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Chapter-4: Just for now

I need some fresh air, so I went to the nearby park and sat on a bench. I looked up at the blanket of stars that stretched to infinity. And all of the sudden drizzles started, giving beautiful background music to this amazing view. My all loneliness and boredom were gone now. I closed my eyes. After a few time I realised that drizzle is ended, and then opened my eyes, but to my surprise rain was still going on, so why not a single drop of rain is reaching me. I felt someone's presence behind me, who had grabbed the umbrella above my head. I left the bench, and move back to see who is the person, and found Vivaan standing in front of me.

"Nitya. I came here to apologised me for what I did yesterday. And I was not showing you any money power." He said.

"It's alright Vivaan. That wasn't your fault at all. I know it's my doing, I should ask you first. Well, as time passes so the matter ends. Moreover, the fact is we realised. I'm sorry." I said.

Now the drizzling rain has taken the incarnation of a downpour. Vivaan, forward his umbrella to save me from the heavy rain, and stupid damped himself in the rain. "Such a gentleman he is," I thought.

"Oh, Mister intelligent, come inside the umbrella otherwise ready yourself for the fever," I said.

He came inside, maintaining proper 1-foot distance, making his shoulder wet.
"Come inside, properly," I said.

"But..." Before he could say anything further, I interrupted, "don't worry, I won't say anything."

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

"Why didn't you came to today?" I asked.

"I was on off." She replied.

"Ohh. I see." I said.

"Why this question by the way?" She replied.

"I just asked casually," I replied. I was waiting for you in a restaurant, I thought you didn't come because of yesterday incident, indirectly me.

"Okay bye. Take care. I should go now." She said.

"I'll drop you home. The car will take less time." I said. "And I know how to drive."

"Thank you very much, Vivaan, but I'll prefer to walk home. It will hardly take 5 minutes to reach there. Moreover, now the rain has stopped." she replied.

"Can I join till there at least?" I said.

"Yeah, sure." She said.

I'm thankful, that finally, my wait is over, for 5 minutes only, I've some time to spend with her. I was in love with her the day I saw her, "love at the first sight" won't be wrong to title it. I love everything about her, but the best thing is her smile and her voice. I admire her a lot. I wish, soon we'll be together, and not like this. I wish the time to stop here, just for now.

"The street ends here. You can't go further now." She said. "My house is the last second house in this colony."

"Oh when we reached here, I didn't realise. It was quite near." I said because finally, I've to leave her, which I don't want.

"You can go back to your home." She said.

"Okay. Bye, take care." I said.

"Oh hello, come inside, don't you even think to leave without having dinner." She said in a serious tone.

"What do you mean?" I mumbled.

"Want to join me for dinner? It would be better you do dinner here, because when you'll reach home and when you'll take dinner. It will take time, better you do dinner here only. Delaying the dinner is not good for anyone's health." She chuckled.

I can't believe what I'm hearing right now. "Yes sure. You are right. This is what I was thinking." I said.

"Come in," she said. As I enter in the room, I found two more girls, who work in my restaurant.

"Can we adjust one more plate, as someone is joining us for dinner, tonight?" Said Nitya.

"Ou boss's son. Vivaan sir." Said one of her friends.

"Call me Vivaan only. I'm good with Vivaan rather than Vivaan sir." I said.

"Oh let me introduce you with my two soul sisters - Ishita and Kavya. You might be familiar with them, what's new to know about them is their name." She said.

"Okay, okay. What would you like to have for dinner Vivaan sir?" asked Kavya?

"Isn't dinner ready?" Nitya asked.

"Yes, it is ready. I'm just doing some formalities by asking him. Don't you know, these are called etiquette. which you need to learn first. You should ask him to sit, but you are doing nothing. This is disrespect of our guests." Said Kavya.

"Oh. Now you'll tell me etiquette." Nitya replied.

"Now you both stop taunting each other. Okay! At least when someone is present." Ishita said.

"All set for the dinner. Let's start our dinner," said Kavya.

"How was the party? Did you enjoy it? What was Abhi's reaction on your gift? Did he say something to you? Give me detail. I want to know." Kavya shot questions line.

"Who's Abhi?" I asked.

"Nitya's one-sided crush. She's just wasting her time on him when I know nothing is going to happen." Ishita said.

Ishita's words made me in shock, I felt terrible, obvious anyone would feel the same, at my place. It's hard to digest that the person you like the most likes someone else.

"Now keep your mouth shut pls. Don't say like this. And about the party, then it was nice but I was missing your presence wished that you both were there. Together we would have put the fire on the floor." Nitya said.

"Aww. Well, Ishita is right. I agree with her. I don't know what you find in Abhi? Means, if you ask me, then Vivaan sir is a better option for you, in fact, a thousand times better than Abhi in the matter of looks and ethics." Kavya said.

Kavya's words put a smile on my face. I was blushing but I said nothing and gave a small smile to Kavya.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see," Nitya smirked.

After a pause.
"Is there anything that you are hiding from us, Nitya? If, yes, then please do tell us. We are your friends. Tell." said Ishita.

"Nothing could be hidden from you for too long. I was feeling all alone at the party, so I decided to leave but someone tried to harass me." Nitya said while weeping.

This made me angry, I couldn't control myself from saying.
"Who the hell was that who tried to touch you? Tell me his name, and rest leave everything on me." I said in fury.

"I didn't even saw his face and ran from there. Calm down, Vivaan. Decisions taken in anger, are not good." Nitya tried to comfort me.

"No. Let's go to Abhi's house and let me ask him, what was he doing that time. I knew it, that's why I don't like Abhi, he and his friend circle. See, you can know the character of someone by observing his friend circle." Kavya said.

"Settle down, Kavya," Nitya said.

"How can you say this. If I was at your place then I swear I won't let the guy see next sunrise," said Ishita.

"Now you also don't start. It's not easy for me to handle you three at once. Try to understand. Focus on dinner." Nitya said, and finally, we stopped.

We all completed our dinner. And now the time has come, for me to leave this house. Nitya accompanied me to the door.

"Call me or message me, whenever you reach home. So that I can sleep peacefully. Bye. Take care." Nitya said.

"Can I get your phone number?" I asked. Why she's always in hurry, I said to my self.

"What?" Nitya said.

"Then how will I message you?" I said.

"Oh. Write 987xxxxxxx" she said. "Feel free to call me."

And I left the house. My whole day was good except Abhi's section. I didn't even expect that this day will come out like this. Come on, no one would like to see his/her love with others.
My grandmother used to tell me, 'True love is when you are ready to see your love with others. Love is not about possession but freedom. Everyone loves their freedom. If the person belongs to you then s/he will come back, otherwise, there was never a love.' And I felt that.

As soon as, I reached home. I messaged Nitya.
"Hello, Nitya. Vivaan this side. I reached home safely. Don't worry about me. Take care and have a good sleep."
No reply from that side might be she slept.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

"I think Vivaan likes you." said kavya.

"How can you say this?" I asked.

"I've seen love for you in his eyes," Kavya replied.

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