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Chapter-11: Time will tell

"A selfie? Yes," she said and took a selfie.

I decided to land a kiss on her cheek but stopped at the mid. Such a mannerless thing.

After some time we reached her house.

"Want to come inside?" She asked.

"Some other time," I replied.

"Bye! Take care. See you tomorrow." She said.

"Listen!" I said.


"NITYA is the password," I said.

"Okay!" She said with a smile and left.

As soon as she was about to enter the house, a boy came near her and hold her hand.
I can't digest his act, and moved out of the car, and hold him by his collar.

*From Nitya's p.o.v.*

"Vivaan, please leave him. He's Abhi. He wants to say something." I said in a panic, seeing Vivaan's angry face.

"Doesn't matter whosoever he is, but no one can touch you. You are mine and I'm yours." Vivaan said.

"Who are you mister? I'm her well-known crush. Leave my collar." Abhi said.

"You were." I corrected Abhi, "Now you are nothing more than a stranger to me who is just acquaintance to me."

"See, Nitya, I know whatever I did, it was wrong, I realised my mistake. Sorry. I know about your friend Ishita, she told me everything. I heard you were crying. Do you know how much I tried to meet? I couldn't be able to sleep from the last frequent days." Abhi said. "Now, I understood your love for me, which I was ignoring, how big stupid I am."
And he holds my hand.

"Excuse me! Now I don't have any feelings for you." I said while taking my hands out of his hold.

"Can you say 'I hate you' by looking in my eyes?" He asked.

Vivaan, eyes were on me, waiting for my reply. I looked at him and then on Abhi's face.

"I know, I don't hate you but it doesn't mean that I love you, it's just that, now I feel nothing for you. And thinking about you, just remind me of my terrible past, which I don't want to talk about." I said.

Kavya and Ishita came out of the house.

"What's happening?" Kavya asked.

"Abhi, what are you doing here?" Asked Ishita.

"Apologising for my deeds," Abhi said.

"Abhi, I want to confess something. I don't know when I fall for you. I want to sorry, I was trying to play with your feelings, for someone's revenge." Ishita confessed.

"What about someone's revenge? Now we are your someone?" Kavya said.

Vivaan looked at me in a serious expression and left from there.

I rushed to clarify him but before I could, he left.

"Please, talk inside the house. Don't make a show here." I said.

And Abhi left from there. Ishita followed her.

"Where are you going, Ishita?" Kavya asked.

"Is it necessary to tell you?" Ishita replied.

"Leave her, Kavya," I said.

We moved inside the house. I tried to call Vivaan but he didn't answer my phone calls. Kavya was standing in front of me.

"Why this always happens to me? Everything was going so smooth, but all this shit happened." I said.

"Don't worry, it will be fine. Something might happen to him, maybe he's busy driving." Kavya said.
"I don't know what's happening on this earth? What Ishita is doing? Did you saw her, how she replied to me? What changes Abhi brought in her alone?" She added further.

"We'll talk to her," I said.


"He said he loves him," I said.

"He didn't say anything like that. He just said he realised your love for him. But it's too late now." Kavya said.

"Hmm... But still, I can't see him with any other girl, especially not with my friend, who's my bestie." I said.

"Don't worry, I'll not let it happen," Kavya said.

"Why you bother about this so much?" I asked.

"I also used to have a crush on a boy," Kavya said.

"Don't say, that the boy was Abhi," I smirked.

"Ughhh?? How can you even think he will be my choice? Just think before you speak." Kavya replied.

"Well, we broke up. But my friend hook-up with him. That made me feel disastrous. You know how it feels to lose your love and your best friend at the same time." She said.

"After that?" I gulped.

"You entered my life, without my permission and made a building in my heart." Kavya grinned.

#At evening

"What makes her so long? She didn't come, till now." Kavya said.

"We will not say anything to Ishita unless she spoke first," I said, while busy in calling and messaging Vivaan.

"Did you tried to call her?" Kavya asked.

"No use, her phone is here only. I don't know how people forget their phone," I said.

"What's on the phone? Why you look so tensed?" Kavya asked.

"Vivaan is neither replying my message nor picking my calls," I said in a worried voice.

"Wow, he broke up so fast with you, though slower than Abhi." She chuckled.

"Please don't say this." I pleaded in tensed voice.

"Okay, okay! Calm down!" She said.

"Do you know how to find someone's location? Let's go, and search for him." I said.

"What to hurry about? You'll get a chance tomorrow, don't you?" She said in a calm voice.

"My panic is not unnecessary, try to understand that," I said. "I think I again did something wrong. I spill out something that I was not supposed to."

Ishita arrived.

"What were you doing till now? Where were you busy, huh?" Kavya asked

"Shhhh..." I said.

"I and Abhi were spending some time together," Ishita said, and directly move toward Kitchen.

"Whoever will go to the market, bring some veggies, we don't have enough stuff to prepare our breakfast tomorrow." A voice came from the kitchen.

"Spending some time" Kavya mimicked.

"Let's go." I chuckled. "With this excuse at least you will get some fresh air."


During our way back home from the market.

"You don't want to comment anything on Abhi and Ishita's closeness," Kavya asked

"What should I say? I think I should accept the reality. I don't have anything to do with Abhi, and in Ishita's case, then she should do what makes her happy." I said, "time will tell her, just like in my case....." I ceased myself before completing my statement as someone caught my attention.

"Vivaan!" I said.

"From where he arrived in your statement?" Kavya said.

"Stupid! Look here. He's with Shreya." I said.

"Shreya? Who is she?" She asked,
"Beautiful, isn't she?" She smirked.

"Yeah!!" I said a sense of fear crossed my mind.

"Let's see what are they doing here, at this time," I asked Kavya to follow me. We hide behind a wall.

I and Kavya were keeping our eyes on Vivaan and were trying to hear their conversation which was out of hearing capacity.

"Let's go, more closer to them." I insisted Kavya.


Still not audible, let's move more closer to them." I asked.

"C'mon we already come so closed. Do you want me to stand in between them to hear their conversation?" Kavya commented.

"Oh, sorry. I didn't realise" I said while keeping my eyes on Vivaan. I was seeing their actions and noticed that Shreya was tickling Vivaan's hands frequently.

"I couldn't bear this anymore. So what if she's Vivaan's friend's girlfriend but she's behaving more like Vivaan's girlfriend." I said.

"Shhh.... Don't say loudly, otherwise we'll get spotted," Kavya mumbled.

I didn't pay attention to her words.

"Did you heard what she said?" I asked Kavya.

"No. How would I know, I don't have rabbit's ear?" Kavya questioned.

"Neither I've, where are you paying attention?" I asked "She said, Vivaan you're so sweet... But he's not like you..... Why don't I have a boy like you...... Why can't everyone be like you..... He needs to learn a lot....." I told "Something like that."

"Are you all your ears?" Kavya confirmed from me.

"Yes, I am and now, I can't stop myself from interfering in between their so-called lovey-dovey talk," I said.

"Wait..." Kavya said, but I left.

I directly stood in front of Shreya without taking the glimpse of Vivaan and ignoring his presence.

"So, I don't think you need my introduction? Yeah!" I said. "You know this guy, (referring to Vivaan) who's he?" I asked.

"Your new boss," Shreya replied.

"Umm...That I know already, but he's something more than that now to me." I said while taking the hold of his hands.

"What are you doing here? Again doing the same mistake? Will you stop?" Vivaan ordered.

I ignored his words and continued,
"See, I know he's a gentleman, and he's so handsome but that doesn't mean any girl will come and try to attempt her chance to impress him." I said, but before she could say anything, I added, "What if I told your boyfriend about this? You know how much it will hurt him, but don't worry I won't tell this to him, I don't want to hurt anyone."

"Nitya!!" Vivaan came closer to me and brushed my cheeks, "Nice joke. But now you should stop. I will drop you at home, on our way we'll pass joke to each other. Now please stop." He whispered.
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