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Actually, I'm a noob writer, and this is my first time. To have an idea about the story, I'll give a brief info about the characters. The story roams around a girl, named Nitya. She lives with her two friends- Kavya and Ishita. The three work in a restaurant and are besties. Nitya doesn't like her boss, but what will happen when she'll fall in love with his boss's son, Vivaan, Vivaan is a good looking guy, who falls in love with Nitya's smile and want to confess her. He daily comes restaurant only to have a glance of her. Being unaware of this fact, what will Nitya do, when she'll come to know this.

Drama / Humor
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Chapter-1: What's happening to me?

"He's the most handsome guy that I've ever seen in my life," said Kavya.

"You know our crush looks 20× more beautiful than they are," I said from behind.

"What do you mean?" she said.

"Simply, you've crush on him. and you should stop yourself now. You are complimenting him from last 20 minutes continuously. It's no use, dear." I replied.

She was completely disagreed with me, that was cleared from her face, so I further added "listen, we've nothing to do with him, except you, so why are you making us listen to this. Just go and tell him your feelings, what more can happen, other than yes or no. Start with friendship first, to know him better, do compliment him, moreover, you are a good liar."

Ishita showed her sarcastic smile, maybe on my idea to show how unrealistic idea I've suggested to Kavya, from behind, closing the refrigerator.

"I believe in practicals," Kavya said.

"Ishita, I offer you this chance, to be the example, you'll show us," I suggested.

"Nice joke. You also have a crush on someone, you told us once. Why don't you use this opportunity and try on him." Ishita replied.

"Well, a tragedy happened. He was my childhood crush, though even now I've some contact to see him once a day. He lives at 2 home next to out. But what happens to you both, you didn't like my idea, I think it will work?" I said in response, looking on both faces one by one, hoping for a positive reply.

"A big NO," Kavya said.
"From my side too," Ishita added.

"Well, what's that tragedy? Why didn't you tell this before? Aren't we besties?" Kavya said.
"How can you hide a secret from us?" Ishita further added.

"We never talked about this. Well, in school, one day I decided to tell my feelings to him, so, I confronted him and surrendered my feelings to him. But girls chill, there was no rejection.
Everything was smooth till science period.
The bell rang, it was our science period now. Our teacher came and surprised us with a surprise test, and further he even said that whoever will score less in the test, his/her parents will be called at school.
And this words, gave me another shock, as I remembered, my parent's last visit to the school was just two days back, and their warning to me on their return
'Next time, we don't suppose to call by your principal, to listen to your complaint, otherwise then ready yourself for boarding school.'
So, from my side, I don't want to score less. but as you all know, how much I'm good in science, so it was sure from my side, that my parents are going to call one more time for a school trip, which I don't want to. The test started, and everyone was writing something on their answer sheet whereas I was only sitting idle. then I saw that Abhi is trying to cheat, so I warned him not to do so, but he didn't listen. So I told the teacher, in return, the teacher appreciated me for that. I thought now, maybe my parents will not be called by the school today for my upcoming poor performance on this ongoing test. But you know what, at the end Abhi and mine, both parents were called. Abhi's for the cheating case and mine for marks. Nothing happened good, at the end of that day only, Abhi broke-up with me. But I still have a crush on him. You know the best part of my love story is that it's starting and ending is on the same day." I said, while lost in the flashback but then I find some sounds of giggling in the background, that was none other than my besties only.

"You find it funny, I mean what's funny about this?" I said.

They both stopped and looked at me, and then looked at each other, and again laughed saying "Nothing, it's heart touching story. Well, then did you get admission in boarding school."

"Unfortunately, yes," I replied.

"It's painful." They said while continuing their laugh.

I showed them a sarcastic smile, and reached back to the work, as a customer was waiting to take his order, on the counter.

"Yes, sir. what would you like to order?" I asked, with a polite smile on my face.

"Where can I see the menu?" he said.

"In our neighbouring shop," I said, thinking of the height of his stupidity.

"What? Are you joking?" he said.

"You started first," I replied. Looking at his confused cum anger face, I further said, "did you liked my joke? You can see them on the wall, on the banner, or if you are myopic, then sir here is a menu card on the table, for you." I said.

"A cheeseburger" he ordered.

"sure sir, pls wait for 2 min," I said.

After the cheeseburger is ready, I served him, "thanks for waiting patiently, sir." I said. He made an online payment.

I made my way back to the table, where I find my friends laughing on that incident or some other topic maybe.
"Enough, now get back to the work girls. We don't have the whole day for this."

The time has come to close the shop. Ishita and Kavya were almost ready to leave now, and me too. And then one customer arrived.

"One burger with french fries and coke," he said with a cute smile on his face.

"Sorry, sir, but we are about to close the shop, you should go and try in another shop" I responded.

"I'll pay you twice the cost."

Further, I could say anything, meanwhile, the boss interrupted and ask me to take the order. So I've nothing left with any option but to take the order. So I did the same. During the work, I felt like someone is staring at me, but I carry on with my work, though I found the staring not disturbing but cute one.
As soon as I handed him, he accidentally dropped the items.

"Can't you see? Now I've to pay for it, from my salary." I said in anger, forgetting the presence of the boss.

"Then add ₹500 more, as fine, for not behaving well with your customer," the boss said in a loud voice and further added, "don't worry son, they'll prepare another one, but be more careful next time."

"It's alright dad. She didn't mean it. It's a natural response of anyone in that situation." his son said, with a polite smile, rescuing me by taking my side.

"No, no, son. It's her fault. Let her realise." the boss replied.

"Wow, now he's his son. Wait, what? means his words doesn't sounds true. They don't look like son-father, his son is way more good looking, though I didn't saw him carefully. Everyone is beautiful in their own, well said quote beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And till now, I didn't find anything good in my boss, maybe that's why he's my boss...OMG!OMG! that means I'd made such a big mistake. My job is in danger. Do something Nitya."
I thought and start saying because it was my time to say something in my defence,
"so sorry sir and sir's son, I'll take care next time. But pls don't deduct my salary, already it's so less, and from that less also you are taking, now what will left? Think about me sir, pls..." Again I made a mistake, now I've to cover this mistake also." So... Sorry sir, again, for my words. I don't have good control over my words. But I'll have a control on it, soon. I don't know what's happening to me. Why I'm doing so much mistake today. Maybe I need an off"

"I think this will be enough," I thought.

But to my thought, it was not. My part of the salary's money was deducted, even after so many apologies.

#Next day.

I didn't go to the restaurant, because I was not feeling well, maybe because of yesterday's incident, so I took off from my work. My both friends, they were on their job. But I decided to join the company of my friends in the evening, during our way back home, so I went to our restaurant where we work, in the evening. I reached 10 minutes earlier when they were about to take off.
They gave me a high-five from their work, and I too.

I felt someone is coming in my direction from behind. A male voice came from my backside of ear,

"A hot coffee, pls"

I turned around to look who is this stupid, not leaving me at least today. "Spare me at least today. I'm on leave, from my work today." I said, without seeing his face.

But after seeing his face, I realised that I had made a mistake once again, maybe.

He was none other than our boss's son.
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