When It Hits Home

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Ten minutes after the boys had gone to sleep, none of them was getting sleep. The short pillow fight had been enough to get them both sober. Bampe picked his phone and started scrolling through. He put it down. He tossed and turned but couldn’t find a comfortable position to sleep. He picked his phone up again and that’s when Boza asked,

“You can’t sleep too?” Bampe put back his phone down. He switched on the bedside lamp and replied,

“Yes. You are to blame. You woke me up.” Boza then said,

“Well if we are to play the blame game, you started the fight.”

“Calm on!” Exclaimed Bampe,

“If you hadn’t come to my bed, I wouldn’t have to fight. Plus, why did you joke about the snoring?”

“Because I know you think I snore.” Replied Boza.

“Duh! Yes you do.” Said Bampe. Boza laughed and said,

“No I don’t.” Bampe felt happy that Boza was becoming better. He asked,

“Did you drink more juice before coming to bed?” Boza shook his head in the negative.

“Well, let me go get you some. You’ve got to drink a lot to get strong again. He slipped out of the bed, only wearing his underwear. He went to the kitchen and soon returned with a glass of yellow juice. He handed the glass to Boza who drank it like he was taking shots at a cowboy bar. He jumped back into bed and joined Boza who was resting his head on the bed’s head post. The two started to chat about the party.

“I met a girl.” Said Boza.

“At the party?” asked Bampe.

“Yes, at the party.” Replied Boza.

“Did you get her number?” asked Bampe.

“Well, we had previously met at the bank where she works. So it was by coincidence that we met again at the party.” Boza explained.

“But did you get her number?” Bampe asked with excitement.

“Yeah, I got her number the a few days after we met at the bank.” Boza explained. He went on to add,

“She told me she was going to call me to set a date for our first date. And I thought she was ghosting me. So when we met at the party, I realized she didn’t have plans of ghosting me.”

Boza quickly asked,

“How did you know?”

“I hadn’t seen her. She came to me while I was talking to Auntie Jessica from Mbarara. We talked for a while.” Answered Boza

“Oh, is she the one you hang around the whole evening with?” asked Bampe.

“Yeah.” Answered Boza.

“Well, she looked very beautify. That smile alone was a killer.” Noted Bampe.

“She called me earlier before I came here to confirm the date. We will go on Friday evening at La Chatteau.” Said Boza. He looked really excited and wanted to share the news with his best friend. Bampe welcomed the good news with a smile. He then said,

“I am very happy for you.”

Boza replied,

“I know you are. I wouldn’t tell you if I knew you would be buzz killer.

“So, tell me, what happened next?” demanded Bampe. The question lit a ray of light on Boza’s face. He was very happy to tell his friend everything that happened.

“So when the dance started, I asked her to dance with me and she immediately accepted. I felt a spark of electricity move from my brains and curled my toes in my shoes.” Explained Boza. Bampe looked at him with enthusiasm to listen to the whole story. His friend was alive again. He was starting to become himself, which meant that he was happy as he had always been. Seeing him happy also made Bampe so happy.

“So we walked to the dance floor but before we could start dancing, I was already stupid.”

“What made you stupid?” asked Bampe

“Well, my dick was straight up. I was so horny. She was the first woman I held her hand in a month and a half. And the fact that she was so beautiful made it worse. At first I thought everyone could see how hard I had become. But my coat could have helped to cover a little.” Boza went on. These lines didn’t go so well with Bampe. Boza had gone in deeper detail and it wasn’t settling well with Bampe. But for Boza this was normal. He and his friends usually talked about their conquests in detail. They plainly and audibly would talk about their sexual experiences with different girls just as they would talk about any other subject, without applying even the thinnest layer of sand. Boza didn’t realize that Bampe was uncomfortable with such a talk and he went on,

“Then we started dancing, but I was so scared to bring her closer to me. I was afraid she was going to feel it and run away. But soon enough, the DJ started playing a slow song and everyone on the dance floor was squeezing each other tight. I didn’t think of what the ramifications of her feeling my huge hard dick would be, and so I pulled her in.” Bampe’s eyes opened wide. Boza took it that Bampe was interested in the story,

“Yes, just like you are surprised, that’s how she also reacted.” Added Boza. He went on to add,

“She opened her eyes wide open, moaned with an “Ohhh” and tried to pull back as soon as she felt it. But my hand was firmly holding her back that she couldn’t easily pull back. I didn’t say a word. She then leaned in and put her head on my shoulder. Her sweet breath under my neck and her pointy breasts on my chest made me even harder. I could have sworn that I had forgotten to wear underwear. She could feel it with every step we took. At some point I think I remember we just stopped and felt each other’s groins.” Bampe then interrupted,

“Where was I? I didn’t see any of that? What’s her name?” Bampe asked

“Kangye. Kangye is her name.” answered Boza.

Boza continued his story,

“Well, soon enough another speech was to be given and we sat down. It was getting late and she and her friends had to go. I insisted on her staying with me for the night and she wouldn’t accept. So I saw her off to their car where I hugged her one last time and off they went. I returned to the party and Cousin Frank was already holding drinks.”

“And you wallowed in drinks and now here we are.” joked Bampe. This made Boza retract some of the happiness he showed on his face as he told his story. He apologized once again,

“I am sorry Bampe. This time I promise I will not drink again.”

Bampe slid back into his covers to fully cover himself and so did Boza. Boza closed in to get closer to Bampe and he warned again,

“Stay on your side or I will kick you to the floor.”

Bampe then switched off the bedside lamp and the two slept off.

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