When It Hits Home

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One evening, Boza returned home from work and found a female guest. Bampe and his guest were sipping on tea in the living room. Boza entered and greeted them with a happy smile. He went to his bedroom and changed into casual wear. He returned to the living room and bade the two goodbye as he went out to meet his friends as usual. But right before he could close the door behind him, Bampe caught up with him and reminded him in a whisper,

“Don’t drink!” Boza looked at him and said,

“I know. Don’t worry, I will not drink. I don’t even think there are drinks.

“Wow, where did you get that one from?” he asked while pointing to indicate the lady in the living room. Bampe didn’t answer the question but instead smiled and said,

“Go on, but don’t drink.” Boza bowed to him and smilingly said,

“Yes daddy.” Boza felt insulted with this and he closed the door with a bang and got back inside to his girl friend. It’s interesting that even when I type the word girl friend, Microsoft underlines it as an incorrect word. Well, I didn’t mean ‘girlfriend’. Bampe had many girl friends and never ever had a girlfriend. Can you tell the difference? Boza and all their friends thought he was just a player. They had seen him with almost a different girl at almost every event. And then there were about three girls that Boza had met, of course separately. But as you may already know, the boy code is strong. Your boyfriend’s friends can show you that you are the only one and tomorrow they will be showing it to another and another day, another one. So Boza had done exactly that and welcomed any woman he found home without hesitation. Bampe had been like him except Boza was really monogamous. He dated only one person at a time and stayed with that one person. His friends had always reminded him that that was why he always got heart broken.

Boza returned home at around 11pm after Bampe had gone to his bedroom. He went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water before heading to the bedroom. He noticed that the light was still on in Bampe’s bedroom. He knocked and said,

“I am coming in. I hope you are decent.” He opened the door and peeped inside. Bampe was on his bed replying to his emails on the laptop. Boza, then walked in and whispered,

“Is she still in the house?”

“No.” answered Bampe. He seemed to abandon his work on the laptop, looked up at Boza and asked,

“What did you think was happening?”

“Excuse me?” Boza asked.

“Well you said, you were coming in, you hoped I was decent. I think you even meant “We were decent.” straightened Bampe. This made Boza smile. At the time, he had sat on the lower side of the bed looking at Bampe.

“You never know, you could have been coming into her.” Laughed Boza.

“What? Don’t be stupid” noted Bampe.

“Well, I am not.” Said Boza. The two kept quiet for a second and when Bampe was starting to get back to his email, Boza asked,

“How was it?” Bampe looked hard at Boza and said,

“Man, go to sleep.”

“I feel like I have seen you with her before. Is she your official girlfriend since Bridget left?” Boza asked. He never even gave him a chance to answer and he asked again, “What happened to Bridget by the way? She suddenly stopped coming on this bed.” He said the last statement while feeling the linens with his hands and smiling.

Bridge had been Bampe’s friend since he got his first job. She had come around to visit Bampe. The two had hit it off easily and fast. She would come and they would cook together, laugh together and play together. She had even attended a few events with Bampe. But at some point she started becoming reserved, and certainly cut of communication with him. Bampe had tried to get in touch with her but failed. He had even tried going to her apartment but was welcomed with an empty apartment. He had kept quiet and lived his life like he had never met her.

Bampe started typing on the laptop but Boza didn’t go away. He looked hard at him without a word and Bampe noticed he had been looking at him. He closed the laptop and rested it on the bedside stool.

“Boza, Maggie is not my girlfriend.” Said Bampe

“But that’s what you say with every girl.” Boza reminded him

“And it’s true.” Bampe said.

Boza didn’t seem to get the satisfaction that what he was being told was true. He went on to believe that Bampe was a senior player boy. He got up and went to his room to sleep.

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