Hapless Hare

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Benjamin 'The Rabbit' Kelly, a Catholic, Aerokinetic, homosexual trained sniper who was born first into a long line of Fixers of the Irish Mob. He is about to learn how interesting life can get living in a cage.

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Happy Birthday

“It’s today.” The freckled McGee’s bright copper colored hair cascaded in a tightly curled mass down one shoulder. Lorraine resembled the fully figured fabled Goddess of the Forge herself with flaming locks, eyes the color of insanity, and burning wit. Next to her was her taller yet younger brother, Eoinn’s coloring was the same as Lor’s and really the only difference was that he had a lanky build and favored glasses rather than the more stylish contact lenses.

“Yeah.” Eoinn’s heavy tone gave way to how they all were feeling, exhausted, worried and it was mostly directed at the blonde in the room. Cigarette hanging from his bottom lip as he leaned forward on the box he sat on, a bottle of cheap shit beer gripped in his left hand as his other covered his eyes.

“Save your worry for Bevin.” Grey eyes looked up from the floor, his right hand was covered in a tattoo of a celtic stylized clover, it busied itself with messing with finding a lighter in his jean pockets. “She has a harder time dealing with Da than me, I can take it.” He said, setting the beer down as he lifted his jumper to find something to light his cigarette with.

“Benji, it’s not just Bevin who has a feckin’ problem with him.” Lor shot back, taking a swig from her bottle, green eyes glaring at her friend.

The black short-sleeved shirt he wore showed off his strength as well as all the bruises and cuts he had in various stages of healing, Benji always seemed to have a new wound from home. “Well I’m not the one who has to hide what she wears around him for fear of literal Filicide.” Finally Ben struck his lighter up and lit his cigarette, pulling on the white stick until his lungs filled up with sweet calm.

As a cloud of smoke filled around the blonde in the room Eoinn rolled his eyes and lifted an almost non-existent eyebrow at the battered son. “Oh, yeah, sure. But your Da doesn’t know about whatever’s happening with your sibling, he however, sent you to conversion therapy.” The words stung and made the blonde stand up as he took another drag of nicotine.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Lor and I are getting married.” Lorraine gave a laugh at that and shifted her hips. “We may sleep in opposite beds and have extra roommates in our flat when we move out but clearly we’re made for each other.” Both siblings laughed, it was well known that Benji had gone to a sleep-away camp during every holiday for a few years. After, they had noticed his new smoking habit and the dark circles under his eyes, as well as the sudden fear of appearing as anything but normal, nothing flamboyant on him.

Benji lipped his cig and looped his jacket over his arms as he got ready to leave, these days he was thinner and the look made him seem fragile and despite his humor and nonchalance the McGee’s were still worried.

“Headin’ off?” Eoinn asked, reaching out to touch the other boy but he received a sudden slap to hit the hand away, Benji’s eyes darting from the hand up to his friend.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.” Tattooed fingers stamped out his cigarette into the ashtray before he headed out of the shed and into his friend’s backyard.

“Happy Birthday little Rabbit!” A masculine voice sounded from the deck, the McGee patriarch always had a smile on his bearded face and a joyous tone to his voice, it had been that way since Benji had moved to Dublin. “You headed home? I could call your Auntie out and we could smoke some ham.”

Before turning around the blonde set lips into his own smile, softening his brows as he relaxed his shoulders. “Hi Mr. McGee, sounds grand but Da is expectin’ me home an I look wrecked, I’m gonna head on.”

McGee nodded and waved cheerfully and Benji returned the gesture as he rounded himself and continued onto the path that led from the back to the front. As he neared the gate that divided the fenced backyard from the front the guest placed the opening of the bottle to his lips and tipped the beverage back until the alcohol was drained before leaning down to sort it away.

It would rain, the air in their neighborhood smelled of the tell-tale mix of musk and copper in the chilly May evening, the entire day had been overcast and he’d known even when Benji had chosen the thin grey cardigan instead of a warm jumper. The first sign of the deluge was the resounding rumble of thunder, pressure in the air switching as little droplets fell onto his feverish skin. His feet began to drag, pale fingers unconsciously gripped the fabric of his outer layer and slid it down his bare arms until it dropped onto the concrete street in the most vacant area of the neighborhood.

The barrage of water pounding against the ground was deafening and as it struck his skin the sound of the storm drowned out his chaotic cry of agonizing frustration, the calm he had been able to retain at the McGee home opening the floodgates. Trembling hands reached up to hide his face from the heavens, black shirt clinging to his skin, hair slick to his skull, he was surely a sight to see as another round of lightning struck in the sky behind him.

Gusts of wind ripped around Benjamin Daithi Kelly, pulling and pushing his body around in a strange display that seemed to add to the chaos, the air around the blonde raged in the rain’s erratic behavior. His clothing and hair fluctuated between sopping wet and blown dry and the boy’s shaking hands fell from those tempest coloured eyes and for a moment a look of calm could be seen on his face as if in the eye of the storm.

“Benji!” The high pitched familiar cry brought him crashing back down to reality as suddenly the weight of the lashing returned to a simple down motion without the wind interference, which could have been mistaken for a freak rip of gale. However, Bevin wasn’t misled.

She stood on the side of the street with her green umbrella, matching grey eyes stared at her brother with concern and understanding. Her teal raincoat looked warmer than he had all day and was absolutely more logical than the thin wardrobe the older twin had decided on, not to mention more vibrant as was her general style. Bevin let out a dramatic sigh as she crossed over to Benjamin, leaning over to grab his cardigan from the puddle it sat in before affectionately slapping it against his equally drenched chest.

Bevin was his sister, she always had been, ever since the twins could form memories the younger of the two had felt female. It was innocently sincere as they hadn’t known it would be considered a sin to the church. Nessa and Cillian Kelly had conceived beautiful identical twin boys in 1993, they took after their father in a relative short stature and their mother with that blonde and those grey eyes. As Catholic ‘sons’, neither Bevin or Benji had turned out the way that would 'honor' their father’s wishes.

“Happy Birthday.” The older twin said as his sister placed the umbrella over his head, in response she reached one arm around his shoulders in a protective gesture that not many could give the older Kelly child.

“Happy Birthday.” Tucked in her umbrella arm was a plastic file folder with the open college entrance letter pressed against the sides, he could make out the words ‘we are happy to inform you’ and that gave the wet sibling all he needed to know.

“Take a shower, I’ll distract mammy.” Bevin said, a gentle hand on her twin’s damp shoulder.

“I think I already did.” Humor masked whatever emotion had spurred his latest outburst of chaotic energy, as of the moment they walked in the door he had his usual demeanor of ease and control tightly clipped to his body. Confusion washed over Bevin’s face but as soon as it had appeared it was replaced with a bit of a giggle as she looked over the state of her older brother, when he disappeared around the corner upstairs a towel was thrown at her from the side.

Nessa Kelly gave her child a loving smile as she pointed at the trail of muck on her nice wooden floors. “We don’t live in a barn Bee, clean the mess up before your father returns home and then go change.” She said as she touched her child’s face, her worry was clear and made Bevin bite her lower lip before both of them righted themselves and turned to their chores for the patriarch to come home.

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