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“I found myself staring out the window, out at the ocean crashing against the cliffs. While I did this I could only think about one thing, her. That strange but good feeling I felt whenever I was close to her, had overtaken my entire body as well as my mind and I couldn’t seem to get her out of my head, she was all I could think of, all day, every day. As my eyes were fixed on the ocean, just watching the waves dancing their mesmerising dance, my mind tried to make sense of the millions of thoughts and feelings I was feeling, all of which had something to do with her. The more I processed it, the more I could only come up with one explanation, one that my mind was certainly not ready to accept. I mean that can’t possibly be happening to me, I never catch feelings. But what else could it be? As I got deeper and deeper into my thoughts, I came to the realization; I must have her, she will be mine no matter what.” Olivia is just your average shy and awkward nerd, who loves books and movies way too much. When she moves to LA to study filmmaking at UCLA and crosses paths with the notorious Ezra Black what will happen? Will her life be forever changed? Content warning: Depictions of depression and sexual harassment/rape Some sexual content Violence ©Copyright. 2021 Íris Rós Hope All rights reserved Book is just a draft, will be edited and made better where needed.😊

Drama / Romance
Íris Rós Hope
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Chapter One: The New Roommate

I had just moved to LA. I was starting my freshman year at UCLA, studying filmmaking because I had been fascinated by films and how they were made since I can remember. I mean what’s not to love about films, they are these little worlds that you can interpret in your own unique way as well as just escape reality through.

My stomach was doing cartwheels, I was both really excited but at the same time terrified, I mean what if I don’t make any friends, what if I end up in some weird cult or something.

Uhh, Olivia seriously? I thought, frustrated at myself and my ridiculous nonsense.

You’re getting a little bit ahead of yourself there, how on earth are you gonna end up in a cult. I thought.

I paused for a second after that thought entered my mind, shaking my head, seeing just how ridiculous I sounded, and kept going with unpacking my stuff in my dorm.

I was the first one to arrive so I was probably going to meet my roommate later.

I hope she’ll be nice and not too wild, or if that’s the case I’ll just keep to myself like I usually do. I thought while still unpacking.

I’m what you’d call a typical nerd. I love books and movies, I always have, I love studying and anything school-related really and I most definitely am not a party person. This caused me to be quite isolated especially in high school, but I didn’t really mind that, I had my best friend Chloe.

She was the absolute best. She’s a hell of a lot more outgoing than me but that’s what was so great about us we balanced each other out. We were still in contact with each other but she was on the other side of the country or somewhere I don’t even really know because as soon as she was done with high school she joined the military.

I really didn’t understand that decision, because just the thought of it scared the hell out of me but it had been her lifelong dream to join the military like her dad, who died serving.

I kept on unpacking which was starting to seem like an endless job. I mean I had been going at it for quite some time now but there was still a mountain of boxes left.

After about an hour, and most of my boxes unpacked, I heard a knock on the door. I rushed towards the door.

This must be my roommate. I thought, getting a bit nervous. I took a deep breath in and opened the door.

On the other side of the door was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She was taller than me but that doesn’t say much considering the fact I’m only 5’2. She had the most perfect tan skin I’d ever seen, her gorgeously luscious golden brown hair perfectly outlined her face, where the most beautiful green eyes, outlined with the longest eyelashes looked back at me.

She looked like a freaking model, no scratch that probably more like an angel.

Have I died and gone to heaven? I thought, getting a little self-conscious, knowing I was nowhere near as beautiful as she was.

On top of all of that, she had an hourglass figure and everything was perfectly proportioned. Her face was the most gorgeous one I’d ever seen.

And just ahh, how on Earth can someone be that freaking beautiful? I thought.

“Uh hi, hello? Do you speak? Or do I have a mute roommate? I mean I’m cool with that but can I come in?” As she spoke I snapped out of my trans and manage to utter out a few words like an idiot.

“Uhh, uh, yeah of course come in, come in. I’m so sorry, I just got mesmerized by your beauty, I mean you're just so damn beautiful, just, just wow!”

Ugh, god I hate myself. I just made myself look like an utter dork in the first five minutes of meeting my roommate. I thought while mentally slapping my forehead.

“Why, thank you.” She said with a sincere smile.

“Um, sorry I didn’t quite catch your name there. I’m Jasmine, Jasmine Queen.”

Wow, her last name is Queen? She couldn’t have a more fitting last name. And she sounds so incredibly nice, how can somebody be so beautiful and so nice? I thought, at the same time as I realized what an idiot I am, I didn’t even tell her my name, I’m such a dork.

“Haha, silly me.” I said with an awkward chuckle.

“Hi, I’m Olivia Garcia, most people just call me Olivia or Lulu, that’s my nickname because my middle name is Lucy. So, umm yeah you can just call me whatever you want, I mean you can even come up with a new nickname if you don’t like these I mean it’s completely up to you.” I said not being able to stop the flood of words coming out of my mouth.

GOD! Can I make myself look like any more of a dork!? Uhh, I hate it when I get verbal diarrhea.

“Haha, wow you sure talk a lot don’t you?” She asked, amused.

“Yeah, I get verbal diarrhea when I’m nervous.” As soon as I let the last word of that sentence out of my mouth I turned crimson red from embarrassment.

Why, why did I just say that.

“Verbal diarrhea, well that’s a new one.” She said with a surprised but amused look on her face.

“I like you, I think we’re gonna be great friends.” She said with certainty.

Wow. I was not expecting that reply after making a complete fool of myself. But I was glad she felt that way because, to be honest, I felt exactly the same.

After that super weird and awkward first meeting, me and Jasmine sat down on the sofa in our dorm and started to get to know each other better.

As we were getting to know each other I saw that she was just as cool as she seemed. Her dad is the CEO of a major filmmaking company, so she grew up in the industry I’d always dreamed of working in. Her mother is a model and makeup artist, which explains her otherworldly beauty, and she has one older brother who’s an actor.

Along with this, I learned that we actually have a lot of things in common. For example, we're both interested in working in the film industry. I want to be a director and screenwriter, while she wants to be an actress like her brother. We both love fashion and makeup, and I realized that we really aren’t that different; we're both complete and utter nerds especially when it comes to movies.

“So, what’s your favorite genre?” I asked, excited to hear the answer.

“I love a good sci-fi, fantasy, or action movie but my absolute favorites are musicals.” She said with a big grin.

I had an even bigger grin at that moment.

“Seriously? You’re kidding, right? It’s the exact same for me.” I said getting really excited.

Yay! Finally, someone with the same taste as me in movies and has a lot of the same interests. I thought starting to grin even bigger, probably looking like the Cheshire Cat in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I mean me and Chloe had some of the same interests and a lot of good times, but more often than not she was off doing something sporty and active while I was just chilling with my books or doing something creative. So, having someone with the same interests as me was new and exciting for me.

“Which one is your favorite?” She asked just as excited as I was.

“Uff, that’s a hard question.” I answered, starting to think.

“Hmm, I’d probably have to say that it’s a tie for first place between ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ the new version. Although ‘Burlesque’ is a very very close second along with the original ‘Rocky Horror’.”

“Wow.” She said surprised.

“It's very similar for me, actually. For me, it’s ‘Burlesque’ first, ‘Footloose’ the old one second, and then ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ the new one as well, in third.” She said with a smile.

We kept on talking for a while after that, at first we continued to talk about musicals and our favorite movies, but then we moved on to other things.

Once there came somewhat of a stop to our conversation, I looked at my phone and saw the clock.

“Holy crap, it’s already eight!?” I half asked in complete shock at how fast the time passed. When Jasmine arrived it was half-past two or something, we had been talking for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS!

That’s crazy, I’ve never ever in my life before talked to someone for that long especially not without realizing how fast the time passed.

“Seriously? It’s eight?” She asked pretty much just as surprised as I was.

Neither one of us could believe that the time had passed so quickly but that was the way it was, whether we accepted it or not.

“Yeah, it is.” I answered, still not really comprehending it.

“Wow, okay then.” She said confused.

“Now that I think about it I’m starving actually, what about you? You game for some pizza or something?” She asked me.

Man alive, did a pizza sound good right now. It was perfect.

“Yessiree Bob. I most definitely am game for some pizza right now!” I said psyched.

Pizza was one of my absolute favorite things and when it’s combined with musicals, which we had decided to binge when we were done unpacking, and good company nothing could top it. Nothing at all.

Without further notice, Jasmine was dialing the pizza place and I was getting the dishes and some glasses ready.

The dorm room came already equipped with everything, including dishes and all of that but I preferred my own. Since that was one of the few boxes I had not unpacked yet I started to rummage through the boxes in hope of finding the one I needed.

“I didn’t know what kind of pizza you liked so I kind of just ordered one of everything.” She said walking towards me from the sofa accompanied by an awkward chuckle.

Ugh. I groaned inside my head, frustrated at myself for not being quicker. Jasmine had finished ordering the pizza and I still hadn’t found the bloody box.

“Yeah, yeah no worries. I like pretty much anything on pizza so it’s fine.” I said, with my head still buried in a pile of our stuff.

“What on Earth are you doing?” Jasmine asked me confused as to why I had my head buried in our stuff, probably looking like a complete dummy.

“Okay this is probably gonna sound a bit silly, but I have this thing, where I don’t like using stuff that god knows how many have used before me, so I’m looking for a box marked dishes, glasses, and more.” Everything I said came out pretty muffled so how she understood a word of what I was saying is beyond me.

The only thing I heard after I said that was laughter so now I felt like I’d completely made a fool of myself and a hundred percent sure that she thought I was some crazy idiot.

Oh, great Olivia now you’ve really done it. You’ve known her what? Half a day? And you’ve already managed to make her think you’re crazy. God, I hate my big fat mouth sometimes.

As I got out of the pile of boxes Jasmine was still laughing.

“You probably think I’m some crazy idiot now, right?” I asked a bit embarrassed.

“No, not at all I feel the exact same way, but that’s not why I’m laughing.” She said, still chuckling.

“Then why are you?” I asked, majorly confused. If she felt the same way, what was so funny?

“Look to your left, then you’ll understand why I’m laughing.”

I looked to my left and saw it immediately. Right there in the middle, literally screaming at me, was the box I was looking for.

Seriously Olivia how much of a dumb-dumb do you have to be to miss that. I thought before I joined Jasmine in laughing at my silliness.

The pizza arrived shortly after my whole box fiasco, so we just sat down on the sofa and put on ‘Footloose’ a common favorite of ours.

We were both stuffed by the time we reached the middle of it, so we just sat there and enjoyed the classic that it is. After ‘Footloose’ we both agreed to watch ‘Burlesque’ but it, like its predecessor, is an absolute classic in musical or dance movies, at least in our opinion.

While watching we were both singing and dancing around like idiots, well at first it was only Jasmine who was dancing because I was a tad hesitant at first to start dancing around but as soon as she dragged me to the floor I couldn’t help but join in. Once we started there was no stopping us, especially after we put on ‘Burlesque’ because that’s when the inner stripper in both of us burst out from within.

As we finished ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ the new one, we realized just how late it was.

Once again time had completely slipped away from us, and we didn’t notice it at all. I looked at my phone and saw that the clock read 3:00 AM. I looked over, and I saw Jasmine yawning as if there was no tomorrow.

“So, that was really fun.” I said as we both yawned in unison which made us laugh our asses off because we were both really giddy from being tired.

Once we stopped laughing we both got up from the sofa and started to clean up the mess we made. She started to put the food away, well what was left of it, and I decided to fold all the blankets and put all the things we used as props to reenact the movies out, in their rightful places. After we finished cleaning up and getting ready for bed, we both said goodnight and went to sleep.
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