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Chapter-12: The End

I gulped hard, "did I done something which I was not supposed to do?" I asked myself.

I composed myself and looked at Shreya, giving her a weak and fake smile. "The weather is so beautiful. I like night time... Can I know the purpose behind you two, meeting at this time? ...People may assume wrong... Not everyone is intelligent like me..."

Meanwhile, I tried to find Kavya, "ahh, there she is." I said in my mind. She looked at me and gave me a goodbye smile, and left from there. I wanted to shout but I can't forget where I'm standing right now, I wanted to join her, so at least I can move out of this situation. I confronted Vivaan, who frowned at me, by looking at his expression anyone can tell he's not in good mood and may kill anyone, who will try to speak anything against him.
But he should understand it was not all my fault, I do misunderstand him, but it was because I thought that Shreya likes him, and I can't see both of them so close to each other, several thoughts were flooding inside my mind just because of fear to lose him today, that I can't think of anything else.

"Sorry, I'll never try to make a situation like this, again. I know I'm not perfect. I say stupid things sometimes. I laugh when I'm not supposed to. I'm a little crazy, and probably won't change, but this doesn't mean that I'll not try. I'll try to become the best version of me. But till the time don't leave me. I need you throughout my life."

Shreya: "Didn't you guys used to be best friends or friends?"

Nitya: " We used to, but now the time has changed. We are something more than that. And I would advise you not to be in touch with my future husband otherwise it won't be good for you."

Vivaan: "Nitya, What happened to you? Why this jealousy?"

Nitya: "I'm not a jealous person but when I'm with you, the thought of someone else pulling your attention away from me kills me a little inside, and I can't tolerate that. You are not a cake to whom I have to share with everyone."

Vivaan: "Look, there's nothing between me and Shreya like that. you are again misunderstanding me. I'm just trying to patch up her with Sameer again, there's a misunderstanding between them, which I'm trying to clear it."

I don't have words to say anything but I've to compose myself.

"Sameer.... is.. a good boy. I didn't meet him personally...... but if he's Vivaan's friend... then... he's a good choice. I know Vivaan's choice..... it's always good.... after all, I'm also one of them... you should patch up with him again. Sometimes misunderstanding do happens, and you should clear it, just like I and Vivaan did right now." I told Shreya.

Shreya laughed out loud.

I further added, "Actually I was giving you a demo only, otherwise I trust a lot in Vivaan, the trust is unbreakable."

Vivaan: "When did I tell you about Sameer and Shreya's break up?"

Nitya: "Right now."

Vivaan: "Shreya, you are right about Sameer. The whole problem lies in these people only. I don't understand why don't they clear their misunderstanding? without knowing the cause, they start reacting. Now I feel, through what you were going through."

Nitya: "Sorry Vivaan. I'll never repeat this."

Vivaan: "You always say this. But you don't."

Nitya: "I'll take special classes for this."

Vivaan: "From where? Is there any institute, especially opened for you?"

Nitya: "From you....I mean where I can get classes for this, it's in personality. But I know you'll make me learn that."

Shreya: "C'mon, Vivaan, don't do like this to her. Okay, let's both of us move back to our partners."

Vivaan didn't say anything.

Nitya: "I might have failed in understanding you. But I never failed in loving you. I always did. I do and I will. Look, it doesn't mean I don't trust you, but I was insecure about you, because I know you deserve someone better than me, and this thought makes me feel easily replaceable from your life."

He didn't reply to anything and left from there. I followed him and rushed in his direction.

Nitya: "Oh hello sir. It happens, sometimes. Now, this is too much. You are testing my patience. Enough is enough. Please say anything or if you can't then fight with me, do arguments with me."

He stopped and faced me.

Vivaan: "Now you want to fight with me?"

Nitya: "I've heard that when you get hurt by the person who is close to you, fight with them! Because fights can sometimes save the bond. But silence, it just increases the gap. But if you want to stay silent, then let me remind you, my patience is bigger than your resentment period."

Vivaan: "Wow, what a punch line. By the who told you that you are close to me?"

I stopped, and asked in a choked voice, "Then what am I to you?"

He hugged me tightly.

"I want the answer," I said while trying to break his hug.

"I am all ears. Say what you want to say." He said.

"Why did you left from there? Without saying anything, did you know because of that how much I suffered?" I said.

"I need to come here because I've to clear the misunderstanding of Shreya for Sameer. Did you get it?" He said.

"Then why didn't you answered my calls?" I asked.

"The phone was running out of battery. Sorry." He said and grabbed me from my waist closer to him.

"Nice story. You think that I'll believe. It takes so long to you, to convince Shreya?" I said while trying to free myself from his hold, in anger.

"Oh Miss angry bird. Calm down." He said. "I've to talk with both, Sameer and Shreya. Sameer took so long. Though Abhi was another reason, I don't want to see his face, so I left from there without informing. Well, there's no used to give someone personal hate. But I don't want you to meet her. I want this promise from you."

"Okay," I said.

"Promise?" He asked, and pulled me more closer to him. Meanwhile, someone coughed, from behind, a boy arrived.

Vivaan loosened the hold, but still, his hand was placed on my waist.

"Sameer. When you arrived?" He said.

"Where's Shreya? Is everything fine now? Did you talked to her?" Sameer said.

"Yeah. She's there. Better you convince her." Vivaan said directing Sameer, Shreya's position.

Sameer left from there, and Vivaan focused his attention back to me.

"I think I should go now. It's too late. Not good to stay too long outside the home.... not safe... right." I said.

"Can you make some better excuse?" Vivaan asked.

"I came here for marketing with Kavya. And I'm done with it." I said.

"Where's she, or she already left?" He asked.

"Yeah, she left, and now I should do the same," I said in a hurried voice.

"What to hurry about? Just call her and inform them about us. And told her, that you are going for a movie and will stay with me tonight." Vivaan said.

"Nothing like that is going to happen. I'm not coming with you. And better you spend this time with your friend. You love being mediator, right?" I said.

He tangled a hair strand to my ear, and said, "Shreya's friend wants to join us tonight for the movie. She's a nice girl."

"Don't you even think about her? Otherwise, you don know what will happen next." I said.

"You will kill us, both?" He chuckled.

"I don't want to spend rest of my life in a jail," I said.

"Well, I was suggesting you to friendship with her, that's it. Don't worry from my side, I'll not do anything, but I'm not sure about her." He said.

"I'll come. Where's my phone?" I searched for my phone to call Kavya.
Till the time, Shreya and Sameer arrived.

"Hello, newly love birds. When it was decided to go for a movie?" Shreya said.

"It is Vivaan's plan, don't say anything to me," Sameer said.

"So you were all your ears on us. I made this plan right now." Vivaan said.

"Just heard the last portion. Don't worry." Shreya said.

"So that means only we four are going for a movie," I confirmed.

"Yes," Sameer said. "It seems like that only, till now. Why, is there anyone who wants to join us?"

"No, nothing like that, just asking casually. Sorry guys, but I can't join you tonight." I said.

"What happened? If you are not comfortable with us you, it's fine. I and Shreya will not join you both. Moreover, it's your first date." Sameer said and looked at Shreya face, "we will go somewhere else. Right, Shreya?"

"Yeah, it's totally fine," Shreya said.

"No. You don't need to do this for me. There's a call from my friends, that's it." I lied because Vivaan lied to me first.

"Okay!" Sameer said. "Friends are important." Shreya glared at Sameer when he said this.

"Wife is more important." Sameer further added.

"Wife?" I said in a surprised tone. "Are you married, already?"

"Soon to be in husband and wife relation. Next month." Shreya told. "I would advise you to marry soon. Don't trust on boy's commitments."

"So you are marrying me without having trust on me?" Sameer enquired.

"No baby. Who said this to you? I trust you, but I don't trust society." Shreya said.

"I should learn how to mould words like you," Sameer said.

"So when you decided to marry?" Shreya asked.

"Don't you think it's too early to ask? I mean just yesterday we proposed each other, and today, you are talking about marriage." I said.

"Well, Vivaan took so long to confess his feeling to you. Otherwise, from our side, we were preparing for Vivaan's marriage with you." Shreya giggled.

" it's a long wait from Vivaan's side," I smiled "Bye, Take care. My friends are waiting for me, I think now they should also start preparing for my marriage" and gave a hug to Shreya, then a tight and special hug to Vivaan.

He hugged me quite longer and landed a forehead kiss, that made me blushed. My face was all red.

"You don't need to come with me to my home, better you join them from here only," I said before he can say anything.

"Text me as soon as you reach home safely." He said with a smile, and I smile back.
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