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Chapter-8: Girlfriend?

Nitya: "Where are you right now?"

Kavya: "Where we are supposed to be this time."

Nitya: "At home?"

Kavya: "Wrong guess. The movie will take time. We are at the theatre only."

Nitya: "Send me your location. I'm coming, I'm not carrying any extra key right now. How will I go home?"

Kavya: "Don't disturb. I'm sending you my location. Good news for you, Ishita made Abhi fall for her."

Nitya: "Nice. Now focus on the movie."

I received the location, I've to cover a quite lengthy distance, how will I go there? I questioned to myself.

"Vivaan, will you drop me at the given address please?" I asked.
"Please don't say No, I have asked you, with great hope."

"Yeah, sure. But I'll drive the car. Are you comfortable with this?" Vivaan said.

"Yes," I replied.

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

For the first time, I wish for traffic. But the road was clear and we reached the destination within the next 15 minutes only.

On the way, I was thinking about the conversation between me and Nitya. And I felt that sometimes we say our true feelings through jokes.

"Film is still going on," I said.

"Soon, it will end," Nitya replied.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

Finally, they arrived.

"Enjoyed without me. Happy now?" I taunted.

"We haven't stopped you from watching the film, you can go and watch the movie, not with us then with Vivaan sir," Kavya suggested.

"Want anything? Here's a restaurant, I'll buy for you all. It's my time to give a treat and show my hospitality to you. Moreover, I've got a position now." Vivaan said.

"No. No. Just leave us to our home, that's enough." Ishita said.

"An ice-cream would be enough for a treat" I and Kavya discussed. "Okay, we are not interested in going to any restaurant but ice cream treat is good if you want to give."

"Shut up!" Ishita chided us. "And seat inside the car."

"Right now, I don't find any ice cream stall, but if we found in the mid of our way, then I'll buy" Vivaan chuckled.

"I want double scotch strawberry ice cream," Ishita said.

"Then I want butterscotch," said Kavya.

"Now, see someone is becoming greedy," I said pointing this statement to Ishita. "A chocolate cornetto ice cream sounds good for me."

Vivaan was driving, I sat on the front seat whereas my both friends were on the backseat.

"Here's the ice cream stall. Wait, let me bring ice creams, I'll come." Vivaan said.

"Fine. Be careful while crossing the road." I said and he left.

Someone's phone started ringing.

"Pick the phone, whosoever it is," I said.

"It's coming from your side," Ishita said.

"It's Vivaan sir phone," I replied, and I hold the phone before I could pick it, the call disconnected. 'Sameer' was written. I mistakenly open the WhatsApp. So many messages, I started scrolling down. I found my name "Nitya💕". The way he saved my name insisted me to open the chat. But my DP was not showing on the phone.
When I blocked him, I remember I'd saved his number, I thought.
I couldn't resist myself from opening the chat, and I found the conversation that was exact to the chat which I did with the unknown number, that means.....

"Checking someone's phone without his/her permission is not good. I've told you one more time. Remember?" Kavya said from the backseat.

"Yes, you are right," I said in a serious tone and left the phone on its original position as it is.

"Ice Creams" Vivaan, come inside the car, with 1 butterscotch, 1 double scotch strawberry ice cream and 2 chocolate cornetto.

"Two for Nitya, that's unfair," said Ishita.

"One chocolate cornetto is for me." He said.

"Why everyone tries to fool me?" I thought inside my mind.

We eat the ice cream and left for our home.

"Want to join us for dinner, once again?" asked Kavya.

"I think sir is busy. We should not disturb them." I replied before Vivaan could say anything.

He left us home, and I straight away move to my room, without taking a glance of Vivaan.

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

What happened to her? Did I say something which I should not? I thought to myself.

"Might be she's not well," Kavya said.

"Yeah. Take her care." I said.

"Only her?" Ishita asked.

"Yours too. Bye, I should leave now." I said and I left from there.

Beep! Beep! ~ a WhatsApp message from Nitya💕.
When she unblocked me? I thought.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

After I reach the room, I first took out my phone and unblocked the unknown number that is Vivaan. I messaged him.

Nitya: "Heyy!"

Unknown: "How come you unblock me?"

Nitya: "Because I was missing you. I thought you were Abhi, messaging me from another number, that's why I blocked you. But you never sound like Abhi to me, so I feel like I misunderstood you. And today, I unblocked you."

Unknown: "It took you two days to realise this? Anyway, when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers the most. "

Nitya: "You are comparing me with an elephant?"

Unknown: "It's a proverb. Means, you tell, what was my fault in this?"

Nitya: "You were silent when you needed to speak the most. If you just spoke anything that day, then it didn't went so far, but you didn't. May I know why didn't you spoke that day? Sorry. Please forgive me, and I promise you that nothing will happen like this in future."

Unknown: "My throat was sore, that day. But that doesn't mean that you'll block me without listening to my points."

Nitya: "Sorry. Please forgive me, and I promise you that nothing will happen like this in future."

Unknown: "Okk."

Nitya: "Can you suggest me some tips to impress a boy?"

Unknown: "Now, to whom you want to impress?"

Nitya: "No, I want to know where I lacked to impress Abhi."

Unknown: "It happens, sometimes. He doesn't deserve you. You are too good for him."

Nitya: "Then who deserves me? Do you've any answer?"

Unknown: "Whosoever it is, he will be lucky."

Nitya: "Okay, I will ask one question, just tell me the truth."

Unknown: "Go, ahead."

Nitya: "Your true identity?"

Unknown: "..."

Nitya: "Ok, bye."

Unknown: "What happened, all of sudden."

Nitya: "Nothing. Bye, Take care. Good night. Maybe this will be my last good night to you."

Unknown: "why are you saying like this?"

Nitya: "I can't talk to a stranger. It's not safe, moreover. You know everything about me, whereas I don't know anything about you. Not even your name."

Unknown: "I am Vasu. Now you are happy. You know my name, so you can't leave me now."

Nitya: "Okk. Bye, I've some work, I'll catch you later, Vasu."

Unknown: "Then, it's ok."

Nitya: "Hmm."

#Next Day

At work

Today my all focus was on my work, a very few moments come when I am serious about my work and life. I didn't talk to Vivaan, though he crossed me many times. But I didn't show any notice to him.

#At home

Now the time came for revenge. I decided to message Vivaan from a fake number and decided to enter in his life as a stranger.

Nitya(Unknown no.): "Hello, Vivaan."

After half an hour, I received a reply.

Vivaan: "Yes? Who's that side?"

Nitya: "Vivaan, this is my new number save this please."

Vivaan: "Sorry. I didn't remember you? Can you introduce yourself to me?"

Nitya: "It's me your girlfriend. Remembered?"

Vivaan: "Girlfriend? When did it happen? I don't have any girlfriend. Sorry, exactly tell me your name."

Nitya: "What's written in the name? I'm your girlfriend is this much info, not enough for you to know me?"

Vivaan: "But I don't have any girlfriend, you might have messaged a wrong person. Please check the number once."

Nitya: "Noo...... How can you say this Vivaan? You are hurting me."

Vivaan: "Sorry, but I don't mean to hurt you."

Nitya: "Fine, if you didn't remember me, then we can start once again from the beginning."

Vivaan: "Sorry, miss. And what nonsense you are talking? We never met. You first tell me your name. I know nothing return in someone's name, but please for god's sake, tell me your name."

Nitya: "Akshita."

Vivaan: "I don't know any girl named Akshita, you are the first from whom I'm listening this name. You must have contacted the wrong number."

Nitya: "Listen Vivaan, I know there's nothing like that between us, but I want you to give me a chance."

Vivaan: "Chance?"

Nitya: "The day I saw you, I just fall for you. And the love was increasing day by day. I somehow managed to get your number. I came here to know your answer."

Vivaan: "Akshita, sorry. But I'll pray that you'll find a better guy than me. Because I love someone else."

Nitya: "Who's she? Does she also love you? Does she also feels the same as you feel for her?"
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