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Chapter 9

Nina Clark POV

The months flew by. I moved into my dorm room and it has been great. Right now I'm 8 months pregnant or better said almost 9 months. Like two more weeks and the babies will be here.

Being pregnant with twins wasn't a walk in the park. The backaches, the swollen feet and the cravings have been very hard to adjust to. I was never a picky eater, I would eat whatever was in the fridge, but these babies don't want any of it. If they want chocolate with pickles, they'll have it. It's disgusting thinking about it, but so yummy when you're craving it.

Next to that, I've been completely ignoring David. I thought with moving out of his house, he'd forget about me within the week but less was true. He kept calling and calling me, leaving voicemails that he's worried and is begging me to call him back. One time he woke me up, banging on my door.

One month ago.

I was sleeping in a peaceful sleep after another double at the bar, when I was awakened by someone banging on my door. 'Jesus!' I scream as I throw my duvet off, trying to get out of bed, but this stupid baby bump is in my way. Just like that they both start kicking like crazy. 'Oh, no babies I love you. I love you so much.' I say rubbing my belly, hoping it would calm them down.

The banging increases, 'Jesus, I'm coming!' I scream as I wobble to the front door. I open the door and see an enraged or more like concerned David standing in front of me. 'David?' He takes me in as he scans me from head to toe and attacks me with a hug.

I hug him back without thinking about it as he releases a deep breath. 'God, Nina. Do you have any idea how worried I was?' He scolds me looking me in the eye as he takes a step back. Just like that one of the two kicks me hard, 'Awtch.' I scrunch as I grab to my stomach. 'Nina?' David asks me looking at me.

'I just need to sit down, the little fella likes to kick when I'm overdoing myself.' I explain to him. He closes the door, inviting himself in as I make my way over to the couch. David sits down and takes my feet on his lap and I let him. 'Why are you doing this to yourself?' He asks me.

I know he must have heard that I'm doing doubles on top of my singing. 'I need the money.' I tell him honestly, and it's true. I need the money.

'No, you don't Nina. Let me help, please. It's killing me to see you like this. It's going to end badly if you overdue yourself like this.' 'I know, but I don't need your help.' I say with a smile. He shakes his head as he looks at me with a small smile. 'At this moment, I wish you were not like me. Goddamnit, you're so stubborn.'

I smile, 'It got me to where I am today.' I say proudly. 'Nina, just take it easy... It's hard to see you like this. I know you're mad at me and you should be mad. But you don't know half of it. You don't know the truth.'

'Then tell me.' He sighs, but his eyes never left mine. 'I didn't leave because of the pregnancy nor because of your mom. I left because I had to, my father had a heart-attack and I was needed at home.' He says. I look him in the eye to see if he's telling me the truth.

'Then why didn't you come back?' I ask him wondering about the whole thing. I get that he needed to leave, but why not come back. Mum would've understood.

'My dad died, Nina.' He says, 'Oh..' I say apologetically. 'And then his will came.' He states sighing. 'The bastards last demand.' He grits through his teeth. 'What was it?' I ask, knowing it would be something awful.

'It stated that I could takeover the business, but there was a catch.' 'What was the catch?' I wonder, 'I couldn't have any relations to your mother.' I look at him completely defeated. 'Why...?' I sob quietly looking away.

'My dad had this idea of ranks in the society. Knowing I was from a better stock, as he'd put it, and your mom wasn't. I did as I had too in the beginning and tried to fool everyone. I thought if I fool everyone long enough, I could go back. But then I learned another about another catch. I knew that even though your mom was pregnant, I had to protect the both of you. If it were known to my fathers lawyers that I had a child on the way, they would've taken your mother to court and made her seem like an unfit mother. That way, you'd be placed in my care and she would have no means to contact you. I couldn't do that to her, so I never came back.' I shake my head harshly, who would do something like this? Just because of society? What century are we living in? Come on!

'I get that you're angry with me, and you probably think I left you for money and the business, but it's not true. I left because I needed to protect you. I couldn't hurt your mom nor you in that way, so I just kept my mouth shut.' 'So, why were you so surprised to see me?' I ask him, 'I never knew anything, Nina. I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy. I never got that letter. If I had, I would've known the second you stood before me who you were.'

The damn hormones were killing me, 'So, it wasn't because of me?' I sob, 'Lord, no. I was so happy when your mom told me she was pregnant.' The sobs grew more frequent and louder, 'Oh, and I was so hard on you. I was so mean to you. I'm so sorry!' I sob into his chest. 'I get it, Nina. It's okay.' I shake my head, 'No, it's not okay.' I say raising my hand, wiping all the tears and snot away. Damn pregnancy. 'I promise, I'm not this mean girl. I never was...'

The world made sense from then on. Mum still doesn't know, but I do know that David will tell her when she's here. Well, after she's going to kill him. Clarks can be very angry...

I just finished another double, against doctors orders and against the signs of my own body. As I stumble in my home. I feel my body ache like crazy. I guess that's the punishment for working so hard. I think with a sigh.

As the night progresses. I feel like my body is going to crumble. The pain in my abdomen is horrible. I feel another wave of pain going through me as I feel some liquid fall down my legs. I look down and it's red. It's all red. 'My babies!'

I rush over to the phone and call David. He picks up after 2 rings like he always would, 'Nina?' He sounds tired, 'Daddy....' I say sobbing, as I feel like the world is being ripped from under me. 'Nina, what's wrong.' He asks worried. 'I'm bleeding, there is something wrong with the babies.'

'I'll call uncle Killian, hold on.' He says, 'No daddy, I want you.' I sob, 'I'm in Japan baby, I'll take the plane and I'll be there in the morning. I promise, baby girl. I'm on my way right now!'

He ends the call, probably to call uncle Killian. I feel so weak as I feel the hot blood dripping of my legs. I feel so weak, that I decide to sit down.

I can't close my eyes, I just can't close them...

But then like a dream, I emerge awake as I see the terror on uncle Killian's face as he sees me laying there. Laying? I'm laying in... I look around myself and I see the warm sticky thing I'm laying in. My blood...

'Nina, lay still.' Uncle Killian says coldly. I guess I should listen to him. 'The paramedics are here and your dad called your OB. Their prepping everything that is needed.' I give him a weak nod as the tears roll over my cheeks.

I see the worry on the paramedics faces as they bring me to the hospital. They are monitoring the babies, but I can tell their heartbeats are very weak.

I feel like I'm falling in and out of a slumber.

They put something on my face as I feel myself come back again from my slumber.

'Keep her awake! We're losing them!' I hear my OB shouting in what seems the OR. 'Save them!' I shout.

But with that, everything goes back to black.

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