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Chapter-3: Maybe Someday

"There he is. Listen, I'm returning him his envelope, so please wait for me here." I directed Kavya and Ishita and they nodded in yes.

I went to him."Hello, Vivaan." I said with a smile.

Vivaan smiled at me. "Hello, Nitya. You remembered my name?" He exclaimed.

"Like what a big thing it is to remember someone's name," I thought, and find his statement cute, I don't know either he's acting like that or he's so innocent guy.

"Yes, why not I'll remember your name? Such a beautiful name you've." I said. And I take out the envelope from my bag, and forward it in his direction.

"Thanx for the compliment, Nitya." He blushed. "What's this?" He added.

"You forgot? Yesterday you gave me, remember?" I said.

"Yes. But I gave you to take it not to return it." He said.

A girl, in red strappy midi dress, came from behind and put her one hand on Vivaan's shoulder.
"Might be her girlfriend." I thought inside my mind.

"Hello," I said with a smile.

"Heyy! I'm Shreya. Your name?" she replied.

"I'm Nitya," I answered.

"You are Vivaan's...." But before she could say anything further, Vivaan stopped her, "we are talking about something. Don't interrupt, in between. Leave us alone for a while." He said.

"I'm Vivaan's bestie, no...., sorry, my mistake. We are just friends. Nothing more. Don't worry." I said to Shreya, to save Vivaan.

Vivaan quickly grabbed my hand and took me to another direction, before Shreya could speak further.
"Excuse me?" I said.

"Sorry" he replied, " but what were you doing there?" He further asked.

"What? I saved you today from your girlfriend, just like you saved me yesterday from my boss. I tried to save you. Didn't I? Moreover you should be thankful to me. Well, there's no need to say thank you. I mean it's okay. I like helping people." I replied.

"Who told you that she's my girlfriend?" He inquired.

"Why? Isn't she's your girlfriend? I thought that she is your girlfriend, but now I think my assumption was wrong." I said with an embarrassment, on what I did.

"She's my friend's girlfriend. You should think before you speak something. Means you could have asked from me that who's she or rather be quiet." He said in a serious tone.

"I'm....sorry... But... my motive.... was to save you and not to bother you. It wasn't a big mistake though. Sometimes it happens....." I said, in my defence.

"Is there anything important, which you want to say? Why you came here, by the way? What's the purpose?" He asked.

His statement and tone sound so rudely that it made me angry.

"Nothing, just I want to return your money. I don't need it, take it with yourself. I thought that you've given me the wrong envelope, but no Ishita was right. You don't want to apologise, you just wanted to show me your money power. Doesn't matter, I know my salary isn't much but I also have self-respect. I don't need your money. I've taken the exact amount which you were supposed to give to me but you didn't. Don't worry I'll return that part of money too, but next month, because I need some money right now, otherwise, I would have given back to you right now within a second or maybe I would have taken tomorrow's time. And I don't need your apology. Take it with yourself only. Bye." I said and left him alone on the street.

"What happened? Is everything fine?" Said Kavya.

"Nothing much. Ishita, you were right. He just wanted to show us his money power. Now let's go home. I don't want any more discussion on this topic. What he thinks of himself?" I said.

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

"Vivaan are you okay?" asked Shreya.

"Yes." I faked a smile.

"Well, your crush is so cute and pretty. I envy her. Nice choice by the way." said Shreya.

"If she had control over her words than she would become perfect." replied my friend, Sameer. "Sorry, I heard your conversation, though i should not and I don't even want to, but you both were loud enough that anyone can hear it even if the person doesn't want to. Well, no one is perfect." He added.

"It's fine," I said. "What else I can say to him, now?" I thought.

"So when you are planning to propose her?" Shreya asked.

"Let the right time comes first, then we'll see.", I replied.

# At my room

"I made a mistake. I shouldn't behave like this to her. I made her angry. Oh, God! Pls, help. How will I face her, I want her to talk with me, but after this incident, she won't like to even see me. And I don't want to show her money power. She took me wrong." I said in my mind.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

#Next day

I was getting ready for shopping. Finally, the day has come, today is Abhi's birthday. I send him birthday wishes on Facebook, and now waiting for tonight, to wish him face to face, at the party.

#At evening

"Many happy returns of the day, Abhi. I'm so happy for you. May you are always blessed by God." I said.

"You are practising these three lines since morning in front of the mirror. And he didn't even invite us to party, right? So why you had bought this dress. Will you tell me?" asked Ishita.

"Listen, I'll just go to his home and wish him from outside and give him a gift. But because I'll go at party time, then he has to invite me on the spot, for the party." I said.

"What if he not?" Ishita questioned again.

"Then, nothing. I'll give him his gift and come back." I replied.

"So, what's the use of buying these dresses?" asked Kavya.

"I just want Abhi to see me in this dress. I want to look good tonight." I said.

"Oh...I see. Otherwise other days, you look so horrible, right?" said Ishita.

"Maybe. Who knows." I replied.

"What will you gift?" asked Kavya.

"Look, this," I said. I showed them a Movado Ultra slim watch. "Beautiful?"

"You might have spend a lot on it. How much?" asked Kavya.

"$500. Yeah, it took my almost 11-months savings, but I somehow managed to buy it." I replied.

"It's too much. It's just a wastage of money," said Ishita.

"It's worthy for him," I replied.

"I can see, how much you have a love for him, even if you complained to the teacher when he was copying," commented Kavya with a smirk.

"At that time such a situation arrived, I was helpless, otherwise I won't do that," I said.

I dressed up in a peach colored floral lace sleeveless hi-lo cocktail dress and applied mascara on eyelashes and kajal in my eyes. I like being simple.
As soon as I get ready, I decided to go to Abhi's house, as the party might be started.

#At Abhi's house

I knocked on the door. Abhi opened the door, and I wished him,
"Many, many, many, happy returns of the day Abhi. May you always blessed the God." I said excitedly, and when I goes with the flow, I didn't realise and speak all wrong.

"What?" he said.

"I mean. May God always bless you. I'm so happy for you. And one thing more, you are looking dapper, as usual. This dress suits you." I corrected myself. And then I handed him his birthday gift, and he thanked me with a smile, which was enough to made my day.

"Thanks, Nitya. Sorry, I didn't invite you to the party, but you may come in and enjoy the party with us. I'm so busy these days, that I forgot to ask." he said. And asked me to come inside.

I entered his house for the first time. Many of his friends were already present in the room, enjoying the birthday party. I didn't like the atmosphere but Abhi's presence was enough to make me feel good even in this. My friends didn't come, when they got to know that Abhi didn't invite us to his birthday party, I even insisted on them but all in vain. It's not their fault and they are correct at their place.

Abhi was busy with his friends, and now I was feeling bored and alone from inside though outside there was music going on and quite a good number of people were present.

"Enough I can't live in this place anymore, I should leave now. People are drinking and smoking. Now, it doesn't seems like a party anymore, and looks more like nonsense." I said to myself and decided to left.

As soon as I reached the door to open it, someone from my back, grabbed me from my waist and hold me tight in his arms. I tried to free myself by kicking him on his shoe from my shoe and ran from there.

"What kind of behaviour was this?" I said in anger. " is so irritating when someone touches you without your permission."

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