things up. I’m kind of used to this, from the diner at home but still. It’s a big city and if Nanna heard about it. I can only wonder what the night will bring.

Just like expected the bar and restaurant were in full swing. I barely got a table for my father and Nanna. But since it was my family that came to hear me sing, and I told my boss they had no idea I could sing. So they were happy to reserve a table. It’s just on my name. I just hope David knows my name. I described them to the waitress who does the whole welcome to our restaurant thing.

I was waiting some tables as I saw David and Nanna coming in. I walked a bit closer, just in case they didn’t know how to say I reserved a table for them. ‘Nina reserved a table for us.’ David says. ‘Aah, yes her family. She told us you were coming. Follow me.’ She says and walks past me with a ‘wtf, your father is David Lancaster’-look. I just shook it off and greeted Nanna and David in a proper way.

All was in good swing, meaning everybody was eating and enjoying themselves. It was around 8:30 when my boss told me to get ready for the open mic. I did as she told me, put on a nice dress. It’s a simple floor length red dress with some sparkles on the top. I don’t have much money, and this is the best I could do. I put my hair in a nice bun and put some more make-up on before walking out. My boss gave me an approving nod as she goes to the stage.

‘Well, I see word got out of our waitress that can sing. Well without further ado, ladies and gentleman. I present, Nina Clark!’ She screams. I make my way to the stage passing David and Nanna’s table. David’s mouth is dropped on the floor, while Nanna is looking at me with pride.

As I step onto the stage, I feel a bit nervous.

‘Hello everyone, I’m Nina. I prepared a special song for you tonight. Not so long ago, my heart got broken and I know a lot of us have been there. So, this song is to give us all some hope.’

I give the pianoman a nod as he starts the tune of ‘Secret love song.’

We keep behind closed doors
Every time I see you, I die a little more
Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls
It’ll never be enough
As you drive me to my house
I can’t stop these silent tears from rolling down
You and I both have to hide
On the outside where I can’t be yours and you
Can’t be mine
But I know this

We got a love that is homeless

Why can’t I hold you in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
’Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
’Cause I’m yours

It’s obvious you’re meant for me
Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly
Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep
But I’ll never show it on my face
But we know this, we got a love that is homeless

Why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
’Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
’Cause I’m yours

I don’t wanna live love this way
I don’t wanna hide us away
I wonder if it ever will change
I’m living for that day
When you hold me in the street
And you kiss me on the dance floor
I wish that we could be like that
Why can’t we be like that
’Cause I’m yours, I’m yours

Oh, why can’t you hold me in the street?
Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t it be like that?
’Cause I’m yours
Why can’t I say that I’m in love?
I wanna shout it from the rooftops
I wish that it could be like that
Why can’t we be like that?
’Cause I’m yours
Why can’t we be like that
Wish we could be like that

Just as I was singing the song, I could feel my voice get more fragile every time I was singing the course. I let the tears fall, just because I knew they had to.

When I finished the song, I looked at the crowed. They were so silent... And just as the music stopped the applause would deafen my ears.

Just then I knew, I did good.

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