Anxiety is horrible

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So when I was 12 years old I was raped by my best friend Haley's dad and my brother and dad and it all started when I got home from a workout at the gym with my best friend and her mom and my mom and we all ran into the house and I ran into my dad because we were running from a dog and when I hit his chest hard and said sorry he pulled me by my hair into my room and pushed me into the bed and started taking my clothes off of me and then he took his off while everyone was I. The movie room watching a movie and they had the volume turned all the way up so no one could hear me scream for help and when my dad left to go get my brother and Hayley's dad I ran out of the window and ran down the street to my friends Josh house because that is were I felt more safe at and then me and Mason aren't together anymore because he started hurting me so I left him but me and his sister and mom are still in contact with each other so I kept running until I was in there backyard were they all were and when they saw my ripped clothes everyone started asking questions and when they saw all of them enter the backyard I ran into the house and hid in Josh's room in his closet and then I heard someone in the bathroom so I kept quiet and then the curtain opens and I hear Josh's mom Sydney calling for me to come out so I do and hug her tightly and tell her on how sorry I was for them coming here and ruining her house like that and I'm sorry because her family got hurt because of the choices that my family has made. The last thing I remember is Josh trying to ask me something and then everyting went black because I passed out.
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