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Chapter-7: Tom & Jerry

No reply from that side. So, I disconnected the call.

"I know this is you, Abhi. I can't believe, how you behave here and how you behave in real life with me. Don't ever try to do things like this." I messaged him and blocked him, and his real number of Abhi.

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

I couldn't say anything to her on call, because then she'll know that the person messaging her from an unknown number is me. But she had blocked me, now. Again she understood me wrong. I don't know how to console her, she was crying. I don't have a choice and I never had. I can't help her, but I can do something about Abhi.

A continuous flow of thousands of thoughts and questions were roaming inside my mind.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

Kavya and Ishita came after a few minutes from the market. I ran towards them, and gave a tight hug.

"What happened all of a sudden? Who made you cry?" said Ishita.

"Might be, she was missing me. Can't you live 30 minutes without me?" said Kavya.

"At this time also, you are joking, can you be serious?" Said Ishita.

"I'm serious. I'm just making assumptions, what can happened with her that made her cry." Said Kavya.

"Don't look like so." Ishita said.

"Why don't you show any trust on me?" Kavya said.

Before their argument turn into a conflict, I made both of them shut, and told them the real matter.

"See, this happens, when you don't take your friend's advice seriously. How many time it would have come, that we've warned you, he's not a right guy." Ishita said. "Now what are you doing in your phone, Kavya?"

"Searching for ways, to kill a person without getting imprisonment." Kavya replied, and this made me laugh so hard.

"Oh god! What will happen to both of you! I think I'm the only sensible person in this group, who use her brain." Ishita commented.

"I have an idea. Let make him feel bizarre." Kavya said.

"How?" I replied.

"We will make him fall for a girl, and do the same which he did," Kavya said.

"Not a good idea," I said.

"But not bad too," Ishita said.

Kavya put her hand on my shoulder and inquired, "Do you still love him?"
I didn't reply to anything.

"C'mon, even after this, you don't have an answer. What magic he had done on you?" Ishita said.

"What magic I couldn't do on him?" I asked.

"Maybe that class incident... He can't forget that." Ishita said.

Kavya asked her to stop and looked forward to me in hope of a reply from my side.

"I wanna disappear from this world just once and see if he cares about my absence or not," I said. "I never blame him for anything. I just blame myself for making him my everything."

"Why are saying like this? It's not the time to regret. It's time for revenge." Kavya said.

"You know what? He was never mine, but losing him broke my heart." I said. "Does it ever stop hurting?"

"No, you just make room for it," Kavya replied. " I know it hurts, but this will not do anything. I know you are suffering a lot right now, but you should understand that these sufferings come in our life to make us strong. If you take this suffering as an opportunity, then this will help you to get an updated and new version of you."

"The thing is, you think that this suffering will help me to build a strong character but sometimes suffering is just suffering. It doesn't make you stronger. It doesn't build character. It only hurts." I said. "Now I've decided, I'll never fall in love again, and if I, then I'll never confess, it will remain in my heart. Now my heart isn't strong enough to love someone again. I'll remain single."

"Remain single? There never existed a love. One should not forego sleeping because of the possibility of nightmares." Kavya said. "It takes a strong heart to love. And it takes a truly strong heart to love again after being hurt."

"So I'll handle it, when it will come, I'll cross the bridge when I'll come to it. Though there's no scope for it. Maybe, because I'm easy to leave and hard to love." I said.

"Don't say like this Nitya. Calm down. People say tha love hurt, but in actual it's the rejection, ignorance, etc. that hurts, people always confuse this things with love, otherwise love is the only thing in the world that can heal us and make us feel amazing. Think about what next to do and move forward." Kavya consoled me.

"Who'll be that girl?" I asked.

"Good," Kavya said. "Ishita."

"Yes," Ishita said.

"Oh hello madam. I'm saying you are going to be that girl." Kavya said.

"What? Me?" Ishita said. "But why?"

"No questions pls, don't think about this, you should help your friend," Kavya said.

And that day, Ishita made a fake I'd and messaged Abhi on Facebook.

"Let's watch Tom & Jerry, my all time favourite cartoon, so that I can get rid of this painful period." I said.

After watching so many episodes, none of them made me laugh it's hard to realise that maturity hits us so hard that quotes could make us cry, but cartoons failed to make us smile.

#Next day

"Omg! Why didn't you wake me up? What happened to this alarm?" I said.

"It would have snoozed more than 10 times but you have gone in a coma. Now get ready." Ishita said. "We are leaving, and come fast otherwise ready yourself for the salary deduction. Moreover, today is an important day. The staff has decided to bid a farewell to our boss."

"I'm going to be late," I said and hurry up for work.

#At office

Of course, I was late. Everyone was busy in farewell, but someone poked me.

"Hello, ma'am. Welcome. Many times I questioned to myself, that whether you're not the boss of this restaurant? Come whenever you feel like and go whenever you want. Take off, very often." Boss said. "Today is my last day, but before leaving this restaurant, I want you to learn a message. You'll do an overtime today, so you'll know the importance of time."

At least he can leave me for today. I said to myself, but I didn't reply anything to him. Even on his last day, I've to do overtime, if I knew it earlier, then I would have taken an off.

"Heyy, Nitya," Vivaan said.

"Hi, Vivaan. Congrats for being the new boss." I said.

"Feeling upset? Because of overtime?" Vivaan said. I gave him a short smile.

"Nitya, listen, I and Ishita decided to watch a movie tonight, in theatre, because it's the last day of the month. Will you join?" Said Kavya.

"And on this last day also, I've to do overtime now, I would have like to be absentee today. It's your fault. You could have thrown water on me to woke me up. What are you waiting for, now? Go and enjoy your movie, you know my answer." I said.

"Okk. Don't worry, we've bought a ticket for you, but it's no use for you." Ishita said.

Everyone left the restaurant. I'll also leave after half an hour, who'll stay for 1 hour here, and no one is there to tell our newly retired boss.

"You can leave now, no need to do overtime. But promise me, that it will be a secret between us." Vivaan said and arrived.

"A big Yes. It will be hidden between us." I whispered, quickly. He chuckled.

"By the way, what were you doing till now?" I mumbled.

"Waiting for you to go." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"Ah. There was some work, you know. That's why I stayed here. Moreover for your safety too." He said.

"Okay. Thank you, boss." I cackled.

"Not a boss. We are friends right, ain't we?" He said.

"Yes. So will you forgive me, in case I come late in future?" I grinned.

"Not always. See there is a difference between personal and professional life, and I should maintain it. Moreover, dad has given me such a big responsibility. I hope you will understand." He said.

"Yeah. Don't worry, I won't let any complaint from my side." I replied.

"But, in future, anything like this happens, so I promise this will not affect our relationship." He said.

"How?" I said.

"I can give you treat and take you on places to wander, wherever you like." He said.

"Enough, this is too much. I'm not your lady. Treat me like your friend only. There's no need to do so much for me." I cracked up, "sometimes I think, the girl who will marry you would be the lucky most. You are so gentle, I can write a book on you. Means even in such a short time, we became a good friend."

"So what do you think about being my future?" He asked.

"Nice joke." I laughed a lot and so he too. "There is a difference between friend and girlfriend."

#After some time.

But how will I enter in my house, both the keys are with Ishita and Kavya? I called them to confirm whether they are at the theatre only or reached home. They didn't pick the call so I messaged Kavya.

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