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Chapter-6: Love I used to have

Nitya: "Okay. if you are God, then tell me when I'll get promoted?"

Unknown: "If you'll love God then you'll get a promotion."

Nitya: "I love god."

Unknown: "Good. You should, because god also loves you."

Nitya: "I mean to real god and not you, Mister or miss."

Unknown: "Mister."

Nitya: "Why god can't be female?

Unknown: "But this god is male."

I chuckled, finally this stranger unknowingly made me happy. "Dinner is ready." An announcement came from the kitchen.

Nitya: "Okay, I'll talk to you later, god. I'm going to take my dinner. You should also take your dinner now."

Unknown: "Okay. Bye, and take care, Nitya."

Nitya: "Bye. You too take care, though should I say this to god?"

Unknown: "You can if there is love for god in your heart."

"Nitya? Did you decided to take dinner on the next morning?" A new announcement.

"I'm coming," I said.

#Next day

"I decided to go to work. I'll come with you." I said to my friends.

I was on work, but waiting for someone's message. Can't wait to go home and talk to him freely. For the first time, I'm feeling like this.

"What's inside your phone that you are continuously watching it?" Vivaan said.

"Oh. Vivaan when you came? Any order for me?" I said.

"Nothing for now. When you are inviting me for dinner. I loved the food." He asked.

"Thank you so much. Why not you will love the food, after all, I make super delicious food," said Kavya. "Our door is always open for you. Come, whenever you are free. Don't ever hesitate."

"Thanks for telling him that who made the food that day. I think he wants to come to our home, not for food, but to tell you how to cook. You didn't understand his real intention behind his statement." I said.

"Oh. No one need to tell me how good I am as a cook." Kavya argued.

"Nice joke." I chuckled.

"Shut up." She said.

"You shut up," I said.

"Both of you, shut up." interrupted Ishita. "People love to tease you both, they like to laugh on you both."

Boss arrived.

"Okay, I'm doing my work. Don't disturb." I said.

"Boss somewhere brings discipline in you and I loved that," said Ishita.

"Vivaan, come with me," Boss said.

"Okay, Dad," Vivaan replied.

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*
"I want you to take care of this restaurant. Now I want to enjoy my life." Dad said.

"What do you mean dad?" I said.

"I want retirement. And it's a good offer you, my son. You should take this opportunity without any question." Dad said.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

"I know, why you come daily, here. You can't hide anything from me. You like Nitya, right? Tell me, when should I meet her parents?" Dad chuckled.

"No, dad. You are not going to do anything right now. And how can you say that I mean how you know this?" I questioned.

"Look at your health, you are not well today, still you come to see her. And the way you talk to her, what more proof you want?" Dad said.

"Dad, may I ask you something?" I said.

"Go forward," Dad said.

"My friends know that I love her, now you also know this, even I didn't tell you, but when will she know?" I asked.

"Go and tell her." Dad chuckled.

"It's not easy," I said.

"The thing is, when a girl falls in love, no one knows this except her, and when a boy falls in love, everyone knows except that girl," Dad told.

*Nitya's p.o.v.*

"You heard that? Vivaan sir, is going to be our new boss," said Kavya.

"Thank god. Now I don't have to face my ex-boss" I chuckled.

"From where you heard that, Kavya? It can be rumour too.", said Ishita.

" One of our staff told me. Don't worry, the news is 101% correct." Kavya said confidently.

#At home.

Finally, my wait is over. I messaged the unknown no.

Nitya: "Hello"

And to my surprise, he came online and started typing. This is an awesome feeling you know.

Unknown: "Heyy."

Nitya: "How are you, Mr, God?"

Unknown: "Finally you accepted me as a god?"

Nitya: "First, wish me 'happy birthday' today's my birthday."

Unknown: "What? Many happy returns of the day, Nitya. May I always bless you."

Nitya: "Thank you Thank you. But today is not my birthday."

Unknown: "....."

Nitya: "Of course you are god, then you should know this."

Unknown: "God was busy somewhere. I forgot."

Nitya: "Now consider it, that you are not any god."

Unknown: "Okay, Fine. But I'm not well, today."

Nitya: "What happened?"

Unknown: "Just a fever and headache."

Nitya: "Take rest and why are you using phone then?"

Unknown: "Because I was waiting for someone's message, the whole day."

I gulped, and messaged, "Of whom?"

Unknown: "A girl named Nitya."

Nitya: "How many girls do you've in your life with name Nitya?"

Unknown: "I was waiting for your message, dumbo."

Nitya: "Oh, then it's fine. What a coincidence, I was also waiting for the time when I'll chat with you."

Unknown: "My pleasure."

Nitya: "How's your health now? Did my prayers showed any response?"

Unknown: "Wow, I'm feeling good, now. Thanks for the prayers."

Nitya: "No need to thanks. Well, take more rest, it will help you."

Abhi messaged me. So, I need to close the conversation with unknown no. though I don't want to, I want to talk with him whole night maybe. Perhaps, his health and Abhi message was a hurdle between us and I messaged him "Bye and take care." and so he too.

Abhi: "Hello, Nitya? Are you free, now?"

Nitya: "Yes, always free for you. What happened?"

Abhi: "I broke up with my girlfriend. My girlfriend cheated on me. He chose someone else in front of me. He neglected me for someone else."

I was feeling so good right now, that words were not enough to explain.

Nitya: "Oh so sorry, Abhi. But how can I help you?"

Abhi: "I need your help. Do me a favour?"

Nitya: "Yeah, sure."

Abhi: "I'll call you right after 5 minutes and you've to say, 'I love you' when I'll say, 'what you want to say?' Just do this. I'm on my way to my ex-girlfriend's house."

Nitya: "Is it a kind of dare?"

Abhi: "what you think, I'm so idle that I'll play truth and dare right now? You don't know how I'm feeling right now? How a heartbreak feel?"

Nitya: "Okay"

And he called me after 5 minutes.

Abhi: "Hello, Nitya? What you want to say?"

Nitya: "Abhi, I love you."

Abhi: "I love you, too."

And he disconnected the call.
"Again, you did the same," said Kavya from behind.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"To whom were you talking?" Kavya asked. "And don't try to lie me."

"Abhi. Why would I lie?" I said.

"He's not right for you. This is all I want to say." Kavya said. "Come for dinner."

And she was right.

#Next day

I was returning from work, and I found Abhi and his friends, busy in laughing and then gazed at me, in mid of their conversation.
One of his friend approach near me, and asked, "Can you be my girlfriend for one day?"

That made me angry. I replied, "What nonsense? Are you out of your mind?"

"What's wrong in this? Do you just listen to Abhi?" he replied.

Now I get it, why he says so.
I replied, "I once, made him beaten by the teacher, do you also want the same? Want me to call the police?"

Abhi arrived, before he could say anything further, I said to him, "What makes you come here, now? Want to justify anything?" And a tear rolled out of my eyes.

"Heyy, Nitya. Don't take it seriously. It was a prank. My friend insisted me to do." Said Abhi.

I took my eyes off from him and started looking elsewhere in anger.

"See, I have a gift for you. Now, please forgive me." He said.
"Accept this."

He forwards me a friendship band. And when I took it, I saw "You are stupid🤬" written on it and I threw it on his face.

"I don't want it," I said in an audible voice full with bitterness.

"You should accept the gift from your boyfriend." Said one of his friends.

"Sorry Nitya," Abhi said.

"Sorry Abhi, because I can't forgive you, now," I said. "Not every sorry deserves an 'it's okay' in return. Bye, and I wish that I'm not going to see your face again in my life." And I left with watering eyes.

My phone beeped. A message from the unknown number.

Unknown: "Hey, Nitya."

I was not in the mood to talk with anyone right now, but mistakenly I touched the "seen". Now, sometimes you have to reply the person just because the message is seen. Moreover, I felt that I need someone to share my feelings, and he's the only option, I see, in absence of Kavya and Ishita.

Nitya: "Can I call you?"

Before he can reply further, I called him and told him everything happened with me.
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