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Chapter-10: Her Perfect Smile

"?? What did you reply to him? Did you say yes? Or still lost in your ex-crush's remembrance?" Kavya said.

"I was first to confess," I said.

"I was right again," Kavya said pointing her finger to me and she giggled. "I knew it, you were already in love with him."

"I was falling for the unknown number, and then I knew that the unknown boy was none other than Vivaan, who was messaging me," I said.

"Be clear," Ishita said.

And Kavya told the whole story to Ishita.

"How you know this?" I asked with my jaw left opened.

"Simply, I know this, because I helped Vivaan to impress you, actually he wanted to talk with you, but you were not showing any interest to him, according to him, so he came up with this idea and just asked me for some detail about you, Abhi's incident, and all that. He didn't decide to tell me his plan, but I insisted him to tell or I'll tell Nitya everything. So he had no other options left, he told me plus he asked me not to say anything to you until he confess you." She said.

Her statement completely shocked me and puzzled me. "Why?" I asked.

She came closer to me and hold my hands. "See, Abhi was never good for you from the start, and I knew one day you'll realise this, but I don't want this thing to create a mess in your life." She said. "Moreover, Vivaan is better in person, and I see the love in both of you, for each other, but neither he is going to confess this to you nor you are going to accept your love. Because your heart was saying Vivaan, but you were listening only to your mind, who was saying Abhi."

"..." I didn't say anything.

"If you don't love him then why you proposed him," Kavya said.

"No... I love him." I said. "But everyone will feel that I'm a gold digger. Means where it happens? A rich boy falls for a middle-class girl, except in dramas."

"No one will," Kavya said.

"Look us both. Where he belongs to and where I? And remember our ex-boss? He'll accept me as his daughter in law. Omg! What I did, I should not confess him. We should over this. There's no future." I said.

"Calm down. Talk to him and clear your doubt." Kavya said.

"But you decided to be single?" Ishita said.

"Yeah, I said, but at that time I was in anger, try to understand the situation," I said.

"So I can go with Abhi, now?" Ishita asked.

"What happened to you now?" Kavya asked.

"She likes Abhi" I replied.

"When this story started?" Kavya asked.

"While chatting," Ishita replied.

"He's not a good guy, you know this," Kavya said.

"I don't know. Maybe he's not that bad." Ishita said.

"Don't message him from tomorrow. We are not going to take any revenge." Kavya said. "Just close the chapter."

"I told him the truth," Ishita muttered.

"Are you from our side or his side?" I said. "What was his reaction?"

"He didn't reply anything." She said.

"I hope nothing happens further," Kavya said.

And we looked at each other faces.

#Next day

*From Vivaan's p.o.v.*

I messaged her. "Hi, when you are free, so that we can meet, today?"

Nitya: "Hii, what happened? Why are asking for this?"

Vivaan: "I didn't saw you properly since yesterday and I want to have a good talk, face to face."

Nitya: "Ok. I'm free, anytime you call."

Vivaan: "Nighttime at my house.😐"

Nitya: "what?😤"

I deleted the message, 'delete for everyone'.

Vivaan: "Just joking. Don't become hyper."

Nitya: "Don't worry, the time will come. Don't get excited soon."

Vivaan: ".A restaurant? At 9 a.m."

Nitya: "Okay. Send me the address."

I send her address. Now the question is what should I wear?

#At restaurant

I was wearing a black shirt with black pant. Should I carry a bouquet? It's our first date, what can I do to make it special. Behave normally. I said to myself while sitting on a chair in the restaurant, waiting for her. And, Nitya arrived, her eyes were searching for me, I suppose and finally landed on me. She moved in my direction, she was looking beautiful in her white crop top and skinny black high waisted jeans, with her natural curls. Am I looking too formal? I asked to myself.

"Why didn't you wore a coat?" She said.

"But why?" I asked.

"It will make you look more formal." She said, "At least for today, you could wear casual."

"Ahh! Well, you are looking stunning, as usual." I replied.

"Wow! Even after getting such comment you are praising me" she chuckled and finally gave her priceless smile, that was for me, and only for me.

"You too are looking dashing and hot. I can't resist myself from looking you, I can't take my eyes off from you."

"Thank you," I said.

"This is how you are supposed to praise anyone." She said in a serious tone.

"So this was a demo for me?" I asked.

"Yes and no." She replied.

And a waiter arrived and asked for our order.

"Nothing for me, as my stomach is already full. I'll order a juice." She said.

"Two juice," I order.

"I thought we'll have our lunch here," I said.

"Sorry, but I just did my brunch, as I woke up late today, and I can't be hungry for longer, I need to fill my tummy." She replied.
"Vivaan, can I say something to you."

"Yeah sure," I said.

"I love you but not for your money. I hope you will understand. I don't want people to think anything like that, so it would be better if you think before you come to any decision." She said.

"I never think like that, is it because of that envelope event. See, I never meant that. I trust you, and you said I love you to me, and that's enough." I said.

"What about your father? We don't have good bonding. Will he accept me, as her daughter-in-law?" She asked.

"This might surprise you, but he already knows this, that I love you, and he even asked me, when should I talk to her parents. He even said that Nitya is a good girl and perfect for me." I replied.

"I can't believe what my ears are listening. He never praised me in front of me not he appreciated my work." She said.

"Now you don't have to worry about anything. Well, now I'm your share partner, you can share everything with me." I said.

"Thanks for understanding me," she said.

Meanwhile, our order arrived. We took our order and finished it, that was nothing more than a glass of juice.


"I think we should leave now, I'll pay our bills." She said.

"No-no it's fine, I already paid the bill," I said.

And we left the place.

"I'll drop you home. Now I can." I asked.

"Yeah sure." She said.
I was driving the car, thankfully, all goes well, I asked the driver to take off for today, otherwise, Dad might have insisted to take the driver. I mean there should be personal space, c'mon I'm going on a date.

"So, you took the help from Kavya, right?" She asked.

"Yeah...How you know this?... Oh, I got it. So, she finally told you, I knew it, otherwise, you never knew it." I said.

"Something like that only. By the way, you told her your feelings and not me. What's the matter?" She said.

"Nothing like that. She's like my friend, and for you, I'm ready to make her my sister." I replied.

"Ha-ha... So sweet of you. I have a surprise for you." She said.

"What?" I asked.

"The girl, to whom you were chatting yesterday, named Akshita, was none other than me." She said.

I stopped my car and looked at her face, which was already faced on my side, and then on the road. She frowned, and I turn the car in the right direction.

"What happened? This is a long route. Why are you taking this?" She asked

"I know, that's why I'm doing. I want to spend more time with you." I answered.

"Okay....." She said."Well, Kavya didn't tell me anything, I checked your phone on our way back to home from theatre while picking my friends, remember? I read our chat."

I looked at her, and grab my phone and put a password on it.

"Now it will be safe. You should at least ask me...Ohh. That's why you went on a silent mood that day." I said.

"Whatsoever happened, the result was good." She said. "And I'm glad that the unknown number was you."

"Of course!" I exclaimed.


"Well, we can consider this as our date. So do you want to do something to make it memorable?" I asked in nervous.

"How can I make it memorable?" She said.

'I supposed to get a kiss from you' I said inside my mind and smiled at her.

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