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Chaoter-5: The unknown friend

"Now you've started the job of eye reading too," I said.

"Some unspoken things can be seen on the face, but some stupid like you can't understand," she said.

"Better you read a book instead of reading someone's face," I replied and opened my phone.

Vivaan send me a message.

"Good to heard." I messaged back.

And a call from Abhi flashed on my screen. I picked the call.

Abhi: "Heyy. When you left the party? You should at least informed me once."

Nitya: "Sorry Abhi. But an urgent work arrived. So I left without informing you."

Abhi: "By the way, the gift was not bad. Might be expensive for you. Well, thanks for the gift."

Nitya: "Did you like the gift?"

Abhi: "Ahh....yes. It is beautiful as you."

Nitya: "Thank you Abhi very much. You don't know, but these words mean me a lot."

Abhi: "Nitya, I'll talk some other time, as my phone's battery is almost dead."

Nitya: "okay. Bye. Take care."

Abhi: "Bye"

#Next day

"When you've decided to go to work? Have you taken any retirement?" asked Ishita.

"There is no use of me, going to the restaurant and you all know. Last week is going on and, you know my half of salary is already deducted as fine, because of my stupid things, I used to do every now and then. But this month it has just increased." I said.

"Okay. Fine. So what you planned?" Ishita said.

"I'll take resign for this month and will join in next month," I said.

"If you are not going for work, then please do these household chores. Wash all the clothes and when you are done with it then wash the dishes. Room is also looking quite sloppy, do something for this room too, I'm quite fed up by looking the same room from last year. Go market and buy some vegetables and fruits. When clothes will dry up then do the ironwork on them." Ishita said and I ended up with listening.

#At evening

After done with all household works, I finally get time for myself. I decided that I'll go on work tomorrow, otherwise again I would have to do all these household work again and I don't want to.

I checked my phone and found, a message from Vivaan, on WhatsApp.

Vivaan: "Hello, Nitya, is everything fine? You didn't come today. Though I asked your friend, Kavya, she told me, that you are having a headache. Is it because of rain? How's your health now? Do you want me to send a doctor, there?"

"Oh, god! Who ask so many questions, from where should I start to answer." I said to myself, "And, why Kavya lied to him?" and replied,

Nitya: Nothing much. I'm good now. It was just a headache.

And then send a message to Kavya.

Nitya: "why you lie to Vivaan? When I got a headache?"

Before her reply, I received Vivaan message.

Vivaan: "Good to hear that. Well, take care. And feel free to call me, in case of any help or anything."

"Anything," I asked myself. What he meant by this, and why he is showing so much care for me. No one showed this much care for me, after my mom-dad.

Beep! Beep!

Kavya's message pop-up on the screen. This is what I was waiting for. I read her message.

Kavya: "What he replied?"

I forward her, Vivaan's message.

Kavya: "Now, you believe it?"

Nitya: "What?"

Kavya: "Read his message, carefully. It clearly shows that he likes you. Who show this much care for an employ?"

Nitya: "This is what happened when you use 100% brain."

Kavya: "You still don't believe it. Then mark my words, that he loves you and one day, this truth will come out."

Nitya: "Focus on your work."

Abhi message flashed on WhatsApp.

Abhi: "Hii."

Nitya: "Hii. How come to message me, today?"

Abhi: "Just, remembering you. How are you?"

Nitya: "Perhaps good, but after receiving your message I'm feeling fantastic. How are you?"

Abhi: "I'm also good. Nitya, I want to ask you something."

Nitya: "Yeah, sure. Please."

Abhi: "Do you still love me?"

This question left me unanswerable, of course, I still love him but should I confess him right now? Is it the right moment? And what happened all of sudden that he's asking this question? Thousands of questions were running in my mind right now. Finally,

Nitya: "Yes. I still love you and there was never a time when I stopped loving you."

Abhi: "Okay"

His last replied and no reply after that. After 15 minutes Abhi uploaded a status. I check the status and I find, the screenshot of a conversation between me and Abhi. I messaged him, instantly.

Nitya: " What's this Abhi? How can you share our chat publicly? Who permitted you?"

Abhi: "Nitya, actually the question I asked you just 15 minutes earlier, it was a dare given by my friends to me. And when I told them, then they asked me to upload it on my status. So I don't have any other choice. Sorry, if you get hurt by this."

Nitya: "You can simply say "No" to them. Was that such a big task for you to do?"

Abhi: "Sorry. It's my fault."

Nitya: "What sorry?"

Abhi: "So tell me how can I apologize?"

Nitya: "it's not the matter of sorry. You've hurted me. I also carry my heart."

Abhi: "I'm truly sorry, from the core of my heart. Now it's fine."

I didn't reply. My whole mood was spoiled. I comforted myself, "see, Nitya it happens sometimes. His intention was not to hurt you. It was just a dare. Take the game as a game."

Srishti, one of my school friend, called me. I picked the call.

Srishti: "Heyy, is everything fine with you🧐?"

Nitya: "Yes. What happens to me now😅. What about you?"

Srishti: "I'm all good, but nothing is good with you. What I'm seeing on Insta, Abhi shared your and his chat on the story."

Nitya: "Yes, it's a dare😅. Don't worry I know🙂."

Srishti: "Okay, fine then😊, if it's like that. I thought you still love him."

Nitya: "Is there any harm, loving him?"

Srishti: "I would suggest you to stay away from him. He's not a nice person, as he shows."

Nitya: "What's the matter?"

Srishti: "He's a playboy kind. No respect for anyone, he doesn't even know how to talk with someone."

Nitya: "Okay."

I disconnected the call. I lied to her. But what more can I say to her. By the way, she never asked me how's I'm doing and all, but today as she saw the story, she didn't even bother to message me but directly calledd me. It's not her fault, anyone at her place would react the same, even me too.

"Knock, Knock!" someone messaged with an unknown number.

"Yes, who's that side?" I messaged.

Unknown: "I'm god."

Nitya: "And I'm a fool."

Unknown: "What?"

Nitya: "That's what you think of me right? Tell me who's that side, otherwise, I'm going to block you."

Unknown: "Oh miss angry bird. Don't block me. Well, let me introduce myself first, I'm god, as I told you. By the way, how are you Nitya?"

Nitya: "How you know my name?

Unknown: "I'm god and I know everything."

Nitya: "Great. what else you know about me then?"

Unknown: "You work in a restaurant. You live with your 2 friends,- Kavya and Ishita. You've a crush on a boy named, Abhi."

Nitya: "Wait, wait, how you know this. This is you, Vivaan, right?"

Unknown: "He's your boss's son, right! you don't like your boss."

Nitya: "Obvious no one like there boss. Now, stop it, Vivaan I know, that, this is you."

Unknown: "I'm not Vivaan I'm god. I know the incident when you made Abhi beaten by the teacher. This thing Vivaan doesn't know, I suppose."

I went to Kavya's bed to check what she is doing.

"Kavya, stop it now. I know it's you who is messaging me from an unknown number, I caught you. If you want to talk to me then directly ask me, face to face. We live in the same room." I said.

She looked at me with a confused face, "Are you alright?"

"Now don't act like innocent. I caught you red-handed. Oh, wait, show me your phone, then you'll accept."

I snatched her phone to see what she was doing. And, that she was scrolling on Instagram but I checked her, both WhatsApp and dual WhatsApp, in case if she is the unknown number. But I find nothing and handed her, her phone.

"Sorry," I said.

"Now fine. Done with the check-in or want to do something else. And Miss Nitya, you should first ask for permission before taking someone's phone, this is called etiquette. One should know this. I can't expect this type of behaviour from you." She said.

"Oh, in friendship there is nothing called etiquette. I can check your phone anytime and anywhere. What's the matter of hiding?" I replied.

Means someone else is messaging me. Who is s/he? Then I messaged the unknown number.
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