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Lance Harrison is a 19-year-old teenager who lost his mother and went back to Seiran. His Grandfather is his new legal guardian and has given him a challenge. Lance has to prove himself worthy to be the family heir and take his grandfather's place on the throne to be the biggest Tycoon of Seiran

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

He came at with a knife. I stepped back and dodged his attack. He was wide open, so I punched his right kidney, grabbed his right arm and pushed my elbow through his elbow joint and broke it. He screamed in agony. I kicked him in the back and he fell to the ground. The rain was pouring. Blood running down my forehead. Was just a scratch. I was surrounded by six boys, two of them older than me, gasping on the ground. I put my hood on and left. Nobody followed me.

It took me twenty minutes to get back to my apartment. However, when I took my keys to unlock the door, I saw that it was wide open. I slowly opened it and saw a pair of brown leather toe cap Oxford shoes on the ground. I removed my worn out, dirty snickers and wore my slippers. I closed the door and went inside. At my couch an old man with a dragon-head cane was sitting. Beside him, stood his private bodyguard and butler.

"Been waiting for you boy." The old man said.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, Grandpa. If only I had known that you were going to visit." I answered.

"You have about thirty minutes. Take everything that you need, we have a flight to catch." Grandpa said.

"May I ask where are we going?"

"Back to Jade City. Your mother made me your legal guardian before she passed away." Grandpa said.

"Even if she did not, I wouldn't have allowed you to live here in this dump anyway. So pack up, we are leaving."

Grandpa wasn't the kind of a man you could argue with. I was in no position to make any demands or any kind of an argument. Because if he wanted me to go with him, he would have made it possible, whether I liked it or not. Besides, I had no one except him anymore and my mother begged me on her death bed to never disobey Grandpa. So I decided to leave with him. We arrived at the airport, an hour later and went back to Jade city on my Grandpa's private jet.

I could see the lights of Morsch. My mother's cremated ashes were in my hands. Painful memories of the past resurfaced, but I ignored them and looked ahead to the future. My name is Lance Harrison, son of Maya Harrison. My mother was a local of Jade city Seiran while my father was a foreigner. She came with my father to Morsch after I was born. My father lost his job when I was five and turned out to be an alcoholic. When he was drunk he had no control over his emotions or actions. He used to physically abuse us every single day, until one day he died in a road accident.

He got hit by a truck while crossing the street. Everything went downhill after that, my mother was educated so she found a good job. She worked as a lawyer for women's rights to help other women like her. We were happy for a while, I got to go to school, high school until she got diagnosed with breast cancer. She couldn't work anymore. I had to quit high school in the middle and did a couple of part-time jobs to pay for treatment. But obviously, it was not enough. The cancer progressed to the last stage. Doctors rose their hands. That is when my grandfather arrived, James Harrison. My mother ran away from Seiran with my father. Because my grandfather was against their marriage. On her death bed, she requested him to look after me and she made me promise that I will be an obedient grandson.

With that being said, she died. We did not hold her funeral in the Morch. We had her cremated. Grandfather wanted her grave to be made in Seiran. And so we were going back. I did not know anything about my grandfather. Except for the fact that he was one of the richest and most powerful men in Seiran. We arrived at Seiran Airport late at night. I was jet-lagged. We drove for an hour and finally reached my grandfather's Mansion. It was humongous. As we entered, there was a huge fountain with a dragon in the centre. When the car stopped at the mansion's front door, an army of servants came to receive grandfather. They welcomed us, took care of the luggage. I was astounded to see all of this. My grandfather's bodyguard and butler, Kim Yong Saeng escorted grandfather inside. I was walking with them, wearing my dirty backpack and my mother's ashes.

As we went inside, grandfather halted in his tracks and called the servants.

"Take the young Master to his room. And prepare the dinner" He said.

"Yes, Master." An old lady replied.

The lady and another man alongside her took me to my room.

"Welcome young Master. This is your room." The old lady said.

It was more like an expensive hotel suite than a room.

"We have brought all the essential items that you may require. If you need anything, please ring this bell." She said while pointing at a button beside the door.

"Dinner will be ready soon. Garry will be standing outside your room. When you are ready, he will escort you to the dining room."

The lady and the man bowed at me and left the room. I took off my backpack and placed it on a chair. I gently placed my mother's ashes on a glass table. I undressed and hit the showers. I stayed under the cold water for some time. Trying to process everything that had happened lately. This was a habit of mine. Whenever I felt stressed, I just stood under the shower and let the water run through my head and body. It cleared my mind and helped me collect my thoughts.

My mother's death had saddened me greatly. But I did not shed a single tear. For some reason, I hated that. Over the years, my experiences had numbed my emotions. And for the first time, I was wondering, if it was a good thing. I wore the bathroom robe and came out. I went to my dressing room and saw a huge cupboard full of clothes and various other accessories that I had never seen before. In these few minutes, I realised how lavish my life was going to be, but I did not let it go to my head. I grabbed a white shirt and a pair of black trouser wore them and went outside.

Garry took me to the dining room. Grandpa was already there. I sat with him at the table.

"Did you like your room?" He asked.

"Yea Grandpa. It is perfect." I replied.

He nodded and closed his eyes. A few seconds later, the servants served us the food. Never in my life had I eaten such exquisite cuisines. I mean Morsch food was pretty good, but Seirani food was on a whole different level. Despite living in Morsch, my mother taught me everything about Seirani culture. She used to cook Seirani dishes whenever she could, taught me the language and whatnot. But the food that I had in front of me right now, was no match to her cooking. Still, If I had a single chance to taste her food again, I would sacrifice anything.

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