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Chapter 8

Nina Clark POV

The very next day, I woke up in my bedroom feeling over the moon happy. I can't believe I have a meeting with a record label. I don't know what doors will open for me, but I'll definitely listen to what they are going to offer.
I look at the clock on my bedside table and see that's already 8 AM. I guess I should get ready.
Going to the bathroom, I do my business and finish quite quickly. Once done, I step under the shower letting the hot water fall on me. I never had the luxury of immediate hot water, my household was the one where you had to wait 5 minutes to have hot water shower very fast and stop the water. Otherwise my mom wouldn't have had hot water.
Once showered, I towel dried my hair and got dressed. Knowing today is a very important day, I should probably wear something nice. I look into my suitcase, yes suitcase. I won't be putting things in the closet. Why? For one, it's just sad how little clothes I own. And two, I'm not staying here long enough to make it worth the time of putting them away.
I decide on a loose blue dress. It's an old one of mine, but it's my most fashionable approved and timeless dress. I put my sledges on, little bit of make-up. Not too much, just a bit of eyeshadow and mascara to highlight my eyes. I love my eyes. But that's about it... They're big and brown, they tell everything I feel by just one look.
Completely done, I make my way down. Walking down the big stairs, I can hear the commotion downstairs, what's going on?
I walk into the kitchen to see David sit there with another man. Not wanting to interrupt, I take a cracker and some jam ignoring them both. 'Nina?' David asks as I take a bite, without looking at them. I'm so damn hungry. 'Yes, David?' I ask him. I see a pinch of pain flash trough him, just like every time that I've called him David instead of Dad. He isn't my dad, sure now he lets me stay here. But that's it. You need to earn the title, it's not because we share DNA that he deserves that title. At least, not in my eyes.
My entire life, I never saw him or heard from him. I still don't know why he left, the way he did.
'This is Killian.' He introduces me to an handsome man. Bright blue eyes that remind me of someone. I shake the thought of as I don't want to have some mental breakdown. I'm doing good without Ethan, and I'm planning on continuing it.
'Hi, I'm Nina.' I say introducing myself. 'I know. So, I'm your uncle Killian.' He states and I'm shocked. Uncle, I have an uncle?
'Uncle? Sorry, I think you've got the wrong person.' I tell him apologetic. David never wanted to have anything to do with me, why now? I think he got the wrong person. 'Nina.' David warns me, 'What?'
'This is Killian, he's my best friend and he came for you.' He states a bit angry. 'Why are you angry with me? I just thought he'd pegged me for another.' I say shrugging my shoulder, 'Since, I mean. You never cared enough, so it was just the logic answer.' Adding fuel to the fire. He looks completely shocked and sighs.
'Definitely your daughter.' Killian says padding him on the shoulder as I roll my eyes.
'So, Nina.' Killian says, 'Yes?' 'I'm here because your dad thought it would be a good idea to have a lawyer present when you go over to Sony to speak about your terms.' Darn it, I hate to admit it but that's a good idea. I could probably use somebody, who knows what they would do to me without it.
'Okay, thanks for that David.' He gives me a nod, 'So, is there anything you want to have or something you definitely don't want.'
'Yes! Yes!' I half shout as I throw my hands in the air, I smile up at the man with the beautiful blue eyes. 'So, I don't want the fame.' I tell him, Davids eyes widen. 'You don't?' Killian asks and I shake my head.
'Lord, no. I just want to sing. I'm an okay singer. I'm not a pro. I want to finish college. I don't want my kids to grow up in the spotlight.' I tell him honestly. 'Your kids?' I nod, 'I'm pregnant. I need the money, but I'm working doubles at the bar and on top of that am I singing so the tips are great. I just need the extra money for doctors appointments and such.'
'God, that will complicate things.' He states, 'I know, but if I'm not in the public eye and it's all about the music, than I'm not advocate of teen-pregnancies. God, if word got out I'm pregnant with babies of a man who is 10 years older than me. It would be hell. They'd all think the worst.'
Davids eyes turn red, 'Your pregnant from a man who is 10 years older than you?' 'I already told you this when Nanna came.' He shakes his head as he stands up from the kitchen table and walks around the corner to cool down. I go over to him and stop him, taking his hands in mine.
'I just don't ever want these kids to think that they came from something else then love. When it's known and I'm known, there will be so many speculations. I don't want them to ever know it like this. And even though it was never explicitly said, I know he loves me.... Loved me.' I confess as a tear rolls from my cheeks.
'What happened between you two?' David asks concerned as he wipes a tear away, this was the most fatherly gesture he ever shown to me.
'Let's just say, I got scared after I saw something and ran. I ran to this place, I probably should've let him explain, but trust comes very hard for me. And... well I just couldn't hear I wasn't good enough. I couldn't hear him rejecting me and these babies, so I ran.' I don't know why I told him this, but I guess every girl needs her dad once in awhile. I look up and see David completely red. I know that face, it's an angry Clark face. Well, I guess angry Lancaster face.
'No, please. Just please don't do anything.' I beg him. He takes a deep breath as he closes his eyes. 'I won't, I promise. I won't betray your trust, Nina as I'm the reason for it in the first place.'
I quickly look away not wanting to get into that part of my life right now. 'Okay, so. Uncle Killian, you think you can help me?' I ask him as I look over my shoulder.
'Sure, I'll take a look at the contract after we meet with them. I guess we should go. You okay with that?' I give him a nod.
On my way out I take a granola bar and sit in his car. 'So, your dad really didn't...?' I shake my head, 'He's not my dad.' I say coldly, 'He's trying, Nina.' 'He should've tried 18 years ago, or even 5 years ago. He should've tried before he didn't have a choice. Soon I'm out of his hair. I almost got all my stuff and college is set. Next week I can move in.' I sigh.
My life is becoming harder and harder as we speak. 'You're moving out?' 'Of course I am. I'm derailing his life, he never wanted that. That's why he didn't want me in the first place. I think it's for the best.'
'Never wanted you? Is that what you think?' I shrug my shoulders, 'It's what I know, he never tried telling me his side of the story and I just know the hard side of it. Seeing how he could've supported me and mum, even a little bit, all this time. It makes me so mad.' 'Well, it's not the truth. It's a hard reality you know, but it's not the truth. But I get where you came from.'
A short ride later we came to the office of Claire. When I went to the desk they immediately let me through. I knock on her door, as soon as she sees Killian behind me her mood drops. I guess, she pegged me for a fool. Or my father for a fool.
'Killian.' She says coldly. 'Claire.' 'Nina, I didn't know you were coming with a lawyer.' 'My dad insisted.' I say shrugging my shoulders, 'Your dad?' I nod, 'David Lancaster.' Her eyes widen.
'I didn't know.' 'Ha, neither did I.' I say as I walk in her office. Her office is just they typical big office with lots of window. By the end of the room there is a large TV, I guess for conference calls with bands who are touring. It's a very modern look to it. All white with black furniture. I take a seat in one of the black chairs as I take the room in.
She sits down behind her desk and looks at the contract before her. 'I guess I don't need to bother with a regular contract, do I Killian?' He shakes his head, 'Your not going to raid her of her money. But she has a proposition.' She looks to me with questioning eyes, but I give her a short assuring nod.
'So, as I see you already had a contract ready. I assume you want to sign me.' She nods her head, 'You're very talented, Nina.'
I feel my cheeks redden from embarrassment. 'Thank you, well the bottom line is, I don't want the fame.' I tell her honestly, 'You can brand me however you want, make me something very mysterious. NINA, nobody knows who she is. I don't want my family in the spotlight all the time, I won't do that to my kids.'
'Kids?' I give her a nod, 'I'm pregnant, so I will produce all your music at any deadline but I don't want the spotlight. I'm writing songs as we speak. I can make anything you want but I don't want it with my face on a billboard.'
'I can work with that. Is there anything else?' 'Money wise, what are we talking about?' 'Well, you start at 120 000 a year.' Killian clears his throat. '200 000 on a bad year.' She states ashamed, wow they would've really raided me without me knowing.
'Every song you release you'll get 70% off the price, the songs that will be played on the radio is the same. When you win a gold record or whatever, it can be even more.' My mouth is glued on the floor.
I shake my head as I understand what's happening. 'Okay, so a couple of good years and I'll be set for life. When we think it's time to end my career, we make my identity known, but by then my kids will be grown.' 'That's something I can work with. I'll take it up to PR, but this could be a great concept.' I smile at her.
'There is just one last thing.' I tell her, I didn't tell Killian about this but I need to do this. Killian clears his throat, 'I want you to deposit half of what I earn the first year onto another account.' 'What?!' Killian shouts, but Claire shuts him up. 'Whose account?'
'My mums, she raised me herself and is still working doubles and nights as we speak. Living in a house with barely any hot water, I just want her to be comfortable. I owe her that much.' I say without looking anyone in the eye.
I look up to see Claire with a shocked expression, glossy eyes and her mouth dropped to the floor. 'I wish my kids were this grateful.' She says snapping out of her space she was commencing in. 'So, your mom was a single mother?' She pries, I give her a nod. 'I just found out about my dad recently.'
'So sorry to hear about that.' She states reaching for my hand. 'I'll grand you your wish, honey.'
'So, it's a deal?' 'It's a deal, it's great for us and it's great for you. I don't have to deal with scandals and it's all about the music. I understand your need to protect your children and I'll respect it. We'll hit reporters and journalists with NDA's and we'll keep your life as private as possible.'
'Thank you so much!'
'Thank you honey!'

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