When It Hits Home

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Friday came and Boza’s date with Kangye was that evening. Boza sat on his desk but his productivity must have been very poor. He spent the whole day thinking of the date. The day which always goes by very fast while he is fully engaged in work went really sluggishly that day. At 1pm when he saw his colleagues going out for lunch, he thought it was time to go home. He picked his bag, put it on his shoulder and walked fast outside the office. When he reached at the exit, he then noticed that the sun was shining so bright and hot that it scorched the tiled floor in front of the parking lot. He could see the mirage on top of the cars in the parking lot. He walked outside, squinted a little and looked up at the sun. That’s when he realized that he had been dreaming all along. He jumped into his car and right before he could close the door, a female co-worker came to him and asked,

“Are you leaving so soon Boza?” Boza replied with a simple no and she went on to ask,

“Are you skipping lunch then?” Boza lied to her,

“No. I am not skipping lunch. I am just making a short phone call and I will be there with you soon.”

He didn’t make the phone call, he just waited for five minutes and went to lunch. He returned to his desk and tried to work. This made him so busy that he even couldn’t realize it when it clocked 5pm. He kept working because he still had a lot of work to do. He had spent the whole morning and early afternoon thinking about the date. His daily work load was still on his plate. While he was still typing on the computer, his phone rang. It was Kangye.

“Hello,” he answered

“Hi, how are you?” she greeted

“I am well, how are you?” he answered and greeted back.

Meanwhile he was checking on his wrist watch to check the time. He realized he had been late to pick her up for the date. He then innocently asked,

“Are you off work already?”

“Yes.” she answered.

“I have been waiting for you for thirty minutes.” She added. She didn’t sound angry that Boza was late. She still sounded as sweet as she was on the phone the last two times she had called.

“I am just getting off now. I will be there shortly. Apologies!” he assured her.

He didn’t wait to hear what she would say after that and he instead turned off the

Computer, rushed to his car and drove off to the bank to pick Kangye.

The date was a success. They each liked each other. At least by the looks on Boza’s face, that’s what it was. Bampe noticed a smiley and happy Boza when he returned home from the date at around 10pm. He had dressed smartly though he hadn’t put on a tie or a coat. He greeted Bampe and continued to walk to the bedroom.

“No! no! no sir!” said Bampe. Boza looked back at him and Bampe said,

“Where is she? I expected you to bring her home today.” He smiled but because the ceiling lights were off, his face beamed a little and Boza could only see his bright teeth and eyes shine on his dark face.

“Come on Bampe. You’ve never had a woman spend a night here. I wouldn’t. At least when you are here.” Boza answered.

“Well, that’s why I am up late. I wanted to talk to you?” said Bampe

Boza was surprised at this new behaviour from Bampe. The times he heard this statement led into break ups and often times from his mother to remind him of what he had done wrong or needed to do. He walked back into the living room and sat down opposite Bampe. He looked at Bampe and asked him what it was he wanted to talk to him about.

Bampe looked at Boza and said,

“It’s complicated. I don’t know how to say it easily.”

“Is everything okay Bampe?” Boza asked with a very concerned tone. He asked again.

“What is it about?” The happiness and smile he had come in with had already faded and he looked really worried something was going on with his best friend.

“I am moving out tomorrow.” said Bampe.

This was a surpise to Boza. It hit him so hard. He looked confused, sad and then confused. He looked at Bampe and couldn’t understand him. He then started to stammer,

“Hooooww? How? What? No! You can’t do this to me. Are you breaking up with me?” Said Boza. He couldn’t believe Bampe was serious and asked him if he was serious. Bampe nodded his head in affirmative and this broke Boza even more.

“When did you find a house?” asked Boza

“I got a one room apartment in Najjera last week. Everything is sorted and I wanna move in tomorrow. I just didn’t’ want to go without telling you.” Answered Bampe.

Boza heard the seriousness and directness in his voice and also saw it on his face. He knew Bampe would never joke about something that serious.

“But you found a house without even telling me. I am hurt Bampe.” He finished with a cracked voice. He then looked at Bampe and added,

“I thought we told each other everything.”

Bampe looked up at him as if he wanted to say something, but it was not coming. Then Boza said,

“You should have told me man.” He then composed himself and thought it better to tell him something.

“My mom said,” Boza started to tell Bampe but Bampe interrupted him.

“I heard what she said.”

“You heard her?” asked Boza

“Yeah, I did. Your mother can’t whisper at all. She is loud.” Said Bampe and then the two laughed at the joke. They both stopped laughing and looked at each other and then Boza said,

“Trust me. I couldn’t tell you. I still need you here.”

“But it’s for our own good. Your mother was right. We need to live apart, and be our own people, make our own families.” Bampe said. He even couldn’t believe what he was saying. He loved Boza so much that he was going to miss him so much when he left. Boza said.

“That’s not how she said it, but well, yeah.” He went silent for a while in some kind of a sorrowful face and then he was soon reminded by Boza that he could visit any time he wanted.

“Any time?” he asked. Bampe replied with a yes and he asked again and Bampe replied with a yes and then he asked,

“Are you going to be working from home?” Bampe immediately said “no.” This made Boza smile and then he raised his leg and kicked Bampe’s leg and said, But you said anytime. The two laughed and Bampe was quick to add,

“I have put a key in your bedside drawer. You can come any time, any day.”

Boza looked at him and almost shed a tear. But as you know men always fight back the tears. But for Bampe it was hard to fight them back. He rolled a few down his bearded cheeks and Boza said,

“Come on. It’s always gonna be like always. You can come here any time, I can come there any time. We willstill practically be living together?”

Bampe was happy that Boza had understood. Boza looked at him and came closer to him for a hug. Bampe pushed him away and said,

“So you worked out a hard-on with Kangye and now you wanna come and rub it on me?” Boza laughed at the question and said,

“Well, by the time I got here, it had gone down. But if you can excuse me, I need to go call her from the bedroom. It will be back up.”

They both laughed and Boza went off to his bed room. Bampe also went to his bed to sleep. He however could couldn’t get sleep till morning as he had the anxiety of leaving his friend and going to a new neighbourhood. He also couldn’t sleep because Boza was on phone with Kangye that whole night.

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