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Chapter-9: The perfect liar

Vivaan: "Akshita try to understand. I know, how you might be feeling right now. I know how it feels like, but better you forget me."

Nitya: "it's easy for you to say."

Vivaan: "Maybe."

Nitya: "Anyway, best wishes for your future. Who's that girl by the way?"

Vivaan: "Are you alright? What happened to you all of sudden? What will you do after knowing her name?"

Nitya: "I'm alright, don't worry about me I will be absolutely fine soon. I know it will take time.
What's the problem in telling her name? I'll just straightaway go and tell her about your feelings."

Vivaan: "Then you don't need to know her name."

Nitya: "Why? What's wrong in that?"

Vivaan: "You'll spoil everything. Nothing is good between us right now. I don't know what happened to her, all of sudden or where I went wrong."

Nitya: "I hope everything will go smooth otherwise you've me as an option.๐Ÿ˜"

Vivaan: "Never say like that. You should never count yourself as an option rather than be an only choice for that person."

Nitya: "Okay! Okay! Now tell me her name or send me a pic of her."

Vivaan: "I can't share her pic with anyone."

Nitya: "Ohio, means you have her pic in your phone? Is saving someone's pic without his/her permission sounds right to you?"

Vivaan: "She works in my restaurant, and I'm her boss, so I can have her profile with me."

Nitya: "Where does she live?"

Vivaan: "Nitya."

I gulped, I mean how he knew that I'm messaging him from an unknown number. I replied, "What?"

Vivaan: "Her name is Nitya."

Then It's fine, I thought......Wait, what? That means Kavya was right.

Nitya: "Nice name."

Vivaan: "Yeah! But nothing more than this I'll tell about her to you."

Nitya: "What's so special in her?"

Vivaan: "I don't know, but nothing is special without her."

Nitya: "Ohio, see the dialogue. Nice sir. What you liked in her, that made you fall for her?"

Vivaan: "Everything. I like the way she smiles, her voice, her look, everything. I don't have words in my dictionary to describe her."

Nitya: "๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ถ"

Vivaan: "....."

Nitya: "No one said anything like this to me ever."

Vivaan: "๐Ÿ™‚"

Nitya: "I will learn this dialogue by today only and in future, will make my husband say these lines every day to me."

Vivaan: "๐Ÿ˜‚"

Nitya: "๐Ÿ˜‚, Okay Bye. Good night."

Vivaan: "Bye! Best wishes."

I left my phone on the table. Soon a notification pop-up. It was Vivaan's only, but from his unknown number.
Should I reply to him tomorrow, moreover it's weekend, we'll have more time to talk? And if he knew that Akshita was Nitya, then? I thought, but I couldn't resist myself from messaging him and I ended up opening the WhatsApp to reply to him.

Unknown: "Are you fine?"

Nitya: " Yeah"

Unknown: "Anything happened to you?"

Nitya: "No, I'm all good. What happened to me now? How are you?"

Unknown: "Not, well since morning. I was dying to talk with you."

Nitya: "I'm here only. We have time now. I've decided something."

Unknown: "what?"

Nitya: "To quit this job."

Unknown: "Why? Is it because of the new boss?"

Nitya: "Nothing like that. He doesn't even talk with me, nowadays. Maybe he's so busy with his new position that he didn't get time to talk to me. And about the job, then I'm shifting to another city, that's why I'll take resign."

Unknown: "I think you have the wrong perception about your boss. You should talk to him personally. I don't think he's that kind of person."

Nitya: "Have you ever met him personally?"

Unknown: "I met him once."

Nitya: "One time only, right. Then you can't comment anything. I know him personally. He is a playboy. Never respect his staff. Now you tell, what kind of person he is? It's not even safe to work there. Shifting to another city is just an excuse, I just want to leave my workplace."

Unknown: "Who told you this? All this is nonsense. And the place where you work is the safest. He is single, and respect every girl. I think he has a crush on a girl. She is exactly like you, as cute as you."

Nitya: "one meet, he told you this much?"

Unknown: "What happened? Maybe you are that girl?"

Nitya: "If I'm that girl, then he would have told me this, till now. But he didn't even tell me that he has a crush on someone. I heard this from you. Maybe I'm not the girl, and why he'll choose me? He has so many choices."

Unknown: "What's wrong in you? You are perfect."

Nitya: "Perfect liar?๐Ÿ˜‚"

Unknown: "๐Ÿ˜‚"

Nitya: "Not more perfect than you, when it comes to lying."

Unknown: "I didn't understand."

Nitya: "You are a good liar."

Unknown: "When I lied?"

Nitya: "Right now, you just did. From the starting of chat, when you found my number, you are lying to me."

Unknown: "What are you saying?"

Nitya: "Vasu or Vivaan??"

Seen but no reply.

Nitya: "C'mon, Vivaan I know it's you. Don't try to lie now."

Unknown: "Ok. Yes, I agree I'm Vivaan."

Nitya: "I gave you many chances, to tell the truth, but you didn't tell. Was it that hard to tell the truth? What happened to you?"

Vivaan: "Can I ask you the same question? What happened to you?"

Nitya: "What happened to me?"

Vivaan: "You changed a lot?"

Nitya: "No, I didn't "

Vivaan: "Then, why were you ignoring me?"

Nitya: "Because... I was started falling for you. And I knew that you won't even catch me."

Vivaan: "Nitya, be clear with your words. What you want to say?"

Nitya: "How can I be more clear than this? I don't know other ways to confess my feelings. I'm poor explainer. I was decided to be single but you came out of the syllabus. Will you be my forever?"

Vivaan: "I love you too."

Nitya: "Omg! when it happened?"

Vivaan: "I was always in love with you."

Nitya: "Then, why didn't you told me?"

Vivaan: "I did. Many times. Just not in words."

Nitya: "I was waiting for the day and when you will ask me, but you didn't. I waited for you because honestly, I don't want anyone else. But you were master in hiding your feelings."

Vivaan: "words don't matter in showing how much you care for a person. Remember Mr Bean? He doesn't talk too much, but he never left his teddy behind."

Nitya: "Nice way to justify yourself."

Vivaan: "When you fall in love with me?"

Nitya: "The day we met. I was just ignoring my feelings for you because I don't believe in love at first sight. It's more like a love story that has nothing to do with reality."

Vivaan: "What more can I say?"

Nitya: "Bye. Take care. I'm feeling sleepy now."

Vivaan: "Too early?.......Ok..... I won't disturb you. Get good sleep. Good night. Love you."

Nitya: "Love you back."

Ishita arrived in the meantime.
"Nitya, we need to talk," Ishita said.

"Yes," I replied.

"I think I've fallen for him," Ishita said.

"Whom?" I asked.

"Abhi" she replied.

"We are best friends, and better you don't turn this statement into we were best friends," I said.

"Your case is over. I can't hurt anyone, who did nothing wrong with me." She said.

"Okay, then tell him the truth, and don't message him next time, and ask him too, to do the same," I said, and then I moved on my bed to sleep.
And then Kavya arrived.

"What happened to you? What kind of behaviour were you showing to Vivaan sir?" She said.

"What I did?" I asked.

"You really don't know? Why you straightaway move to the room, yesterday?" She asked.

"C'mon, it's yesterday matter. Why are you opening the file today? Don't you heard, as the night passes so the matter also ends." I asked.

"In office also, you were doing the same. I noticed." She said.

"Kavya, you go office to earn. Better you do your work there, rather than keeping your eyes the whole day on me. Moreover, it's my personal choice, to whom should I talk and with whom I should not." I replied.

"anything happened between you two?" She asked.

"He confessed to me...." I said, but before I could complete my sentence Ishita interrupted.

"What? ...And when?" Ishita asked.

"Let her complete first," Kavya said. "Well I knew it, finally my prediction comes out to be true."

"How you knew this miss?" I asked.

"You also love him, right?" She said.

"....again I'll ask the same question 'how?' " I asked.

"Who feels so happy for someone becoming her boss, You never liked your boss, before him." She said.

"You all were pleased. Everyone did the same, what's the relation with me?" I frowned.

"Then why you only asked him to leave you at the theatre? Didn't you found anyone there? Or you could have used public transport but you didn't. All these things simply indicate this." She said.

"Your all points are senseless. He's my boss, I will feel more comfortable with him rather than any stranger. It was night time..." I ended.
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