Anxiety is horrible

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So I am going threw a lot of fucked up shit right now and no one seems to care so why should I care if I live or not so in this story everyone gets all of the juicy stuff and yes part of the story will be me talking about how I was raped at 12 years old

Drama / Romance
Lucifer Morningstar
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Chapter 1

Hello my name is Anxiety girl or most people know me as Camil or Cam so in this book I will be letting you guys know what has been going on with me and all. So one day I was at my best friend Hayley's house and we were sitting in the hammocks and just writing music and stories and then I got this weird feeling that someone was watching us so I pulled Hayley and we ran into her house and locked the door and we ran to her parents room and I told her dad and he went to go see what was going on and when he came back into the house and started yelling at me saying "Camil I can't believe that you are starting this exact same shit up again you discraseful whore go fuck your boyfriend and leave my daughter alone." Hayley offered to drop me back off at my boyfriend Masons house because at this point me and my biological family are not speaking and so Mason and his family decided to take me in and so of course I was staying with them and so when she dropped me back off she came into the house and explained everything to Mason and his parents and Mason is just trying to calm his parents down because they are that pissed and Lily Masons sister has me and her in Masons room because I went to go take a shower and Lily didn't want me to be alone so we both hangout for 30 minutes and then I drifte off to sleep and I wake up to someone moving me and it's Mason trying to lay down with me and so he lifts me up and I let him and he puts my head on his chest and he kissed the top of my head and rubs my back as I drift off to sleep in his arms and when I wake back up it's 4 in the afternoon and so I get up and walk down stairs and find Hayley in the movie room sleep on the couch and so as I walk into the kitchen Mason is on the phone with someone so I give him a kiss make myself some coffee when I feel a pair really big hands land on my shoulders and when I turn around it is Garrett Masons dad and he just hugs me and apologies for the way that Hayleys dad acted toward me and that he would try to talk to him and see if we can get everything figured out and then all of a sudden there's a knock on the door and when Hayley opens the door it's her dad and he walks in the kitchen to were I was and he looks at me but doesn't know that Garrett is by the refrigerator and he slaps me across my face and I fall into the ground and Mason hangs up the call and punched Hayley's dad and then Garrett pulls Mason off of him and then Garrett starts punching him in his face and Hayley grabs me and takes me upstairs to Masons room and then Masons mom Kathy with a ice pack and some cookies and tells me she sorry that he did that and kisses the top of my head and walks out and the Mason sister and Mason come in and walks toward me and kisses me and tells me that he talked his parents into going out for a lit bit and then his sisters boyfriend Jackson comes to get her and she leaves and then it's just me and Mason and so I go take a shower and while I'm in the shower I hear the bedroom door closing and so when I am done with my shower I come out of the bathroom and Mason it not there and so I throw on a hoodie on that I found on Masons bed and so I walk down the stairs and find Mason sitting in the living room with his computer and I see that he is in a zoom call with his boss so I throw a rubber ball at him and he looks and cut his camera and mic off and comes toward me in the kitchen and puts me on the counter and just stares at me and so I kiss him and he kisses me back and then looks down and he puts his hand inside the hoodie and asked me "Babe were are the rest of your clothes?" I look at him and smile and he tells me "Babygirl you are so lucky that my meeting is over in 5 minutes or I would take you from behind right here right now." Mason gets done with his meeting and ccomes toward me in the kitchen and snakes his arms around me and kisses my neck while I am making lunh for us. We both are just sitting in the living room when there is a knock on the door and I jump up to answer it and its Hayley and she runs inside crying and locks the door behind us and she goes to sit on the couch and I look at Mason and he nods at me and says ¨Babe I will be in the studio if you need anything.¨ and kisses me on the head and walks to the back of the house and I go sit on the couch next to Hayley and just hold her and she looks at me and says ¨Im sorry I just had to get away from that house because after Mason and his dad beat the hell out of my dad I got home and find my dad drunk on the couch and he sees me and walks toward me and pulls me down onto the couch and takes my clothes off and his too and starts kissing me and then he puts his dick inside me nd im crying out in pain telling him to get off of me and he just slaps me across and rapes me.¨ And next thing me and Hayley know Mason runs out of the front door and to the car and speeds away fats and so I call and ask him on how much has he heard and he says ¨Babe you and Hayley wont have to worry about it no more I got you guys love you bye.¨
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