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Chapter-2: One question "why"

"What you've done Nitya? You've repeated the same mistake. Now you are gone" I thought and then I reminded myself that you're on leave today. No one can do anything. Today no one is your boss or boss's son. I'm master of my life today. 'What? What can he do? So you don't have to worry.'
These words filled me with the courage to face the upcoming result.

"Excuse me, mister, I'm on off today. Go and ask on the counter. And don't you think you should rather apologize to me than asking for a hot coffee, for yesterday....."

I was about to complete the statement but before I could, I saw my boss coming in our direction,

"one question, why this to me only? I mean today I thought, I'm not going to see my boss's face, for today at least, so my whole day is going to be happy-go-lucky. But forget about seeing, now I've to confront him also. Actually, it was my doing only, why I decided to came here. Can't I stay one day at home?" I chided to myself.

Though I've to do something to save my job, so I tried to mould my words.

"Hot coffee. Anything else, which you want, sir?" I said to the boy.

Meanwhile, the Boss arrived.

"What happened son, is this girl making any trouble for you?" he said.

"Like I don't have any other things to do, I'm so free. right? And what he meant by 'this girl' don't I've any name. I have a proper name, named NITYA, and people are supposed to call me by my name only. " I thought while looking at my boss face when he looked at me and faked a smile, which doesn't match with my current emotions right now.

"No, dad. I think she's a well-behaved girl. She talks quite nicely with everyone. I saw her. Though she's on off today being unaware of this fact I ordered her, and with delight, she took my order." He said.

"What a professional liar he is," I said to myself in my mind, but I'm grateful to him, he saved me.

"That's good to heard. That means you've taken my words seriously yesterday.", the boss said, seeing me.

"Yes sir. As I told you yesterday" I said. And he moved from there, leaving me and his boy alone.

"Thank you,?" I said to him.

"Vivaan. and yours?" he said.

"Thank you Vivaan sir. Nitya, this side." I replied.

" Nice to see you. Don't call me sir. I'm comfortable with Vivaan rather than Vivaan sir." he said.

"Okay...Vivaan." I replied.

"Well thanks for what?" he asked further.

"Like you don't know what you did right now. I was almost about to lose my job if he even has an idea about what I said to you "

"Don't worry, you won't lose your job. I'm here only. Well, sorry for yesterday, because of me you had to pay the fine and do the payment for that also." he said.

"Well, though you should feel sorry, but fine. It was my fault. Nevermind." I said and then I sniggered. "Well, pls take the order from the counter, as you know I'm on leave." I further added.

"I don't have any order. I was searching for you only." He said. and before he could say anything more, my friends arrived..

"Searching for me?" I said with a confused head. But after seeing my friends, I closed the conversation, "Ok bye, take care. I've to go now. We'll discuss on this, some other day maybe." and was about to join my friends, but he handed over me an envelope.

"For you. Bye. Take care." He said, and left.

Before I could ask something further, he was gone from there and my friends arrived.

Kavya: "What happened? What he was saying?"

"Nothing," I said.

"Is he your new crush? He's a good looking guy. You should try." she shot another question with a smirk on her face.

"My answer is No" I answered making an unamused face. "Now, I can't even talk to a stranger, what if s/he need any help from me. Being a responsible citizen, I must help them." I further added.

"You said 'take care'. No one says this to a stranger, right?" Kavya accused.

"It was out of my habit. Nothing else. I say this to everyone." I said in my defence.

"Is anything like that also happens?" Kavya further said.

"Yes miss," I said.

"Shall we go now? Or you both want to carry your Q & A session here?" Ishita stopped us.

"Let's go. It was she who started" Kavya said.

"Wait, what? How did I? Will you try to explain?" I questioned, because now it's my time to question, finally.

"No comments" Kavya ended the conversation, and we three left for our home. As soon as we reached home, I threw myself on the bed.

"Feeling exhausted? even after doing nothing. How can someone be so much lazy?" Ishita said, pointing me.

"Take training from me then." I laughed.

"What's in the envelope? I want to know?" Kavya said.

Envelope, I completely forgot about it. Yes, it's with me only.
"Means you're listening us? Now you've started the job of a detective?" I said.

"Only this much. Now open it." Kavya said in her defence.

I opened the envelope, there I found some money it was almost my 1 month salary. "I think he really wants to apologise for the incident. This money is way more. But I'm happy.. and maybe not. I shouldn't be greedy. I should return." I said.

"What makes you think like that. There's nothing sound like greedy I suppose. Take money, and spend this on your friends." Kavya said. We all laughed.

"Yes I'll love to spend my money on you both, but not from this, dear. From my salary." I said, "I'll take only the amount I lost, in yesterday's incident."

"Think about this one more time. Well, it's your money, do whatever you want." Ishita said.

"What, if he had given me a wrong envelope. This envelope belongs to someone else. I should return this to him. The envelope carries more amount than it should if it means for me then." I frowned.

"There's no need to worry, just go and ask him straightforward that what's the matter?" Ishita suggested.

"You are right," I said.

"What if he wants to show us his money power?" Said Ishita, from the kitchen.

"But what if this means, he loves you, then?" Kavya said.

"First of all, I have a crush on someone that you all know. And Vivaan's father is my boss, and you know my bonding with my boss. And the second thing, if he wants to show me his money power than, results are not going to be good for him." I said.

"You know his name. Your crush and your story were ended on the day it started. Moreover, look at Vivaan, he is so handsome and better than your crush." Kavya said.

"Doesn't matter. And it's not proven yet, what's the actual matter?" I replied.

"Ok, Vivaan's case is done. But I don't understand, why you still have a crush on Abhi. Means the flower is already dead, and dead flower never blooms again." Kavya insisted.

"So, what? I'll make a herbarium of it." I laughed.

"Girls, dinner is ready," Ishita said.

"Thank you very much Ishita, though it was my turn today, you prepared the food, knowing that my mood is not ok. I love you so much." I said.

"No thanks, no sorry, in friendship. But if you want to show me your gratitude then, buy me a dress." Ishita said with a grin.

"Okay, I'll buy, when we'll go shopping day after tomorrow," I said.

"I don't have any idea if something is coming," said Kavya.

"It's Vivaan's birthday right?" asked Ishita.

"Yes," I said.

#Next day

I was at work, but my eyes were searching for someone, now and then.

Now the time has come to go home.
"He didn't come today," said Kavya, caught my eyes, who was searching for someone's presence who should be here at this time but was absent.

"Who?" I asked, even after knowing the answer.

"You don't know, whom I'm talking about?" Kavya replied.

"Vivaan. Can we wait for 5 more minutes for him?" I said.

"Maybe he's busy today or he would have find another girl," Kavya commented.

We waited for 5 minutes more for him, but he didn't come. So we decided to leave our home. The restaurant was not far from our house, so we always walk to home.
In our midway, during our way home, my search finally ends, Vivaan was standing in front of me a few distances away.
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