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Chapter 7

Nina Clark POV

The applause stopped as I placed myself behind the piano. ‘So, I’m a bit rusty since I had to leave my piano back in London. Please forgive me.’ I sigh, ‘I’m writing this song, it’s just the beginning, I hope you like it.’

I started the tune, I couldn’t get out of my head.

The first moment I saw you, who knew the way you played me would get me burned.

My mom thought me not to play with fire, but I guess, I guess... you get burned when you touch things you shouldn’t.

It’s just that.I hoped you loved me even though you never told me so. When ever I think about it, the more I question it. I question everything.

But then, I remember all the good times and I know. This love, my first love will be the one I will never be able to forget.

And the worst thing is... I don’t want to.

I end the piano tune as the crowd claps and yells, how good they found the song. ‘Thank you so much.’

With that I step off the stage and walk to the back to get dressed for the rest of my shift.

As I walk back out I see my boss with a grin on her face. ‘Well, that was a great start of a song. I’m going to loose a great waitress soon, I know it. You’ve got talent, sweetheart. If you want to use the piano, you come in here and practice. I know you are just in college and financially it can be rough, so just so you know you’re always welcome here. ’

I give her a wide smile, 'Thanks, but I’ll be okay.′ She shakes her head, ‘You can come here, Nina. You’ve tripled our income tonight, just because of your singing. It’s the least I can do.’

‘Well alright then, is it okay if I check on my father and my Nan?’ I ask her, I’m shitting myself as I don’t know what they thought of me singing.

‘Sure, thing sweety.’ I walk away with a bottle of water in my hands and make my way trough the crowd. ‘You were great.’ I hear some people mumble as I walk by. I give them a nod, with a thank you and go to the table where I know David and my Nan are sitting.

I see David sitting with his hands in his hair as I see Nan, wiping a tear away. ‘What’s going on?’ I wonder. Nan, turns around with a bright smile. Just like that I see David smirking. 'What’s with all that?′ I ask gesturing between them.

‘I got scolded.’ He explains. ‘Why?’ ‘Because I didn’t know you could sing, and apparently don’t know you at all.’ I laugh, ‘Well, you don’t know me that’s true. But the singing thing, nobody does. Hell even my boyfriend, who I was with for like a year, didn’t know. Do don’t beat yourself up.’ I say, squeezing his hand.

‘Well he should have known.’ Nan, says scolding further. 'Why didn’t you tell us, that it was you singing?′ I look away, hoping nobody sees us. But that’s just it, they all look at us.

I sigh, ‘Well, I’m not that good. And I just wanted it to be a surprise, I guess.’ ‘Well you almost gave your Nanna, a heart attack.’ David says, scolding me. Which results in Nanna slapping him on the head.

'He should’ve known.′ She says again. ‘And you are very good. What are you studying again?’ ‘Law and music. I want to do something for mom. And getting a stable job, is the way to do it. I already sent a part of my check to her, because I know she’s probably working her ass off as we speak. I don’t want that for her. I just wish I could do more.’

‘What does she do?’ David asks. ‘She’s an ER-nurse.’ He smiles. 'She got her dream.′ He whispers. 'Yes, she did. Now she wants me to follow mine, but I won’t. It’s a though business and I owe mum.′ I say very determent.

‘What’s your dream.’ Nanna asks me. ‘It doesn’t matter.’ she nudges at me. ‘Julliard, that was my goal growing up. They actually wanted me, but I didn’t apply.’ I tell them honestly.

‘Why?’ David asks me. ‘Because of Ethan. I didn’t want to come to New York, when he was still there. So I applied to all colleges close to home and then Colombia, because they have great programs.’ Nanna shakes her head, ‘You gave up on your dream for a boy?’

I slap myself on the head, 'The things you do for love. But I guess it runs in the family, the second we find out were pregnant they bold. Mum lost the love of her life and now so did I. How much it sucks to be a Clark on the love front.′ I say joking, but David doesn’t look amused.

‘Did your mom tell you I bolted because she was pregnant?’ He asks, I shake my head, 'Not like that. It was clear to 14-year-old me, that when she told you she was pregnant and you left the very next day. That you left because of me, that you might want her but didn’t want me, and I have been having commitment-issues ever since. I found a job the next day and have been thinking of ways on making mum’s life easier. She was stuck with me, a child that was unwanted at the time, but she loved me the minute she found out. I know that, but don’t worry she never said that directly, I think she doesn’t even know why you left. You just did.′

Nan, looked at me with tears in her eyes, ‘So, you grew up feeling your father never wanted you?’ She asks me, ‘I know he didn’t, otherwise he wouldn’t have, sent mum’s letter back.’ David looks like he’s about to sink deep in the earth. Sorry, dude but I won’t lie.

‘The letter?’ He asks, looking at me like he’s trying to figure out what letter it was. ‘Yeah, mum send you a letter telling you I was born, but it came back unopened and unanswered. I don’t really know how to interpret it in another way, then that he didn’t want me. ’ I say to Nan who was practically balling by now.

‘I’m sorry for leaving it like this, but need to go back to work now. But Nan,’ I say crunching down, ‘I’m okay now, it just gave me some baggage, that’s all.’ I tell her with a wink, making her laugh.

‘My beautiful girl, you are a gift and you have a gift. You know that right?’ ‘That she does.’ I hear a voice saying behind me.

I tun around and see a woman in a pantsuit looking at me. She looks all business and no pleasure, I wonder what she does for work. She’s beautiful though, but it looks like she knows it. Her blond hair in a low bun and her eyes scream, that she could eat me alive. ‘You are Nina right?’ She asks me. ‘Yes I am.’ Her eyes soften.

‘Well, I have to say I was impressed.’ I give her a smile. ‘Thank you.’ ‘Have you had any singing lessons, you sound just great.’ I shake my head, ‘No, never had any lessons. My mum taught me the basics of the piano, along with YouTube and singing, well it just came natural.’ She gives me a nod, ‘I’m Carrie, from Sony Music.’ My eyes widen, that’s like one of the biggest labels in New York City. She extents her hand, ‘Wow, it’s an honor to meet you.’ I tell her.

‘The pleasure is all mine.’ 'I would like to offer you a record deal. Come to my office, tomorrow morning at 10. We’d love for you to sign with us. I hope you give us the chance. You could be our the next global superstar, with what I’ve heard and your ability to play the piano. I have big plans for you.′

She gives me her card and then leaves. I turn to see David smiling with pride, my colleagues come to me. 'What just happened?' Sarah asks me, my boss comes closer. 'Wasn't that Carrie, from Sony Music?' I nod, 'They want to offer me a record deal.'

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